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 Charlie's Angels - Platform: DVD

Charlie's Angels - Platform: DVD

Submitted by Brain

Many hidden features 
Access The Egg 
Go to Special Features. 

Special Feature Page #1: Highlight Get G'd Up & Press right on 
remote. Accesses a short video clip of all 3 girls twilrling 
there hair around. move controller to the left and bad guys eyes 
will be highlighted, and push enter, Excellent!!! 

Special Feature Page #2: Use the remote to go the the second 
special feature page, the one with Bosley on the left. The go up 
on selection then press left on your remote. This should put a 
square around a section of Bosely's suit. Hit enter and watch!. 

Special Feature Page #3: Highlight the arrow at the bottom and 
press right on the remote. 

Access a short video of some behind the scenes action. 
Region 4 DVD 

The eggs are almost the same with the american version, except for the 
first egg which you have to select " The making of Charlie's Angels" 
before pressing right. There should be a fairly large rectangle appearing 
over the title "Special Features". This rectangle should appear for the 
other two as well. 

Region 2 DVD 

Go to Extra Features 
Extra Features Page #1: Highlight "Welcome to Angel World" and press right 
on the remote. This highlights "Extra Features". Press enter. 

Extra Features Page #2: 
Highlight "Wired Angels" and press left on the remote. This highlights 
"Extra Features". 
Press enter. 

Extra Features Page #3: 
Highlight the arrow at the bottom and press right, as per the Region 1 DVD


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