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 Blood Drive - Platform: Playstation 3

Blood Drive - Platform: Playstation 3

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

I'm the Man on the Mountain, come on up (Bronze): All Tournament
Mode cup events completed.
W - is for Winner (Bronze): Placed 1st in all the Events completed
within a single Zone.
Home is where the Heart is (Bronze): Game completed with Kelly.
Till Death do us Part (Bronze): Game completed with Reggie.
Shred some Faces (Bronze): Game completed with Bedlam.
Who's the Cat that won't cop out (Bronze): Game completed with
Phantom <#> of the Opera (Bronze): Game completed with Nazar.
Ode to Mother Russia (Bronze): Game completed with Natalya.
Into the Sunset (Bronze): Game completed with Jackson.
Go out for a Pass (Bronze): Game completed with Brock.
Glove Slapped (Bronze): All Challenge Mode Events completed.
Zombie Community Culling (Bronze): Rack up a 50+ Zombie Killing
Flesh Hacky Sack (Bronze): Hit a Shambler into the air, then kill
it before it lands.
Death by Goldberg Machine (Bronze): Crush upwards of 5 Zombies by
knocking a solid prop into them.
Undeath From Above (Bronze): Crush 10 Zombies by way of air
landing over the course of any event.
Driving Miss Zombie (Bronze): Carry a roof perched Leaper over 1
jump, activating Jump-Cam.
Crash & Burn (Bronze): Multiplayer: Kill another human player
while both your vehicles are airborne.
Survivalist (Bronze): Multiplayer: Survive an entire event without
dying once.
Wastelander (Bronze): Multiplayer: Complete in 100 online events.
Variety is the Spice of Life (Bronze): Wreck all vehicles in an
event at least once each.
Bully (Bronze): Wreck the designated Rival 5 times in one event.
Donut King (Bronze): Completed uninterrupted donuts for 10 seconds.
He's a Wreckin' Machine! (Bronze): Wreck 5 vehicles during one
Juggernaut or Damage Fever Rage.
The Blind leading the Blinded (Bronze): Wreck 5 vehicles during
one Flashbling or Cloak Rage.
Keep Back: Highly Volatile (Bronze): Wreck 3 vehicles with one
Shockwave <#> or Gross Polluter Rage.
From the Heavens (Bronze): Wreck 3 vehicles with one Surgical
Strike or Gravity Well Rage.
And we'll keep on fighting till the end (Silver): Blood Drive
Championship Cup Completed.
C - is for Champion (Silver): Place 1st in all events in the Blood
Drive tournament.


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