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 Beijing 2008 - Platform: XBox 360

Beijing 2008 - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Archery Ace (15 points): Score a perfect round in Archery. 
Backstroke Superstar (15 points): Swim the 100m Backstroke in under 53.10 
Back To Back Glory (35 points): Win 5 events in a row on Xbox LIVE. 
Balance Beam Boss (15 points): Score 16.80 points or over in the Balance Beam. 

Best With Friends (20 points): Play a 4 player game on one Xbox 360 console. 
Breaststroke Bruiser (15 points): Swim the 100m Breaststroke in under 59.30 
Butterfly Idol (15 points): Swim the 100m Butterfly in under 50.40 seconds. 
Career Athlete (50 points): Complete an Olympic Games mode game. 
Changing Faces (10 points): Play with a custom team. 
Class Act At Cycling (15 points): Finish a Cycling Team Pursuit race in under 
3 minutes 56 seconds. 
Crackshot (15 points): In 10m Air Pistol score 10's for all shots in a round 
Decathlon Dominator (40 points): Win all 10 events in a Decathlon. 
Decathlon Points Premiere (15 points): Score over 9000 points in the 
Discus Champion (15 points): Throw the Discus over 76.90m. 
Elite Freestyler (15 points): Swim the 50m Freestyle in under 21.50 seconds. 
Floor Exercise Expert (15 points): Score 17.30 points or over in the Floor 
Good Host (10 points): Host an Xbox LIVE game. 
Hammer Hero (15 points): Throw the Hammer over 86.80m. 
Hardcore Olympian (100 points): Complete Olympic Games mode without quitting 
or failing a day. 
Heavyweight Lifter (15 points): In Weightlifting lift a total of over 475kg. 
Heptathlon Heroine (40 points): Win all 7 events in a Heptathlon. 
Heptathlon Points Pro (15 points): Score over 6900 points in the Heptathlon. 
Herculean Effort (30 points): In the Javelin make 3 consecutive throws over 
High Jump Veteran (15 points): In the High Jump clear 2.40m. 
Javelin Sureshot (15 points): Throw the Javelin over 98.50m. 
Kayaking Crazy (15 points): Finish the Kayak course in under 112 seconds. 
King Of The Hurdles (15 points): Run the Hurdles in under 12.80 seconds. 
Leader Of The Pack (10 points): Beat a friend's personal best. 
Long Distance Master (15 points): Run the 1500m in under 3 minutes 26 seconds. 

Long Jump Legend (15 points): In the Long Jump clear 8.96m. 
Middle Distance Professional (15 points): Run the 800m in under 1 minute 41 
One Lap Winner (15 points): Run the 400m in under 43.10 seconds. 
Online Olympian (20 points): Win an event on Xbox LIVE. 
Parallel Bars Prodigy (15 points): Score 17.50 points or over in the Parallel 
Platform Diving Demon (15 points): Score over 360 points in the 10m Platform 
Pole Vault Victor (15 points): In the Pole Vault clear 6.00m. 
Quickdraw King (15 points): In 25m Rapid Fire Pistol score 10's for all shots 
in a round 
Ring Leader (15 points): Score 16.80 points or over in the Rings. 
Sharp Shooter (15 points): Score a perfect round in Skeet. 
Short Distance Hotshot (15 points): Run the 200m in under 19.20 seconds. 
Shotput Strongman (15 points): Throw the Shot over 23.20m. 
Springboard Diving Diva (15 points): Score over 400 points in the 3m 
Springboard Diving. 
Sprint Powerhouse (15 points): Run the 100m in under 9.80 seconds. 
Steady Improver (30 points): Make 6 consecutively improved jumps in the Long 
Table Tennis Clean Sweep (15 points): Win a game in Table Tennis without 
losing a point. 
To The Max (50 points): Max-out all attributes in Olympic Games Mode. 
Triple Jump Topdog (15 points): In the Triple Jump clear 18.30m. 
Unequalled At Uneven Bars (15 points): Score 17.50 points or over in the 
Uneven Bars. 
Untouchable (15 points): Win gold at Judo without receiving any points or 
credits against you. 
Vault Vanquisher (15 points): Score 17.50 points or over in the Vault. 


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