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 Cel Damage - Platform: Gamecube

Cel Damage - Platform: Gamecube

Unlock all cars, tracks & modes FATHEAD 
Unique Weapons         - UNIQUEWPNS  
Unlock Brian the Brain - BRAINSALAD  
Pen & Ink Mode         - PENCILS  
Plastic Mode           - FANPLASTIC  
Desert world           - WHACKLAND  
Jungle world           - TWRECKSPAD  
Transylvania world     - EARLSPLACE  
Space world            - BRAINSALAD  
Ranged weapons         - GUNSMOKE! 
Melee weapons          - MELEEDEATH  
Hazard weapons         - HAZARDOUS  
Personal weapons       - UNIQUEWPNS  
Movement power-ups     - MOVEITNOW  
All FMVs               - MULTIPLEX! 
Count Earl             - COUNTDEAD  
Whack Angus            - WHACKFAD

Big head mode
Hold L + R + Up during game play. 

Gate Rally mode
Win once in Smack Attack mode. 

Additional FMV sequences
Successfully complete Smack Attack, Gate Relay, and Flag Relay with 
each character to unlock additional FMV sequences. 

Hint: Flag trial
You have to have at least one or two of these weapons: the Helicopter 
and Guns, and the Vacuum. Hurry and find the Vacuum in one of the weapon 
bins. Go straight to the Winner's (or Flag) Circle and wait for whoever 
gets all four flags to arrive at the circle. Once they are close enough, 
just vacuum them up. That weapon will not only take their Flags, but 
also their weapon. After doing so, go to the "Victory Ring". When you 
have the Helicopter and Guns weapon, just after the lone Flags first, 
then take out any one else who has the last desired Flag(s) you need. 
Next quickly go to the "Ring", because you have a limited time with that 
weapon. Use the Helicopter And Guns to take out any one who has the Flags, 
and easily fly to the goal. 

Hint: Extinguish fires
When Flemming, or any one else with the Lasers hits you a number of times 
and causes you to go into flames, try going into the water. That will put 
the fire out if you do so quickly. The levels with water are the first two 
Jungle levels (the three pounds with the crocodiles, and the other level 
with the shallow water in the piranha pits), and the first Transylvania level 
(the creek, before you hit the spider web spring).

Another way to extinguish a fire is to go through the alien cases in Babbling 5. 

Hint: Babbling 5: Free Rocket Pack
To get the secret Rocket Pack for any character, find the rotating platform 
with the jump on it (which occasionally raises into the air) and go off the 
jump. You will obtain a Rocket Pack for a short time, but will still be able 
to use your other weapons (except Gunship, which is also a flying weapon). 
Use this with the Cluster Bombs weapon to rain bombs on your opponents, or 
with the Machine/Tommy guns to become a turbo-charged Gunship.


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