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 Biohazard 4 - Wii Edition - Platform: Wii

Biohazard 4 - Wii Edition - Platform: Wii

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock Professional mode, the "Extras" menu 
(with "Bonus", "Separate Ways", "Assignment Ada", "Mercenaries", and "Movie 
Browser" options), "Wii Edition credits" option (in the "Bonus" menu), Infinite 
Rocket Launcher, Matilda, and alternate of costumes for Ashley, Leon, and Ada.

Successfully complete the game on the Professional difficulty setting to unlock 
the PRL 412 weapon.

Successfully complete Separate Ways mode to unlock Ashley's armored knight and 
Leon's suit.

Successfully complete Assignment Ada and Separate Ways mode to unlock the 
Chicago Typewriter weapon for purchase for one million Pesetas.

Successfully complete Mercenaries mode with all characters with a five star rank 
to unlock the Handcannon weapon.

Bonus characters in Mercenaries mode:
Get a four star or higher rank in the indicated Mercenaries mode level to unlock 
the corresponding character in Mercenaries mode:
  Ada Wong: Pueblo 
  Albert Wesker: Waterworld 
  Hunk: Island 
  Jack Krauser: Castle 

Easily unlock characters in Mercenaries mode:
When starting Mercenaries mode, play as Leon and go to the castle. It is much 
easier to get a good ranking because you can give the enemies a suplex, which 
almost always kills them in one hit. When you get Jack Krauser from the castle, 
you can then go to other areas, and it will make it much easier because of his 

Hidden videos:
There are two hidden cinematics accessible at the title screen. One can be 
accessed by remaining idle at the main menu until it starts. The other can be 
seen by pressing B on the Wii-mote at the main menu.
Opening doors quicker 
When the "Open" command appears by a door, tap A(2) to kick it open quickly. 
Doing this will also damage any enemies behind the door at the time you kick.

Easy money:
When you get to the church, shoot the bell. Every three times you shoot it, some 
villagers will appear. Kill them, and you will get anything from Pesetas to ammo 
and herbs. You can do this as many times as desired. This is effective if you 
have a lot of ammunition or the Chicago Typewriter.
To earn easy money while playing through the game again, carry an empty 
Handcannon. It costs no money to have, but you will pick up ammunition for it 
occasionally. This is worth more than any other type of ammo in the game. After 
collecting the ammunition, sell it to the merchant. Try using the Chicago 
Typewriter as your main gun while doing this.

Reticule feedback:
Equip your handgun and aim the on-screen reticule at any torch or suspended 
light. Some times the reticule will turn red and deliver a slight jolt in the 
Wii-mote to indicate ammunition or a treasure that you can shoot from the light 
and retrieve. This is a slight advantage not available in previous versions of 
the game.

Avoiding enemies at start:
After you use the chief's false eye to open the door, walk up the hill until the 
truck comes at you. Shoot it and get back. Once it explodes, walk back up the 
hill, but go backwards. Keep going all the way to the castle and you will avoid 
facing the enemies that would normally appear.

Saving ammunition:
If you find yourself surrounded by some parasites of Los Ganados or los 
Illuminados and do not want to waste ammunition, quickly throw a flash grenade. 
Once it explodes, it should make the parasites explode, saving your other 

Alternate controls:
Disconnect the Nunchuck when the game loads. When prompted to attach the 
Nunchuck, attach the Classic Controller instead. You can play classic style 
Laser Sight and all.
Remove the Nunchuck, and insert a GameCube controller into port one. You will 
now have a laser sight on your weapons and be able to use all of the GameCube's 
normal controls. Note: This is very helpful for sniping.

Defeating El Gigantes:
When fighting an El Gigante in its second form, take out your Killer 7 and shoot 
the parasite, or climb on its back and cut it. Either way, this saves health, 
ammunition, and a lot of frustration. Note: This is really only beneficial if 
you do not have one of the special weapons.

Defeating Milita:
Instead of shooting for their head, shoot them in the knee, then walk up to 
them. Instead "Kick", "Suplex" will appear. This will usually kill them 
instantly. This will not work if their head is armored.

Defeating the Regenerator:
If you find your rifle is empty, you can also defeat the Regenerator by shooting 
a mine into the spot around the parasite. If it is on its back, shoot out its 
legs with your handgun, then fire a mine into its back. If this does not work, 
find out where the parasite is on the Regenerator and try again.


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