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 BeyBlade Super Tournament Battle - Platform: Gamecube

BeyBlade Super Tournament Battle - Platform: Gamecube

Choose Your Announcer: 
At the Player Select screen of any of the 4 Game Modes (except Tournament), 
you can use the L and R buttons to Cycles through DJ, Kenny, and Tyson as 
your announcer.

Use the DJ:
In order to use the DJ (that's right, the announcer!) you have to defeat DJ 
in the tournament. I believe you cannot have any "Try agains" in order to 
get this character. If you're using DJ, Kenny or Tyson will be the announcer.

Get Dual Dragoon bit beast:
Beat the national championship once and talk to DJ in the lobby,and he'll 
give you the Dual Dragoon bit chip. 

Unlock Daichi:
In order to unlock the little guy Daichi, you have to defeat him in Tournament 
Mode. When you defeat Daichi and win the tournament (he'll randomly appear), 
he will join your roster. 

Unlock king:
To unlock king you got to beat the game and at the end you will see king.

Dragoon V2 Booster Pack:
Win the Tournament once, then talk to DJ in the lobby. Win the Tournament again 
and go back to DJ to get the Dragoon V2 Booster Pack.

The Strongest Beyblade:
To have the strongest beyblade, get these parts. 

bit chip:flash leopard:
attack ring:cross attacker gamma 
weigth disk:magne weigth disk gamma 
spin gear:neo left spin gear nmv gamma 
bey base:viper metal ball base gamma 
luncher:neo reverse luncher

Play As Zeo:
Unlock everybody and buy every single item in the shop. Then, play tournament 
mode 80 times. On the 80th time, you should fight Zeo in the finals. He will 
now be unlocked. Zeo's Cerberus is extremely strong. He is at level 999 and 
has 850 HP.

Play As Ozuma And Others:
To battle or play as Ozuma, Dunga, Marium, Goki, Kane, Max, Ray, Kai, Tyson, 
and Kenny, play free battle. You can also be yourself but you cannot battle 

Best Beyblade:
Use Dragon Breaker Gamma Attack Ring, Star Attack Gamma Weight Disk, NEO Right 
Spin Gear Gamma Spin Mgear, Custom Grip Gamma Base, any Ultimate Launcher, and 
any Bit Beast. 

Play As Jim:
unlock Gordo, Queen, Joseph, and Zeo. Then, defeat him in the Preliminaries.

Play As Salima:
Unlock Queen, Gordo, Joseph, Zeo, andJim. Then, defeat her in the preliminaries.

Play As Queen:
Unlock King, Zeo, and Gordo. Then, win tournament mode 300 times. You should 
face her in the semi-finals. She is at level 1675 and has 999 HP. Instead of 
having Gabriel, she has Ariel. 

Play As Gordo:
Unlock Daichi then play free battle 1,000 times. Then, go to tournament mode. 
You should fight him on the second round. He is at level 250 and has 700 HP. 
He will still have Orthrus.


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