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 Armoured Code - Platform: Playstation 1

Armoured Code - Platform: Playstation 1

Submitted by: Dan Caseley

Emblem Background
Create an Emblem and go to the 'Edit Emblem' screen, and 
press L1+R1+L2+R2+Select. It should now be set as your new 
background wallpaper.

Fire the Lazer Blade
You can fire a beam of light from your lazerblade. To do 
this, hit O to use the lazerblade, then as the arm comes 
down hit X. It has no lock so you really need to have good 
aim. If done correctly it will fire a crescent shaped beam. 
This cheat only works after you have enabled the 4th death 
advantage, firing back weapon while moving (see below). 

Unlimited EP, Leg WP and Core WP
Once you complete 100 missions, the game will automatically 
give you unlimited leg weight points, core weight points, 
and generator output points. So now the only limit will be 
your cash.

Cockpit Mode
When playing, press Start+Square+Triangle to switch to 
cockpit mode.

Camera Mode
While playing press Start+Circle+X at the same time. The 
camera will stay where it is while you move. Hard to play 
like this, but fun!

Advantages of Death
If your debt falls below 50,000 you start the game over 
with all your items and a special ability...
1st time: grid radar
3rd time: radar missile display
4th time: fire back weapon while moving
6th time: double booster power

Large rocket launcher
Found on the "Eliminate Strikers" stage that takes place on 
the bridge. At the start of the mission turn directly around 
and there are 3 vehicles and a makeshift roadblock. Destroy 
the vehicle in the middle to obtain the next to worse weapon 
in the game.

Found in "Guard Train" stage that takes place in the desert. 
Found in the grey box lying close to the tracks. If you can't 
find it just blow up all the boxes. It's not worth having and 
you will probably feel stupid for wasting ammo finding it.

Found in "Guard Wharf Warehouse" stage that takes place 
conveniently at a wharf. The building directly behind your 
starting point contains the radar. Blow open the doors and 
take it. You will lose the mission but the radar is pretty 

Laser sword
Found in the "Kill Struggle Leader" stage in the wannabe 
ancient aztec temple. The second hallway you come across 
that flings those flaming bowling balls at you has a hollow 
floor. If you check your map you can see it. Shoot up the 
floor and fall all the way to the bottom. It's at one end or 
the other. Enjoy getting out of the hole. The laser sword is 
far better than the other three. A must have if you use laser 

Found in "Exterminate Organisms" set in the caves. When you 
get to the queen's chamber the FCS is a little odd colored 
spec on the ground next to the wall opposite the entrance. 
It may take a while to pick it up so for stress sake don't 
take a laser sword with you on this mission. It is the better 
of the "Wide and Shallow" series of FCS's. Can achieve one 
more lock on. Hey, take what you can get.

Found in "Destroy intruders" stage set in the blast furnace. 
Drop down about three or four levels and underneath one of the 
centered bridges will be a niche in the wall containing the 
flamethrower. The niche itself does not show up on the map but 
the box shows up enough to where it looks like a pixellation 
problem on the map. This is the worse weapon in the game.

Found in "Guard Secret Entrance" stage set in the open at night. 
In the northeast corner of the mission area their is a box just 
over a hill. Its at the very edge... don't go to far. Very nice 
boosters with extremely low weight, good boost, and average 
energy consumption. 

Small missile launcher
Found in "Secret Factory Recon" stage set in the aforementioned 
open night. In the very southwest corner of the mission area 
just over a hill is another box on the very edge containing a 
very nice small missile launcher. This one is great. It fires 
up to four missiles at a time and fires straight for use in tight 
quarters instead of at an angle like the six shooter pod.

Laser Rifle
Found in "Destroy Fuel Depot" stage set in the... well, fuel depot. 
In the very back room on top of the ledge on the left hand side. 
It's a huge laser rifle that has great range and does awesome 
damage. It only has fifty shots though. This is the premier anti 
AC weapon to own (unless you can't seem to hit anything).

Dual missile launcher
Found in "Retake Aircleaner" stage set in well... uhhh, a really 
big air cleaner. Found in one of the passages in the ceiling of 
the main chamber. This is the mother of all missile launchers. 
The name is certainly misleading. Dual implies two while this 
demonic contraption launches 6 missiles. Kills damn near everything 
in one volley. It works best if you are in the air when you fire 
it, or if the target is in the air.

Did you not go on the "Kill plus escapee" stage? Wasn't good 
enough money? Think again... the best generator in the game is 
located in this mission. It's a small mission board - Ray Charles 
could find this one.


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