Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness - Platform: Nintendo64 - Console Games.

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 Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness - Platform: Nintendo64

Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness - Platform: Nintendo64


Alternate costumes
Rescue two children as Henry to unlock an alternate costume 
for Cornell. 

Play as Henry
Successfully complete the game as Cornell and save the game after 
the credits. Load the saved game to play as Henry. Henry must save 
seven children within seven days. 

Play as Reinhardt
Successfully complete the game as Henry to play as Reinhardt from 
Castlevania 64. 

The order of graveyard switches
In the graveyard pull the switches in this order: The Master, Mary, 
Henry, then the unreadable gravestone. 

How to save Henry
If you are having trouble with saving Henry go to the gate you first 
went through to get the Rose Garden Key and wait till Henry is right 
behind you. Then open the door and there you go. 

How to use Henry
Beat the game on any difficulty and at the ending credits save your 
game. You should then be able to use Henry he has a gun and a sword. 
His mission is to save 6 children in 7 days. It's tough. 

Get The Crest half A in second stage
First, you must have activated the ledge that is brought up by the 
correct order of the switches. Also, be sure to have the rose garden 
key. Use a sun card if it is not morning out, then go to the rose garden 
and you should see a red rose in the center area with white roses, press 
the grab button and you will recieve the Thorn key. Take the key to maze 
garden, and go to the locked fence. Open it and get the rose. Once you 
have the rose, be sure to take it the top of the water fountain, and 
place it in there. You will then obtain the half crest A. 

Hidden Villa Items
When in the Villa (inside the castle) you notice a chandeleer hanging 
from the ceiling. Climb the stairs, face it, and use your long distance 
attack. After about 3 hits it will shatter revealing chicken, a cure 
ampoule, gold, and a red jewel. 

In the hedge maze if you kill the demon that chases henry he will give 
you and item like a rosted chiken leg. If you keep killing him after he 
gets back up you can get more chiken legs (up to 10) and items 

Hard difficulty setting
Rescue three children as Henry, and complete and save the game. Start a 
new game using the saved game file to access the hard difficulty setting. 

Fight against Renon
Spend over 30,000 gold buying items during the game to fight against Renon 
the winged demon.


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