College Hoops 2K8 - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 College Hoops 2K8 - Platform: XBox 360

College Hoops 2K8 - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Upload And Share (30 points): Upload a 2K Share file to the 2K Sports server. 
Online Ranked Win (30 points): Play and finish an online Ranked Match and win. 

30 Online Ranked Wins (50 points): Accumulate 30 Online Ranked Match wins. 
Pontiac (Online) (20 points): Qualify for the Pontiac Virtual NCAA Final 4 and 
complete at least one game in the tournament. 
Drills Medal (30 points): Earn Gold in any of the drills in the All-American 
Training Challenge - Singles mode. 
Beat Oden (40 points): Beat Greg Oden at all of his drills in All-American 
Training Challenge - CPU Duel mode. 
Drills Domination (50 points): Beat all of the opponents in All-American 
Training Challenge - CPU Duel mode. 
Isomotion Training (30 points): Successfully perform any of the Isomotion 
moves in Tutorial mode. 
ABL Win (30 points): Play and win an ABL game in Open or Career Legacy. 
Over .500 (30 points): Finish a season in Career Legacy with a winning record. 

Fan Support (30 points): Finish a season in Career Legacy with at least 90% 
Average Attendance. 
Top Recruit (50 points): Sign a recruit ranked Top 10 in the nation in Career 
Job Offer (30 points): Receive a coaching job offer from a school in a Power 
Conference in Career Legacy. 
Conference Champion (40 points): Win a conference tournament championship in 
Career Legacy. 
National Champion (50 points): Win a National Championship in Legacy mode 
(Open or Career). 
Play Designer (30 points): Create and Save a custom Playbook using Play 
Custom Chants (30 points): Create and save a custom Chant using Chant Creator. 

Buzzer Beater (30 points): Win a game with a buzzer beater shot. 
At The Line (30 points): Shoot over 85% from the FT line with any team. 
Minimum of 15 FT attempts. 
Glass Domination (30 points): Out rebound the opponent by at least 15 with any 
On Fire (30 points): Make 5 consecutive 3PT shots in a game with any team. 
Comeback (30 points): Start the 2nd half down by at least 15 points and win 
the game with any team. 
Swat Team (30 points): Block at least 10 shots with any team. 
Defense (30 points): Hold the opponent to 35% shooting or below with any team. 

Double Double (40 points): Get a double-double with any player. 
Triple Double (40 points): Get a triple-double with any player. 
'07 Ohio State vs Florida (30 points): Win this 2007 Championship matchup as 
either '07 Ohio State or '07 Florida. MOP difficulty. 
'79 Indiana St vs Michigan St (30 points): Win this 1979 Championship matchup 
as either '79 Indiana State or '79 Michigan St. MOP difficulty. 
'88 Kansas vs Oklahoma (30 points): Win this 1988 Championship matchup as 
either '88 Kansas or '88 Oklahoma. MOP difficulty. 
Pontiac Tournament (Offline) (20 points): Complete and win a Pontiac NCAA 
Tournament. Must play all games as the same school without simulating. 


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