Condemned 2 - Bloodshot - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 Condemned 2 - Bloodshot - Platform: XBox 360

Condemned 2 - Bloodshot - Platform: XBox 360

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Anger Management (10 points): Get emotional. 
Beat Cop (10 points): Beat your way through a mission. 
Big Game Hunter (10 points): Get up close and personal with the antler. 
Self Medicated (25 points): Heal thyself, physician. 
Brick Wall (10 points): MP - Block it away. 
Bum King (30 points): No guns, no problem. 
Can You Hear Me Now? (30 points): Emitter Removal Service. 
Chain Gang (30 points): Use all chain attacks a few times. 
Chief Investigator (50 points): Complete all missions in Hard mode. 
Collector (10 points): Scan the MP goodies once, twice, thrice - and more. 
Decisive Restraint (25 points): Restraint is a virtue. 
Defender (25 points): MP Defense 10 times over on the evidence. 
Detective (30 points): Get through a mission in FPS. 
Detective - First Grade (50 points): Shoot your way through it all in FPS. 
Bloodshot (25 points): Unlock all Bloodshot Fight Clubs. 
EPA (Environmental Pwnage Area) (25 points): Grab your foes by the neck and do 
what's necessary. 
Flambe (25 points): Splash, Shock and Fry. 
Gold-Plated (50 points): Go gold in all missions. 
GOOOAAALLLL! (10 points): Use the foosball table piece to your advantage. 
Investigator (25 points): You took on the hardest and beat them at their game. 
Just The Facts (25 points): MP Crime Scene Goodness. 
Master Investigator (30 points): PERFECTION as a sleuth all the way through. 
Magellan (25 points): Explore all maps more than once. 
A La Mode (25 points): 5 scoops of everything. 
MP Overachiever (50 points): Win a Deathmatch game with 15 kills without dying. 
The Plumber (25 points): Find a pipe and use it frequently. 
Punch Drunk (10 points): MP - Duke of Queensbury Rules Only. 
Restraint Not (30 points): Win Crime Scene games as SCU without firing a shot. 
Rush Champ (25 points): Take SCU out with the trash 5 times. 
Serial Killer (50 points): Go kill, kill, kill in MP. 
SKX (50 points): Kill the killers. 
Sleuth (10 points): Be the PERFECT sleuth. 
Survivor King (30 points): Bum Rush Survivor multiple times. 
Trooper (30 points): Complete the single-player game. 
Tune In Tokyo (30 points): Tune in all those TVs. 
Sidekick (10 points): Assist in scanning evidence in Crime Scene mode. 
The Final Word (10 points): You never forget your first time. 
Cut Throat (30 points): Finish it. 

Bonus items
Complete the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding item.
Mission 1: Silver brass knuckles 
Mission 2: Silver bullet proof vest 
Mission 3: Gold taser 5 shots 
Mission 4: Holster 
Mission 5: Rubber soles 

First Person Shooter mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock First Person Shooter mode for any mission. 
Once activated you will have unlimited weapon ammunition. Additionally, you will be 
given a firearm when you start most levels.


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