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 B.O.B. - Platform: Sega

B.O.B. - Platform: Sega

Cheat mode:
Submitted by: Mohammad Malik

Quickly press A + B + C on controller
two when the phrase "Foley High Tech Systems" appears
on the opening screen. A chime will confirm correct code entry.
Unlimited lives, all weapons, and all remotes will be available
after game play begins.

Level skip:
Find a location that contains life recharge power-up above
a lava bed.  Intentionally lose almost all your life.  Jump into
the lava and simultaneously use the life power-up.  Game play
will resume at the next level.

Hidden bonus:
Locate the area on the level 1 with the stars that mark completion
of the level. Use the helicopter or spring pads to enter a hidden
room in the ceiling to collect all the weapons and remotes.

Level Passwords

Password      Effect
672451	  Anciena 1
272578	  Anciena 2
652074	  Anciena 3
265648	  Anciena 4
462893	  Anciena 5
583172	  Anciena 6
743690	  Anciena 7
171058	  Goth 2
950745	  Goth 3
472149	  Goth 4
743690	  Ultraworld 1
103928	  Ultraworld 2
144895	  Ultraworld 3
775092	  Ultraworld 4
481376	  Ultraworld 5

Note: Change the second number in any password to "9"
for several remotes and other bonuses.


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