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 Burnout - Platform: Gamecube

Burnout - Platform: Gamecube

Ending bonuses
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Free Run mode 
(no vehicles on the road), Free Run Twin mode (two player 
Free Run), and Credits options. 

Face Off option
Successfully complete championship mode once to unlock Face 
Off 1 against the Roadster. 

Defeat the Roadster in Face Off 1 to unlock it and Face Off 
2 against another car. 

Play in championship mode until you unlock Face Off 2 in the 
special options screen. Defeat the Towtruck once to unlock it. 

Saloon GT
Defeat the Saloon GT in Face Off 3. 

Defeat the bus in Face Off 4. 

Increase boost
Drive on the wrong side of the road to keep increasing your boost. 
This can also be done by driving in the center of a double lane. 

Drive in the wrong side of the road and use the turbo when you get 
it. After it is gone, your turbo will either be full or half full. 

To achieve turbo, go very close to other cars that are not in the 
race. Very carefully, turn the opposing way. It will say "Near Miss." 
That will help the bar on your left-down corner to boost up. If you 
crash, you will lose most of your boost.

Full bonus
Drive a perfect lap (a lap without any accidents) and your bonus will 
be automatically filled. 

Quick start
Accelerate immediately before the "1" fades during the pre-race 
countdown to start with a slight boost in speed. 

Better turns
When turning sharp corners, lightly tap the gas to turn sharper 
and slide less. 

Interstate: No traffic
Select the Interstate course. When the race begins, drive over to 
the other side of the highway into the HOV lane (brown with white 
diamonds). Look over the barrier that separates oncoming traffic. 
There will be no traffic on the other side. 

Interstate: Flip car off track
Select the sports coupe as your car and the Interstate track. 
On the two lane highway section of the track with the dirt median 
in the center, get a turbo boost. Use the turbo to gain speed. 
At the end of the stretch of road will be the green arrows 
directing you to the exit. Just off to the right of the arrows 
there will be a metal barrier. Hit it slightly to the right while 
doing the turbo boost and your car should fly over the barrier 
and into a ravine. 

Interstate: Pit stop
When you begin the race and drive on to the first highway, go to 
the far right of the highway. There will be an opening that you 
can drive into. It is not much -- you will just see a gas station. 
Drive forward past the gas station and there will be another 
opening that leads you out.

River City: Climb a mountain
Before the first tunnel, slant right and go up the hill. If done 
correctly, you should climb up until you lose all your speed, or 
get to the top.

Rush Hour: Boost
On Rush Hour, you can drive on the wrong side of the road to keep 
your boost up. If you are good enough, you can use a non-stop turbo 
throughout the entire course. 

Supermini: Flip
Select the Supermini as your car and while at high speeds ram a car 
while going around a corner. The Supermini will roll across the 

Worst Driver List
To get on the Worst Driver List, crash up your car and go through 
checkpoints at the very last second. 

Worst Crash list
To get on the Worst Crash List, get a turbo boost and hit other 
cars at high speeds. This works best with a fast car such as the 
Saloon, Pickup, or Muscle. To get even more points, hit cars with 
the turbo boost while going around a corner. 

Fastest Lap List
To get on the Fastest Lap List, select the Interstate course. On 
straightaways, drive on the wrong side of the road. You will get 
a turbo boost which you can use on other straightaways. 

Real car equivalents
Look closely at each car at the selection screen. They are similar 
to real cars. For example, Muscle and the Dodge Viper, Saloon and a 
Mercedes, Supermini and a Honda Hatchback, etc.


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