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 Blaster Master 2 - Platform: Sega

Blaster Master 2 - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

 1 BVLT-JA5Y Protection from most hazards—
 2 D5VA-GA90 Medium falls don't hurt—DON'T
 3 ACBA-GAB2 Start with 1 life
 4 AGBA-GAB2 Start with 2 lives
 5 AWBA-GAB2 Start with 5 lives
 6 BGBA-GAB2 Start with 10 lives
 7 CRBA-GAB2 Start with 20 lives
 8 SCBT-GA5E Infinite lives—NOT IN TOP-VIEW MODE
 9 8H5A-H98G Jump about 6x normal height in vehicle
10 815A-H98G Jump about 3x normal height in vehicle
11 895A-H98G Jump about 2x normal height in vehicle
12 9D5A-H98G Jump about 1-1/2x normal height in vehicle
13 9M5A-H98G Jump about 3/4x normal height in vehicle
14 9S5A-H98G Jump about 1/2x normal height in vehicle
15 9D5T-H99C + D5VA-GA90 Jump about 2x normal height
   when walking—and don't take damage from medium falls
16 9H5T-H99C + D5VA-GA90 Jump about 1-1/2x normal height 
   when walking—and don't take damage from medium falls
17 9S5T-H99C Jump about 3/4x normal height when walking
18 9X5T-H99C Jump about 1/2x normal height when walking
19 B5ZT-GA9J Infinite 3-way fire
20 CD0T-GA94 + BD0T-GA62 Infinite hyper missiles
21 CD1A-GA86 Infinite 8-way lightnings
22 B4FT-GA3G Infinite shields
23 ABMT-JAHR Weapon icon adds 0 more to amt. you have
24 AFMT-JAHR Weapon icon adds 1 more to amt. you have
25 APMT-JAHR Weapon icon adds 3 more to amt. you have
26 BKMT-JAHR Weapon icon adds 10 more to amt. you have
27 CVMT-JAHR Weapon icon adds 20 more to amt. you have
28 GKMT-JAHR Weapon icon adds 50 more to amt. you have
29 NPMT-JAHR Weapon icon adds 99 more to amt. you have (max)
30 ABMA-JACW Heart icon adds 0 points to energy bar
31 AFMA-JACW Heart icon adds 1 point to energy bar
32 AKMA-JACW Heart icon adds 2 points to energy bar
33 AVMA-JACW Heart icon adds 4 points to energy bar
34 AZMA-JACW Heart icon adds 5 points to energy bar
35 A3MA-JACW Heart icon adds 6 points to energy bar
36 A7MA-JACW Heart icon adds 7 points to energy bar
37 BBMA-JACW Heart icon adds 8 points to energy bar
38 BFMA-JACW Heart icon adds 9 points to energy bar
39 BKMA-JACW Heart icon adds 10 points to energy bar
40 BPMA-JACW Heart icon adds 11 points to energy bar
41 BVMA-JACW Heart icon adds 12 points to energy bar (max)
42 VCFT-HGCG Shields last 10x normal time
43 2WFT-GWCG Shields last 5x normal time
44 5WFT-GLCG Shields last 3x normal time
45 7CFT-GGCG Shields last 2x normal time
46 9LFT-GACG Shields last 1/2x normal time
47 Y8FT-GACG Shields last 1/3x normal time
48 NWFT-GACG Shields last 1/5x normal time
49 GLFT-GACG Shields last 1/10x normal time
50 A3FT-AA82 Infinite continue credits
51 A3GA-AA5L Infinite time to decide whether to use a 
   continue credit


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