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 Assassin's Creed - Platform: XBox 360

Assassin's Creed - Platform: XBox 360

Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game. When the Memory Blocks are played again in Story 
mode, you can kill anyone without penalty. Additionally, you will be able to use 
Eagle Vision at any time regardless of Synchronization levels inside of the 

Escaping from guards:
Go to a high roof when chased. Kill the guards that appear. After a few kills, 
they will either run or give up.

Easy citizen missions:
When helping a citizen, do not just attack the guards. Hold LT and press X with 
the dagger ready. This will eliminate one of the guards and give you a better 
chance. Sometimes you can assassinate two guards before they notice you.

Easy kills:
Note: Only attempt this technique if they are fluent in the Rank 2 skill 
"Counter" and they have enough Synchronization bars; one and a half rows of bars 
will do. When in battle, equip your hidden blade. With this equipped, all of 
your counters will score an instant kill. You can even instantly kill tougher 
ranked guards (for example, the Teutonic guards in Acre when hunting Sebrand). 
Also, most of the time using the hidden blade in battle will scare the last one 
or two (even three if you are lucky) guards, causing them to run away. However, 
because you do not have a weapon that is sufficient enough to block a full sized 
enemy blade, all incoming attacks will hurt you.
While in battle, if you see a guard you are fighting physically emote in any way 
(for example, taunting you or cowering in fear), press Low Profile Assassinate 
while facing them to score an instant kill without having to counter.

Loud assassination: Hold LB + RB and press X. You can do this while running up 
to a guard, and it almost always works from any angle. However, it is noisy 
and causes civilians to run for guards.
Silent assassination: Hold LB and press X. It has less of a chance of working, 
and works best when used behind guards so no one hears you.

Assassination in Jerusalem:
When you go to Jerusalem and do the assassination with the guards surrounding 
you, do not try to fight them off. Instead, turn around and run up the ladder to 
get to the second floor. A short intermission sequence will show your target 
running away and up another ladder. Hold RB + A and run across the chandeliers. 
The ladder will be to the right. Run up the ladder, and another short 
intermission sequence will show your target on top of another building. Chase 
him down, and have your wrist blade enabled (press Up). Then, press LB to lock 
onto your target while still chasing him down. When you get close enough, the 
word "Assassinate" will appear for X in the upper right of the screen. Press it 
to complete your task. After another intermission sequence, evade the guards by 
jumping onto building roofs, hiding, etc. Make your way over to the bureau to 
complete the memory.

Defeating the Master:
When fighting the Master, he will take away your ability to use radar and make 
it difficult to see. This also allows him to hit you once and kill you. Lock on 
to him, and use a throwing knife against him. This will take away his power to 
blind you and make him easier to kill.

Easy "Eagle's Dive" achievement:
In Masyaf, go to the castle. Enter the training arena, and choose the option for 
combo kill. When you succeed three times, the match will end. Select it again, 
and continue until you get the achievement.

Easy "Eagle's Flight" achievement:
When you first reach Damascus and must save the citizen, kill two of the three 
guards. Back yourself into a stall or a corner that you cannot be pushed out of, 
then hold RT to guard. In ten minutes you will get the achievement. You can also 
put a rubber band around your controller and RT, and allow the game to idle.

Easy "Eagle's Will" achievement:
In the area after you first start the game, just after you see the Knights 
Templar, enter the room containing the Ark Of The Covenant. Move towards the 
ladder in front, and jump to the left of it, as if to grab onto the ledge on the 
wall. You should fly through the wall and land behind it on a square outline. 
Walk towards the middle of this square, and you will fall through, dying shortly 
afterwards. After you die, you should get the "Eagle's Will" achievement.

Easy "Gifted Escapist" achievement:
Go into any of the main cities. It is probably easiest to go to Damascus, Poor 
District. Find a merchant stand, and start hopping through it. If you can find 
two that are next to each other, it saves time. Keep jumping through the 
merchant stand(s) until you get the achievement.

Easy "March of the Pious" achievement:
This achievement is probably easiest to unlock in Damascus. Save the citizen in 
front of the main gates if you have not already done so. If you have already 
done that, go to the scholars. Blend in with them. As they get past the main 
array of guards, start pressing Deblend continuously. You should be going in and 
out of blend mode continuously. After a short time, you should get the 

Easy "Visions of the Future" achievement:
After you complete the game, walk to your bedroom, and use Eagle Vision on the 
wall behind your bed. Scan it from left to right, and then the credits will 
begin. Once they end, you will get the achievement. -From: kodiak4wheelin

Transformers reference:
Go to the southwestern-most vigilantes in the poor district of Damascus. On one 
of the buildings around them, you should see an outcropping in the wall, climb 
on it to see it looks exactly like G1 Optimus Prime in vehicle mode. Note: There 
may be more than one outcropping in the area, so look carefully. If you lose 
sight of the vigilantes, you have gone too far.


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