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 Black - Platform: XBox

Black - Platform: XBox

Submitted by Andri Agassi []

Unlockable (Clearing Modes)

Black Ops Difficulty:
Complete all the stages in hard mode.

Alternate codes for BFG (M249 SAW) in City Streets level cheat:

Cursor Colour:
Play a coloured game and watch your reticule. When it changes from white 
to other colour, you'll find something interesting:
Red for enemy target.
Blue for destroyable secondary object.
Black for destroyable environment.
Green for friendship (rare).

Weapon Move:
You can only bring two weapons at the same time, but you can put the third 
weapon in a strategic location or in the next mission.
For example, before negotiating point "fence" (on the map will be shown a 
broken ladder, or edges) where you can't go back to the previous area to 
get weapons. Because there is no check-point in the mission location in 
this game, this will be a determine moment, you can't go back after 
continuing your journey.
So it is a best way to make your trip fun. Notice that when you doing a 
change or taking a weapon, there is a little postponement for changing the 
weapon. Meanwhile, you can walk forward quickly and looking for a weapon 
you've dropped in a place where you were standing. Theoritically, you can 
bring the third weapon in the whole of your journey.
The fastest way to learn and use this trick is by going back to the third 
weapon you wanted, press "pickup weapon" button, then walk to the third 
weapon while keep going forward to your own direction. The weapon you'd 
dropped during the change will be replaced by a new location (just like 
the weapon change trick in Halo 1).
This is apparently useful when you negotiate fence point in the game. You 
can bring rocket launcher or another weapon (or more than one weapon) in 
the side of "fence" point, and drop them in the new area.

Melee Fast:
After you've done with one fight, press reload, and press attack again. By 
doing this you can do two attacks at once in a very fast move. You can do 
this as often as you wish.

Bunker Blind Spot:
In the final mission in the last room, there is a locked door between two 
bunkers. On the left side of the door there is a lamp. If you standing 
next to the lamp, you will be covered by a wall where the lamp is being 
hung. The guards can't get close or shoot you, and you can't do that too.

No-Blur Reload:
When you want to reload, press reload button and press attack button 
quickly to cancel the reload. Quickly press reload again to get no-blur 
reload in distance.

Instant Grenade Explosion:
You can't rely on a grenade in Black, because the enemy will run 
immediately when they see it. To make your grenade explode instantly, 
shoot it with your gun. You don't have to be accurate, it will explode no 
matter what.

BFG (M249 SAW) in City Streets level:
Enter 5SQQ-5THA-ZFFV-7XEV as a profile name. If you entered the code correctly, 
you will be able to re-enter an actual profile name after selecting Done. 
When you begin the first level, you will have the BFG weapon. Alternately, 
enter HQ6G-ZP3B-C5LE-WMXA or EG4P-ZGUJ-6SQJ-3X68 as a profile name. 
Make sure to include the - symbol when entering the code (located next 
to the ! symbol).

Black Ops mode:
Complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting to unlock the Black 
Ops difficulty setting.

Red and black shells:
When reloading the Remington shotgun, the shells are red. However, 
sometimes the shells are black, and there are no black shotgun shells 
in the game.

Unlock M16A2:
Complete the game on the Black Ops difficulty setting. You will now have 
the M16A2 (M16 with grenade launcher attachment) on all levels.

Unlock Silver weapons:
Complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock silver weapons for 
that difficulty and any lower difficulty settings. This does not include 
the Black Ops difficulty setting. You will always have silver weapons on 
that difficulty setting. 


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