Boulder Dash EX - Platform: Gameboy Advance - Console Games.

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 Boulder Dash EX - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Boulder Dash EX - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Code Breaker Codes:
Codes made & tested for Code Breaker GBA 1.0 version or higher!
ALSO NOTE: These codes ONLY work on Code Breaker GBA!

1E Enable Code (Must Be On) 
942E784C 3416
108C1C84 C39F
3F61C6EC 4009 

EX Game Codes 

1 Infinite Life 
B12957E0 43DD
E3DC11EA 038D 

2 Critter Proof 
63C69CCA 63A9 

3 Boulder Proof 
CE23DB82 D07F
C27B536A 513D 

4 1 Jewel To Collect 
1C21FE91 F05C 

Open Worlds Codes 

5 World Of Sand 
CE46DB88 D009 

6 World Of Fire 
CE565328 D009 

7 World Of Water 
4E44DE88 F009 

8 World Of Ice 
4E545628 F009 

9 World Of Evil 
C263DBC8 511D 

Open Stages Codes 

10 World Of Forest 
42715668 711D
C0869942 5169
1C5E5A1E C028
EDC6999A D028 

11 World Of Sand 
6321DE50 715C
1C4ED2BE C028 

12 World Of Fire 
E173536A 513D
63A19C40 715D
1C5E5A1E C028
4EA1BC91 F05C 

13 World Of Water 
C063FB5B 513C
9C4CD7BE E028
4E04FE81 F049 

14 World Of Ice 
4E147621 F049
C0E3B94B 513D
9C4CD7BE E028 

15 World Of Evil 
6F44FE19 F008
9C4CD7BE E028
ED06FB83 D069 

Stages Completed Codes 

16 World Of Forest 
6D0CFE87 F069
EFDC312D D009
1C5E5A1E C028
E11E7367 5169 

17 World Of Sand 
1C0C52B6 E2E8
1C4ED2BE C028 

18 World Of Fire 
9E79DF0C C29D
1C8C10A6 E2E9
1C5E5A1E C028
124E52EC 6389 

19 World Of Water 
9C4CD7BE E028
3D6B52AE E2BD 

20 World Of Ice 
9C4CD7BE E028 

21 World Of Evil 
1C6972BF E2BC
9C4CD7BE E028
928C35F5 43C8 

22 Have All Cards 
1CDE180E C029 

Preview Scenes Codes 

23 Opening Scene 
6154566A 713D 

24 Scene I 
CEA3B991 D048 

25 Scene II 
CEB33131 D048 

26 Scene III 
4EA1BC91 F048 

27 Scene IV 
4EB13431 F048 

28 Scene V 
CE86B991 D05C 

29 Scene VI 
CE963131 D05C 

Classic Game Codes 

30 Infinite Lives 
6D21BED1 72DE 

31 1 Jewel To Collect 
6104BE91 F3C8 

32 Open All Caves 
4C44FE1B F03C
107B5A5E 413C 

33 Open All Levels 
BF63FB19 C288
3F4ED2BC C008
61E19CDA 7128


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