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 Auto Modellista - Platform: Gamecube

Auto Modellista - Platform: Gamecube

Car Information:
When you are choosing a car, pick any company. When the picture of a car appears, 
look at the triangle-like object. The triangle determines the amount of acceleration, 
maximum speed, and handling. If one of the points on the triangle stretch long towards 
turning, it indicates that the car turns well. If that point is fat, it indicates that 
the car turns very easily and pretty well. If both, then that car is very easy to turn. 
The same thing is indicated the others (maximum speed and acceleration). If the triangle 
does not go beyond the circle that you see, then that car is not as useful or good. 
The Subaru Impreza is recommended.

Choosing The Best Car:
If you are a beginner and do not know which car will handle easily, try the Subarus. 
The Daihetisu company is also good. The Cappuccino is recommended for beginners. 
It handles like a beauty, and while you win races you can unlock engines, turbines, 
and other items to make it go faster.

Easy Win on Suzuka Circuit:
To win easily on the Suzuka Circuit, on the first 1/4 of the track, cut corners by 
driving on the grass and dirt. You don't lose much speed and lose a minimal amount 
of traction. Simple.

Turbo muffler explosion:
Go on any course with a car you can put a turbo in (best with an Evo). Get up to 
top speed or just drive very fast. Suddenly release the gas or hit the brakes. 
You will hear the turbo letting air out. Then, an explosion will come out of the 
muffler. This is a nice effect for editing replays.

Tamiya Kagegawa circuit:
Complete the "Final" level (seven races without the mountain passes). 
There is a Strict Remote Controlled car challenge. Note: Your car will not 
be as fast as they would on an ordinary track. The speed is in MHz.


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