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 Armored Core 2 - Platform: Playstation 2

Armored Core 2 - Platform: Playstation 2

Add defeated AC emblems
Press Select + Start when the victory message appears in the arena to add
the defeated AC's emblem to your list.

Steal Emblems
If you see an emblem in the arena that you want to use, select the
appropriate AC and
press Triangle to display the spec screen. Then, press Start + Select.
A sound will confirm correct code entry. Select "Edit Emblem" to view it.

Temporary invincibility
Press L2 + R2 + R3. A "Limiter Released" system error message will appear,
and you will have unlimited energy during this time. After approximately 
one minute, the "OB Down" system error will appear. It will last as long 
as the previous error, but you will not have any energy. After "OB 
Down" is completed, your AC will recharge and return to normal. Make sure
you finish off your enemy before you become vulnerable.

Plus cheats
Intentionally lose the first mission after the Raven test, then die
with -50,000 credits or less to activate the "Plus" cheats. The game will 
restart from the first level with all items gained in the previous game. 
Your pilot name will vanish from the "Pilot name" slot. The more times this 
is done, the more cheats you will unlock. Some examples are better radar 
(grid system that detects incoming missiles), fire projectiles from laser 
swords (press Circle, then quickly press X), cooling twice as fast, being  
able to fire rear weapons while in motion, and double available energy.

Overweight cores
Successfully complete the game in mission mode and allow the credits to
complete to be able to have cores that are overweight.

Unlimited energy, weight, and arm weight
Successfully complete the game and allow the credits to complete. You will
now be able to play with unlimited energy, weight, and arm weight.

Defuse Explosives: Extra money
Select the Defuse Explosives level and equip yourself with the Karasawa MK
II. Stay far away from the flame throwers and destroy them with the Karasawa. 
You should not get hit very much and get an easy 43,000 credits.

Destroy the main computer: Hidden AC part
On the mission given by LCC to destroy the main computer, you will play in
the same starting area as the radar destroying mission. However, you will 
start at the place just to the right of the secret part. From here, move 
left two containers and blow the third one up to receive the part.
The part is an extremely fast lock on missile launcher that fires 12 in just
6 to 7 seconds with 60 rounds.

Destroy Containers: Hidden AC part
When you have to destroy the crates during the snow mission, enter the crack
to the right of the starting location. Destroy part of the airplane to open a  
small cave. It contains a part that makes your left arm weapons or shields power 

Eliminate Leos Kline: Hidden AC part
On the mission where the Earth Government sends you to kill Klein, but
requests that you keep their surrounding system intact you can find a new set 
of energy weapon type arms. Note: This turns out not to be the real Klein but 
an unmanned AC. Equip a head with a hacking of 4 or greater. In the last hallway 
before entering the chamber where you will do battle with the fake, you will 
encounter two side doors. The first door will be on your right and the second  
will appear on your left, just a few feet before the door to the main chamber. 
On the floor of the small room behind that left door is the hidden AC part. 
The AC part's description states that they are considered to be a more energy-based 
version of the modern slug gun.

Ground Based Assault: Hidden AC part
Go to the opposite side of the map. Fly underneath the bridge to find a
ledge that has a hidden AC
part, which is the highest armored head available.

Infiltrate Radar Base and Destroy Radar Base: Hidden AC parts
There are two AC parts in the same building on both of these levels. Get
outside, then move all the
way to the right to find three buildings with doors on both sides. Shoot the
door on far side of the
building furthest to the right to find a different part on each of those

Infiltrate STAI Battleship: Defeat massive MT
Get a lightweight Bipedal Humanoid Core, equipped with the Karasawa MKII (or
other high powered
weapon) and the small Grenade Launcher. Find a good place that you can lie
and wait. As the MT
approaches from behind, face the opposite direction so you will not get hit
by the cannon blasts.
When it passes over, aim for the big middle part of the MT and fire away at
it. It resembles a human torso.

Protect The Train: Hidden AC part
Play the "Protect The Train" mission. When the train arrives, destroy the
second to last train car to reveal
a hidden AC part. This results in an automatic mission failure, but you get
to keep the part. It is a Back
Booster extension part that speeds up backwards boosting.

Rescue Research Team: Hidden AC part
Go approximately halfway through the corridor with the floating platform.
Repeatedly shoot the different
colored disk at that location. Fall all the way down the opening that
appears to find the LS-Moonlight,
the most powerful laserblade in the game.

Safeguard Secret Information: Hidden AC part
Equip a head with a hacking of at least 4 . Turn left in the room before the
elevator, then open the
doors. Shoot the crates in the center to uncover a panel in the floor. Shoot
the panel to find a hidden
missile launcher AC part.

Stop The Surface Weapon: Hidden AC part
Go past the weapons to find the Karasawa MK-II near some rocks.

Training room: Hidden AC part
Repeatedly shoot the circle in the ceiling until it breaks. Enter the hidden
area and follow the
shaft to find a part for your radar.

Underground Railway: Hidden AC parts
Follow the right-side branch of the tunnel to the end. Destroy the panel at
that location. There is another
panel in the ceiling above. Shoot the ceiling panel to find a hidden AC
part, which is the best shield available.

Zio City Suppresion: Hidden AC part
Quickly search the urban area to the right to find a hidden AC part. Note:
You have to leave one of the
Special Forces alive until you find it.

AC Test area: Hidden AC part
Blow up center of the ceiling and fly up there. Look around to find a hidden
AC part.

Defeating Matthais
Unlock Matthais, choose the Battle Dome and use the Karasawa and a well
armored AC. Fight by
keeping him under fire until he takes to the air. Activate the Limiter
Release, keep with him, and do
not let up. To make it easier, have the Energy Weapon Amplifier and

Defeating Nine Breaker
Before getting to him, he will give you a Sniper Rifle. On the way there you
should have collected a lot
of credits. Use this to buy the Pursuit Missile launcher. Make a Core with
AP higher than 9Breaker's,
with the Missile Launcher, Sniper Rifle, and Missile Interceptors. You
should be able to defeat him in
the crater. After that is done, you will have Stealth Units.
Play the Crater level with the crashed spaceship. As soon as the battle
begins, turn around instead of
fighting. Over boost to the very corner of the red out of bounds line,
without going out. Wait for Ares to
approach you. Do not shoot him because he usually lets you get the first
shot. Ares will the start circling
you and moving around. He will probably step out of bounds and you will
automatically win the match
while taking little or no damage.

Note: A lot of patience is required for this trick. Pick the Falna Craters
level and have a good booster.
When the level starts, immediately fly on top of the spaceship in the middle
of the crater. You should
have a set of Multi-Warhead Missiles on each shoulder. Ares will hide under
the spaceship, so you may
want to finesse him slightly, or taunt him. Fly off the ship, but do not
land. Try to lock on to Ares in the
air and shoot immediately. Ares will launch his Karasawa MKII at you -- move
around in the air.

Once you have shot the missile, fly back to the top of the ship. Repeat this
several times and you should
take minimal damage (if you have a mobile AC) and Ares should be Defeated.
This also works with
Prisoner B-24517, Suave, and almost every AC in the Arena. You may have
trouble with this if you are
fighting someone with Multi or Vertical Missiles.

Easy money and Nine Breaker
Equip an AC with multiple missiles, then challenge all opponents in the
fourth stage (the one with the high
towers). Immediately fly all the way up to one of the towers, look down, and
pick off your opponents.
You will rarely ever get hit. If you use auto-fire with quick lock-ons, you
will be a Nine Breaker in no time.
After reaching Nine Breaker, buy all the AC parts you can, then
intentionally die with -50,000c to restart
with all AC parts. Get back to Nine Breaker and repeat as needed to build
your credits.

Eliminating Strung in the arena
Normally in the arena you have to fight Strung in tenth place. However, if
you destroy him in
mission during the sandstorm where he first recruits you to help him fight,
he will appear in the

Gain back mission lost arena opponents
Win over 220 arena battles and bet the Phobos mission.
All arena characters (Strung, Brazen, etc.) will be available.

Easy Arena battles
When in the arena, get a form of vertical missiles. After that, challenge
anyone in the arena at Etal
Base. First, you will see a building to the left side of the screen. Strafe
and go forward towards
this building. After that, jump into a recess on the top of this building.
This will provide you with
cover for the moment. Wait for your energy to recharge, then jump northwest
to the top of a large
tower. (Northwest can be found by your radar -- forward and left from your
starting position).
There is a platform on the top of the tower connected to another tower by a
Stay on the platform. Load the vertical missiles and attack the enemy below.
Wait for your vertical
missiles to run out before you rejoin the enemy down below. You may have
problems if the enemy
has high AP -- get better vertical missile launchers (EWX-VL5241).

In the Etal Base arena, get the dual back mounted multi-missile launcher,
the higherdamaging missile
reflection extension, the missile lock on speed up optional part, the
missile fire as you lock optional
part, the expand lock on range optional part, a very good booster (such as
Athene), a good energy
shield, a better FCS (such as DCS-ALM) and a high AP AC. The energy and
shell damage reducing
options are also recommended. At the beginning of the match, trigger the
shield and hit the limiter release
(L2 + R2 +R3). In the one minute of unlimited power, overboost to the
nearest large tower (connected
by a skywalk to another tower -- it is at 2 o'clock from the starting
position). Thrust up to its top, and
stop on it. From here, turn on the extension, and lock on to the enemy. You
will fire four rockets that
will split into ten close to the enemy. This can result in 3000AP in one
hit, and almost always triggers
overheat damage. The fire missile on lock part is for fast targets that duck
out of lock too quick -- it
maximizes the speed of your salvos. No anti-missile system can cope with
this much firepower at once.
With your energy shield, even those ACs with weapons that can hit you, will
have their damage greatly
reduced, since you are at an extreme angle to make a solid hit. The only AC
that may give you trouble is
the one with dual vertical missiles, but it may run out of ammo.
Everyone else should fall before the limiter release fades. You can let most
die from heat. If you run out
of ammunition, take arms with wide spread damage. Your enemy should be
pretty beaten, so just dump
ammo at him until he caves (grenade launcher is recommended).

Select the Abandoned Highway. Stay on top of the building at the beginning
and start plugging a CPU
opponent with missiles. Most of the time your opponent will leave the area
if you stand on the part of the
building the brings up the warning that you will leave the area.

Before fighting a tough Arena opponent, buy the Dual Vertical Missile
shoulder weapon and the extension
that fires four missiles. When you challenge the opponent, choose the Desert
Arena with the big space ship
in the middle. When you start, use the "Temporary invincibility" code and
fly to the top of the space ship.
Stand on or near one of the larger rocket engine objects, turn on your
extension, aim straight down, and
lock on to your opponent -- radar helps. You also may need the extension for
fast lock-ons and longer
range. With this method, you should only get hit when trying to fly up. The
only person this does not work
on is Funeral Mask. For this, go to the Battle Dome, and equip the flame
thrower and shield.
When you start, use your shield and the "Temporary invincibility" code then
back up into a corner.
He should jump on top of you. Aim up and hit him with your flame thrower.
Make sure you are as far into
the corner as possible so he cannot land behind you.

Go to the moon base (with the wall you go out slightly). Use the Super Boost
immediately before you get
to the opening. Stop, turn left or right, then boost again. Your opponent
will try to follow and go out of bounds.
This tactic works on everyone except your last opponent.

Make sure you have powerful missiles and the Cannon Recoil optional part.
When you have to pick a battlefield,
choose Etal Base. When you start the battle, turn left and fly to the ledge
of the tower. Then, look down.
When your opponent appears, keep shooting your missiles on every lock. If
you have a lot of ammunition,
he should hit heat every time and will be down in a matter of seconds.

Extra Arena fights
If you occasionally look at the "Bottom Feeders" of the Arena, eventually
there will be three new ACs to battle.
Information in this section was contributed by aRCaNe WaRLoCK.
Rank #51. Chris Miura (AC-Vex)
Rank #52. Co-op (AC-Millionaire)
Rank #53. Lost Lamb (AC-Stray Sheep)

Extra tough Arena fights
If you are lucky enough to become the fabled "Nine Breaker" and you complete
the entire game, you can get
some bonus Arena fights. Even though they may look easy because of their
rank, look at the stats for pilot rank
and you will realize the are no joke. Also, the lower you go, the harder
they become.

Rank #54. Scarlet (AC-Wild Honey): Not too much of a threat.
Rank #55. The Veteran (AC-New Dawn): Tougher, but can be handled.
Rank#56. Falcon VIII (AC-MK VIII): Tough opponent; likes to fly.
Rank #57. Riot (AC-Gallows Bird): Very strong; may take a while to defeat.
Rank #58. Matthias (AC-Funeral Mask): Very hard match.
Also, if you look through the line up after completing the game, a few more
people will challenge you.
Rank #34. Castor (AC-Universal Star)
Rank #20. Bulk (AC-Mass)

Custom AC 1
Core: ZCH-GR/1
Arms: ZAN-004/B
Legs: ZLN-9001/A
Booster: ZBT-H4/T
Gen.: HOY-BV2500
Rad.: RBG-CLX5000
Extension: BEX-BAMS-287
Back Units: EWC-XP0808, EWC-XP0808
Arm Unit R: Karasawa-MK2
Arm Unit L: LS-Moonlight

Note: This is an overweight core so you need the Plus bonuses. It is good
for any mission.

Custom AC 2
Arms: ZAN-202/TEM
Booster: ZBT-GEX/3000
Generator: HOY-B1000
Radiator: RPS-MER/SA
Extention: BEX-BAMS-287
Back Unit R: ZWC-LQ/2552
Back Unit L: EWC-CNG4000
Optional Parts:
Weight: 8098
Price: 800100
Overall: 32523
Grade: Good

Note:This is a highly mobile AC with excellent firepower. With practice, it
has infinite energy and
you wont have to land the whole fight. It cannot take hits very well so you
will have to be proficient
at dodging attacks. You can change the parts slightly if you like other
weapons, but keep the energy
drain below 4500.

Custom AC 3
Core: ZCH-GR/1
Arms: EAW-DC10
Boosters: Equip Impossible
Gen.: HOY-BV2500
Rad.: RBG-CLX5000
Inside: INW-EM-RRD
Ext.: BEX-BRM-04
Back Unit Right and Left: EWX-VLS241
Right and Left Arm: n/a

Custom AC 4
Head: ZHD-8008/S
Arms: ZAN-202/TEM
Generator: HOY-B1000
Radiator: RBG-CLX5000
Inside: INW-EN-RRD
Extension: ZEX-RS/HOUND
Back Unit R: ZWX-E90/MAC
Back Unit L: ZWX-E90/MAC
Arm Unit R: Karasawa

Custom AC 5
Head: EHD-GN-92
Core: ZCH-GR/1
Arms: ZAN-706/E
Booster: ZBT-GEK/3OOO
Gen.: HOY-B1000
Rad.: RBG-CLX5000
Inside: INW-BD-X22
Back R: EM-AAT100
Back L: EWM-5612

Enigma Custom AC
Core: ZCL-XA/2
Arms: ZAN-707/E
Legs: ZLN-XA2?FF
Booster: ZBT-Z1/ARTERE
Generator: HOY-BV2500
Radiator: RBG-CLZ-5000
Inside: N/A
Extensions: BEX-BAMS-287
Back R: EWM-5612
Back L: EWC-CNG4000
Grade: Great

Note: The is the Enigma AC, fitted with a energy machine gun which holds
1000 rounds, a rocket
launcher (12 locks maximum), and a grenade launcher. This AC is overweight,
moves well, and
can make a formidable opponent.

Inferno Custom AC
Core: ZCL-XA/2
Legs: ZLN-XA2/FF
Generator: HOY-B1000
Radiator: RRX-COT-GK10
Inside: n/a
Extension: BEX-BAMS-287
Back Units L/R: EWX-BAL4
Arm Unit R: Karasawa-MK2
Arm Unit L: ZES-99/MIRRIOR
Weight: 9028
Price: 830700
Overall: 34527
Grade: Great

Note: This AC is overwieght and limited in ammunition. You can have nearly
unlimited energy.
It is good if you have already completed the game and for most arena


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