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 Beetle Adventure Racing - Platform: Nintendo64

Beetle Adventure Racing - Platform: Nintendo64

Cheat Menu:
Go to 1 player mode and select "Championship". 
Race on Coventry Cove and find the shortcut with the 
barn and 2 haypiles. Run straight into the the haypile closest 
to the road and you should hit a box. You will here someone say 
"Groovy!" if you hit it. Finish the race 
and go to "Options". There will be an option called "Cheats" now. 

Get the Alien Beetle:
To get the "I come in peace" Alien Beetle, beat the Expert 
Championship. Once you have completed Metro Madness, you will 
receive the super-fast rainbow-colored beetle.

Get the Police Beetle:
In a nod to the Need for Speed franchise, EA has included a 
hidden Police Beetle in Beetle Adventure Racing -- but you'll 
have to work hard to get it. After beating the standard 
Championships, a new "Bonus" mode will open up. Beat this 
tough challenge (including Wicked Woods) to get the fastest 
car in the game, the Police Beetle.

Major Shortcut in Sunset Sands:
When racing through the inside of the temple that has exits 
on both the left and right sides, stay straight - grab a nitro 
box and jump the pit of lava. You'll land atop a structure with 
a large red octagon. BRAKE! and stop your beetle over it. Honk
your horn and a secret elevator will bring you down to a cool
shortcut that will get you ahead of the crowd in no time.

Make Cars Pull Over
Beetle Adventure Racing's computer drivers may take shortcuts
and crash into you, but they're still law-abiding drivers. Once
you have unlocked the Police Beetle, hold down the left C Button
to sound your siren. If you get close, the other drivers will
pull over to the side and stop their cars.

Open Up Battle Stages
Most of the game's Beetle Battle stages are hidden and have
to be unlocked before you can square off against your friends.

In order to get them, you need to enter the Championship mode
and try to smash all the bonus boxes on the respective tracks.
You have to collect all 100 points to unlock a new battle stage.
All the battle stages are directly based on their track
counterparts. Note that it is not necessary that you come in
first in the races, but your points are not counted if you are

Tip: Use the Police Beetle to get the tracks. It's fast -- and
you can force cars to pull over and take your time to collect
the boxes.

Unlock New Cars
To unlock variations of the New Beetle, such as the Racing Beetle,
4x4 Beetle and "Number 8," simply beat the Championship Mode on
Novice and Advanced. Beat the following two difficulty modes for
the two bonus cars.

View Mode
To activate the "VIEW MODE" cheat on the cheat menu, go to Inferno
Isle. in the area that looks like a village, on the right side of
the road is a house with a flat-looking roof. jump your beetle at
an angle and land on the roof. then go into reverse and break the
Daisy Crate hidden there to activate the View Mode cheat under
options. you will be able to select Normal, Fisheye and Tunnel
view modes.


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