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 Chibi-Robo - Platform: Gamecube

Chibi-Robo - Platform: Gamecube

Avoiding the Freedom Fighters:
Use the following trick to get around the Freedom Fighters shooting at you. 
Enter the kitchen and walk over to Mrs. Sanderson. To her left is a group of 
cabinets. Climb the handles until you reach the top of the counter. 
You should see a flashing cup. Walk up to it and press A to get it. 
You will see a short intermission sequence about it. Try to fall onto 
the cabinet handles. This is very difficult, and you may die by falling off. 
Go to the foyer and use the cup, it is in your X menu. The Egg Soldiers now 
cannot hurt you and you can cross to the basement. Once you reach the basement, 
the Egg Soldiers will leave you alone for good.

Entering the backyard:
Buy the Chibi-Blaster, then go to the big window. All the way to the right 
of the window is a bear sticker. Shoot it with Chibi-Blaster and enter the 
crack. Make sure to have full energy when going outside, as there do not appear 
to be any plugs out there.

Entering the kitchen:
To get into the kitchen, it must first be at night. Also, you must get the 
Drake Redcrest suit. If it suddenly says that the TV turns on, run into the 
glow of television on the floor. There will be an intermission sequence 
about an action figure named Drake Redcrest. When he starts to patrol the 
ground, talk to him. Answer his questions to get his suit. 
He will tell you to speak to him again to get hero training. 
Talk to him again to get the pose for the Drake Redcrest suit. 
Walk around a bit, and you will soon see a big colorful worm wedged between 
a door writing in a diary. Hop into the Redcrest suit and talk to the worm. 
Hide around the corner until she cannot see you and talk to her. 
She will ask if you are really Drake Redcrest. Say "Yes" then walk in front 
of her and strike a pose using Z. Note: This will result in high battery 
consumption. She will get scared and wiggle away.

Medic suit:
Run out of battery once to wake up in your house with a sling and lots of bandages.


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