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 Armored Core - For Answer - Platform: Playstation 3

Armored Core - For Answer - Platform: Playstation 3

Bonus parts:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding part:
07-Moonlight (laser blade), ASB-0710 (additional boosters shoulder piece): 
Defeat Orca Rank 5 Next Shinkai. 
All purchasable parts: Successfully complete both the Collared and ORCA story 
EC-0307AB (triple back laser cannons): Successfully complete the "Attack on 
Carpals" mission in Chapter 3. 
Salineos (split missiles) and 051ANNR (assault rifle): Successfully complete 
the "Defeat White Glint" mission at the end of Chapter 2. 
White Glint Head, Core, Arms, Legs, and Head (top) Stabilizer: Successfully 
complete the "Defend Line Ark" mission at the end of Chapter 2 (White Glint 
does not have to survive). 

ORCA story path:
In Chapter 3, successfully complete both the "Defeat Red Rum And Stark" and 
"Destroy Megalis" mission to unlock the ORCA story path. The first ORCA mission 
is "Destroy Arteria Ulna".

Compared to Armored Core 4, the Nexts are much quicker. The quick boost thruster 
consumption appears to have been reduced and this causes quite a few of the AI 
to move very quickly and very erratically. Tried and true methods that brought 
down Nexts in Armored Core 4 do not always work, such as the ever potent 
HLC02-Sirius. The developers have compensated for this by giving placers the 
back chain guns GAN-01-SS-GC obtained by following the Collarred story line. 
Combined with the INBLUE FCS, which has the highest lock speed, and rapid quick 
boost techniques to stay close, you can easily destroy almost any Next. 
Unfortunately this is not available until after the "Defeat White Glint" and 
"Defend Line Ark" missions, which are very difficult without these chain guns on 
your back. Very few Nexts utilize aerial combat techniques; mainly Fragile, 
White Glint, Ambient, Stasis, Old King, and Unsung. Also, laser blades can use 
lock on now, making it easy for Nexts to target you with their blades. Shinkai 
is the most dangerous and is found in the Defend Arteria Cranium (final mission 
for Collared) and can very quickly take you down to size using homing strikes 
from the 07-Moonlight.

Recommended equipment:
-FRS distribution
  Category 1 Load (allows heavier Nexts) 
  Category 2 Energy Output (more energy for flying and energy weapons) 
  Category 4 KP Output (greatly enhances Primal Armor) 
-Primal Armor
  Category 2 Core (another great boost to Primal Armor) 
  Category 1 Main Thruster Horizontal Thrust (increases speed and flight time) 
  INBLUE (400 lock speed but shorter radar and lock ranges great for fast moving 
  063AN05 (200 Lock speed medium lock and radar range, highest ECM resistance) 
  GAN02-NSS-G (High output, capacity, very high KP output for primal armor, and 
  it is fairly light) 
  Main: Duskaror-Corb (not the fastest but it is quick, light, and has very good 
  horizontal consumption) 
  Back: 03-Aaliyah/B (not the fastest for regular flying but very good quick 
  boost and decent energy consumption for regular flight) 
  Side: AB-Lahire (fast, good consumption, good quick boost, and light) 
  OB: KRB-Lahire (light, decent speed and consumption, one of the better Assault 


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