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 Broken Sword - The Shadow Of The Templars - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Broken Sword - The Shadow Of The Templars - Platform: Gameboy Advance

For Game Boy Advance
By Pnyt

Section 1: Paris

Café de la chandelle verte (Café the Green Candelar) 

Pick up the newspaper which is lying under the lamp-post. Walk to the road 
works. You'll be stopped by two police agents. They'll go with you to the café. The 
bold man, Rosso, will ask you some questions. It doesn't matter how you 
respond. After the too long conversation you'll get his card. When you leave the 
café, talk to Nicole, the young female photographer. Ask once about the clown, 
then once about Plantard (the man with the pair of glasses) and then again about 
the clown. She'll give you her phone-number. Go to the road works again. Talk to 
the roadworker and give him the newspaper. He'll leave. Use the box which is 
standing in the tent and you'll find a t-shaped sewer opening tool. Go back to the 
café (not in it, but before it). Then, go to the left down the alley. Use the t-shaped 
sewer tool on the sewer lid to open the sewers. Go down now. Pick up the red 
clown's nose in the middle of the screen and go further down the sewers. You'll 
see a tissue and a green piece of cloth. Pick up them both. Go up the ladder. 
You'll find a red-dressed man. It doesn't matter how you respond his first question. 
Give him Rosso's card for some co-operation. Let him see the green piece of 
cloth - he'll remember something now. Ask 4 times about the green jacket, so 
you'll get a phone-number from someone named B. Todryk, then leave. You are 
now with the road works again. Now, use the box outside the tent. It's a 'phone, 
call Nicole. You'll get her address. Go to the left and you'll see a map, click on 
Rue Jarry, that's where Nicole lives. 

Rue Jarry 

Talk to the female flower-seller. Ask about Nicole once. Then open the brown door 
in the middle on the other site of the street. Let Nicole see the red nose. She'll 
notice a name from a shop in it. Let her also see the green piece of cloth. You'll 
get a picture, then leave. Now, go to the left, to the map and click on La Risée du 
Monde. Talk to the seller. Let him see the picture, then the tissue then again the 
picture. You'll get the name from the guy on the picture: Kahn. Go anywhere you 
like to call Todryk (it doesn't matter if you do it in the police office, with Nicole or 
the 'phone at the road works). Ask him about the picture, until he'll say that Kahn 
sleeps in Hotel Ubu. Go there on your map. 

Hôtel Ubu 

Go in the hotel. Go left and try to get the key hanging hat the board. The 
receptionist will not aloud you to do it. Now, talk to the receptionist and ask about 
the picture. He's sleeping in the hotel, you're coming further. Go to the right and 
talk to the English lady. Ask about the key until the item has left. Now show the 
picture. You'll get another name of Kahn: Moerlin. Ask about him until the lady 
distracts the receptionist. Now, quick, get the key hanging at the board. Go 
upstairs and use the key with the first door at the right. Open the window at the 
right and climb out of it. Go into the other room. You can search here whatever 
you want, but you'll bound to find nothing, so leave to the door at the left. Kahn is 
coming. When he has left search his trousers. You'll get his card and a 
matchbook. Now, go downstairs, doesn't matter how. Talk to the receptionist 
about the safe. Then show him Kahn's card. Talk to the English lady again. Show 
her the card to. She'll help you to get Kahn's documents (actually Plantard's). 
Now go upstairs again. Go in 'your' room. Go outside, via the window. When you 
are out, throw the documents down the alley. Leave the hotel now. You'll get 
searched by Flap & Guido, but they'll find nothing (if they did, you'll be dead now). 
Go to the right, in the alley and get the documents. 

Rue Jarry 

You are with Nicole now. You'll take a closer look at the documents. You can 
watch or skip the movie. Talk about the documents. Then about the four items on 
it. Leave Nicole and go to the museum of Lobineau. 

Musée Crune 

Go in the museum. Look at the tripod (the kind of Tower of Eiffel thing). 

Rue Jarry 

Go to Nicole, so you know a bit of Peagram. Without asking something, leave. Go 
to the airport, to Lochmarne. 

Section 2: Lochmarne

Ask the kid, Maguire, three times about Peagram, then three times about the dig. 
Go into the pub. Ask the man with the glasses, Fitzgerald, about the dig once. 
Now talk to man at the bar who is sitting at the bar wearing the light jumper. Ask 
him about Peagram once, then twice about the dig. Ask about Fitzgerald, he won't 
answer. Give him a beer to let him talk. Now ask again about Fitzgerald. Go talk 
to Fitzgerald now, ask again about the dig. He'll deny working at it. Go outside 
and talk to Maguire. Ask about the dig and Fitzgerald. Now you know you have to 
be careful with Fitzgerald. Go in again. Talk to Fitzgerald, first about the dig, then 
about the professor, then about the gem, then about the package twice. And last 
talk about Marquet, the old man. Fitzgerald will run outside and get runned over. 
Go outside, you'll know now what happened. Now, use the sort of trigger left next 
to the pub door. Go into the pub now. Ask the barman for a beer (if you already 
have ordered a beer and haven't finished it yet, drink it first). The beer pump and 
the washer are broken. Show the barman 'your' green card. He'll ask you to fix it. 
Talk to Ron, the old man in the corner. Don't ask about anything, just leave. When 
he leaves a piece of wire on the table. Quickly grab it. When he doesn't sneeze, 
he sees it. When he does sneeze, you'll get it. Now you can fix the washer. 
Change the old wire of the washer with the new one. You'll fix it and have entrance 
to the cellar. Go down the cellar. Pull the lever at the right. Now go outside the pub 
and open the big trapdoor. Kahn will appear, but no fear, nothing will happen. Go 
down the cellar again, now you have the flash light and the gem. Go up. When 
Doyle, the man with the light jumper lifts his arm to drink, quick grab the towel. Go 
outside. At the upper right you see a path, go there. Talk to the farmer. First ask 
about the car, then a couple of times about Fitzgerald. Till he leaves. Climb up the 
haystack. Put the sewer tool in a hole in the wall. Climb over the wall now. Your 
way is blocked by a goat. So walk to the ladder, then when the goat has checked 
you, quick run to the axle. The goat is stuck now. Go back to the cellar in the pub. 
Make wet your towel (if you have done this before you talked to the farmer, it'll be 
dry before you needed it). Go back to the goat now. Go down the ladder. Pick up 
some of the plaster out the sack at the left. Try to pick up the statue just before 
the stone door. Now try it again, so some holes will appear. Throw some plaster in 
the holes, now sprinkle the water from the towel over it (if it's dry, make it wet 
again in the cellar). After the plaster has dried, pick it up. Put it in the five holes 
left next to the stone door. The door will open. Go in this door. After a short movie 
you'll be back with Nicole. 

Section 3: Paris

Poste de Police (Police office) 

Leave her and go to the police office. Ask Moue, the sergeant, about Marquet four 
times. You'll get the hospital added to your map. Go there. 


Talk to the receptionist, show her your ID Pass. Then ask about Nurse Grendell 
three times. Now walk down the left corridor. At the left you see a plug, pull it out. 
The handyman will put it back in. Then when you can do something again, open 
the door. Now you are Doctor Stobbart. Go back to the lobby again. Talk to the 
older doctor. He'll see you as the new doctor. Go back down the corridor again. 
First you've got to inspect the man in bed two. Leave him, without asking 
anything. Now talk to the nurse. You've got to inspect Sopmarsh to. Just leave 
him. Talk to Benoir, give him the pressure gauge. Walk to the left, Sopmarsh will 
call you back. Talk to Benoir, and ask him to use the pressure gauge on 
Sopmarsh. Go to the left now. Go through the door. You talk to Marquet for awhile, 
then a doctor comes in and kill him. 

Rue Jarry 

You'll be with Nicole again. Leave her and go to the museum. 

Musée Crune 

Enter the museum. Open the window with the lever left next the artefacts stalled 
out in the under the glass. When the guard comes, quick open the sarcophagus 
and go in. When the hours pass, Flap & Guido will come in. Throw down the big 
totem pole. A black dressed cat will steal the tripod. You'll be back with Nicole. 
Just leave her without asking anything. Go to the museum again. Talk to the man 
with the long, blond hair, Lobineau. Ask about Mountfaucon twice. Mountfaucon 
will be added to your map. Go there. 


Talk to the juggler about himself, till you try to juggle. Talk to the cop about the red 
clown's nose. Talk to the juggler and try to juggle again. The juggler and the cop 
will leave and you have a red ball. Open the sewer lid with your sewer tool. Go 
down. Walk to the left sort of inscription. Use your sewer tool on it. It's hollow. 
Use it again to make a gap. Now just use the inscription. It will move a little. Now 
use the kind of circle in the boat to let down the chain. Pick up the chain now and 
tie it to the inscription. Use the circle again to get up the chain and demolish the 
inscription. Go in the gap that has appeared. Look through the hole just above the 
middle of the screen where you can see a bit light. You see a Templars' meeting. 
Look again to see them leave. Go down the stairs. Put the tripod on the stone and 
then the gem on the tripod. You see the word MARIB. 

Rue Jarry 

You'll be back with Nicole now. Just leave and go to the airport, to Marib. 

Section 4: Marib

Go to the right and under the house. Show the matchbook to the carpet-seller to 
gain access to the club. Go up. In the club try to use the toilet door. Talk to Ultar 
abut the sign. Go back down the market. Click with your Right mouse button on 
the under part of the kebab stall. Now you know where the brush is. Go to the right 
and talk to the boy like Aladdin, Nejo. Ask about the ball, leave him. Talk to the 
kebab seller, leave without anything asking. Talk to Nejo again. Ask about the 
seller twice. Give him the ball (yes). Leave him and talk to Arto about the phrase. 
Go back to the market. Talk to Nejo and you get the brush. Go back to the club. 
Give the brush to the barman. You get the toilet keys. Open the door with them. 
Open the towel holder with the keys. Get the towel. Open the toilet door. Get the 
chain. Talk to Ultar. Show him the picture of Kahn. Talk about Bull's head, until 
you have to answer, answer positive. You don't have fifty bucks, so go back to the 
market. Go to Nejo. Look at the cat, and quick use the bell on the table. A statue 
fall off, get it. Use the tissue with the statue. Talk to Duane, the fat, yellow 
dressed, American man. Show him the statue, you'll get fifty bucks for it. Go back 
to the club. Talk to Ultar about Bull's Head, say yes again. You go back to the 
market. Talk to Ultar about the Truck. It's broken. Give him the towel. Now you 
leave to Bull's Head. Grab a twig from the tree at the right. Use the towel on the 
twig. Use the thing you've just made on the hole in the floor. Go down now. You 
see a hole in the upper left corner of the screen. Look at it. Use the ring inside of 
it. A door will open. Go in. Walk to the right. You see a dead man, Klausner. 
Search his body, you find a lens. Take a look at the map left, then at the three-
headed statue and then again at the map, now should Kahn appear (if not keep 
switch looking at the just named things). You'll go outside. Just tell him where 
Klausner is. Say he hasn't got anything. The next question you have to answer by 
the angle. Then say you want to die like a man. Shake him your hand with the 
buzzer. Jump off the cliff (if you have gone for the gun, you'll be dead now). You 
are with Nicole again. 

Section 5: Paris

Rue Jarry 

Leave Nicole. Go to the museum. 

Musée Crune 

Speak to André. First about the manuscript once. Then about Nicole twice. Go to 

Rue Jarry 

When you heard that André has visited her. go back to the museum. 

Musée Crune 

Talk to André about the manuscript four times. Leave and go to the airport, to Villa 
de Vasconcellos. 

Section 6: Villa de Vasconcellos

Go left. Use the pressure gauge on the hose. When the gardener has gone in, go 
in to. Walk to the gate to make the dogs barking. Quick stand behind the armour. 
When the man left, go up. Talk to the countess about the Templars. Then when 
the item has left about the chess pieces. You'll go to the mausoleum. Remove the 
bible. Talk to the countess about the board then about the pieces. She let Lopez 
the gardener get them. Talk with the countess, starting from the back of the item 
list. Till you are with the Templars, Lopez should come. When you've put every 
piece on his place. Try every white piece in the middle row. The king at the second 
place from down. The other two white pieces couldn't I see so fast, but they both 
have to be placed above the king. A niche will open. You are back with Nicole and 
have a chalice. 

Section 7: Paris

Rue Jarry 

Leave Nicole. Go to Mountfaucon. 


Go up the stairs. Talk with the priest about the chalice. He'll polish it for you. Click 
with your right mouse button on the statue. Now put the lens in the scroll. You see 
a hidden picture. Get your chalice back, it's blinking now. Take a look at the comb 
in the far corner. Leave Mountfaucon. 

Rue Jarry 

Go to Nicole. Leave her. 

Musée Crune 

Go to André. Ask him twice about the three-headed statue. You'll get Baphomet 
added to your map. Go there. 

Site de Baphomet 

Go down through the gate. Try to open the right door. Ask the guard for the keys 
of the toilet. Open the door with them. Look at the soap and pick it up. Then use 
the keys on the soap. Then use the plaster on the soap. Then use the soap with 
the tap. Now you've got a good copy of the key. Look at the sort of boiler at the 
left. Go back. Take a look at the thermostat. Talk to the guard about it. Use the 
thermostat. The guard will put on his gloves. Give the keys back t the guard. Go 
up now. Try to put your fake-key in the paint pot. Go down again. Use the 'phone. 
Go up and call the painter because there's telephone for him. When he leaves put 
your key in the paint pot. Go back down, when the painter leaves ask the guard for 
the toilet keys. Open the toilet with the keys. Use your key with the real keys to 
fool the guard. Go back and give the keys back to the guard. Use the 'phone 
again. The guard will call the painter. When you go down, open the left door with 
your key. Use your chalice on the mosaic floor there. Now you see a sort of 
church on the chalice. 

Rue Jarry 

You'll be back with Nicole. Leave her and go to the airport, to Villa de 

Section 8: Villa de Vasconcellos

Go in the villa. Pick up the mirror in the small room where the hose is attached to 
the tap. Go upstairs. Talk to the countess about her and the chalice. Go to the 
mausoleum, where you've found the chalice the first time you was here. Get the 
long stick standing there. Close the window. Use the tissue on the stick. Now light 
the tissue with the candle. Then use your burning stick with the candle hanging in 
he top of the mausoleum. After a long burn you get a key. Get also the bible which 
is at the left. Go back to the countess, talk about the bible. Go talk to Lopez 
about the well and then about the gap twice. Go to the place where you put the 
gauge on the hose. There's a tree, look at it, now you've got a divining rod. Talk to 
Lopez about it. After many hours you found a...can. Lopez will throw it away and 
you here the a bang. The well is found. You'll be in it. Go to the lion's head, use it. 
Quick move to under the rope (otherwise you'll be smashed under the head). Use 
now your mirror with the wall of the well. You see a sort of key hole. You've got the 
key from the candle. Use it and go in the now opened gate. You'll be with the 
countess again. Now you're going to Nicole. 

Section 9: Paris

Rue Jarry 

André is also with Nicole. After a very long conservation, you go to Bannockburn, 
by train. 

Section 10: Train

First talk about Nicole about her twice. Then try to leave. A conductor comes in. 
Leave again, now real. Walk left till Guido crosses your way. Go back to your 
compartment. Nicole and the old lady are gone. Go in the compartment next 
yours. Talk to the man with the stripes shirt about Nicole. Open the window and 
go up. Go right (otherwise you'll get electrocuted). When you see a ladder, go 
down. As quick as you can do something. Pull the emergency brake at the left. 
You can talk to Kahn about Bull's Head but it doesn't matter. Go out via the right. 
First you've got to untie Nicole. Now leave via the left. 

Section 11: Bannockburn

You're walking to a ruin. Go in there. Search four times in the trash tile, just below 
the middle of the screen. Use the gear with the demon at the right. Use the handle 
of the turning cog to get it. On that place is also a bigger gear, get it. Use these 
both items on the demon. First the gear then the handle. The door will open. Go 
in. Go to the right through the gate. You see again a Templars' meeting, now a 
real one. Rosso is also one of them. You'll be hold under fire by Eklund. You can 
skip the short movies by pressing A. Eklund will be killed by Rosso, then Rosso 
by the grandmaster. You ran away. Guido blocks again your way. Get the torch 
and throw it on the powder. Nicole is smart also and throw her bag on it. BOOM. 
At last the good guy always get the girl. Watch and hear the end movie. 



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