Barbarian - Platform: XBox - Console Games.

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 Barbarian - Platform: XBox

Barbarian - Platform: XBox

Alternate costume:
At the character selection screen, highlight a character, then press R.

Control loading screen:
When the loading screen with the skull appears, use the Left Analog-stick to 
move the skull. Use the Right Analog-stick to move the word "Loading".

Easy kills with Phade:
To hurt or even kill many opponents at one time with Phad, pick up an object and 
successfully throw and hit an opponent. You will get a Rune that resembles like 
a crosshair. When this happens, press Rune Attack and she will unleash a very 
long green blast from her hands. To attack many opponents at once, rotate the 
Left Analog-stick in either direction. Phade will spin around, causing her blast 
to spread apart and shoot in many directions, hitting anyone that is around.

Recommended characters:
To complete the game easily, mainly fight as Magnus (easiest character to 
complete the game with). Magnus is the second-most powerful character in the 
game. While fighting any person, use combos such as the Throw Back, Leak, Pop 
Up, or Magic. If you are not familiar with his moves, go to training mode at 
main menu and practice with two characters on your team (green, blue, yellow, or 
red) and two CPU players, against or teamed with each other, and four thugs. 
Fight in any arena. Magnus has good combos and is very powerful. Dagan is also 
good, but his moves are very slow. You can perform a move where Magnus will take 
his sword and shoot blue flames exactly like Phade; rotate the Left Analog-stick 
in either direction. After you beat up to at least nine to ten rounds, you will 
fight Zaugg. While fghting Zaugg (with any character) start to slash and hack at 
his legs. Shortly after that, he will fall down. Attack him, but watch out as he 
will grab you and slam you onto the ground. If he tries that, simply jump or 
evade from that move.


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