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 Conflict - Desert Storm - Platform: Gamecube

Conflict - Desert Storm - Platform: Gamecube

Cheat Menu:
When you are on the Main Menu screen, use the D-Pad and buttons X and 
Y to enter the following: Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Up, Down, Down, 
X, X, Y, Y. When you enter this, go to the options menu and the Cheat 
Menu should be available. In the Cheat Menu, you can change the 
"Tropper Level", "Enemy AI", and the "Mission List". 

Light's Out: Killing General Aziz
When you are trying to kill general Aziz at the end, take out the 
"laser" and lock on so it turns red. He will run out. Take him out 
with a sniper, then evacuate. 

When you call in an artillery strike on General Aziz's underground 
bunker, an alarm will alert the town. General Aziz will then run out 
of the bunker. You have to shoot him before he escapes. 

Connors is recommended for this trick. Have one of the others off to 
the side, near the exit to your extraction area. Have Connors directly 
in front of the doors to Aziz's bunker, but back as far as he can be 
from the doors. Have your first squad member "lase" the bunker for the 
airstrike, then switch to Connors before the doors to the bunker open. 
As soon as the doors open, have Connors open up on Aziz and his two 
guards with either a machine gun, or have him launch a RPG/rocket into 
the bunker. 

Cavalry Charge: Destroying ZSU's:
Instead of shooting the ZSUs with an anti-tank launcher, shoot them with 
a sniper gun. They should blow-up. You can now "paint" the tanks so an 
air strike will blow them up. 

Spreading out Amunitions:
Do not give too much of the powerful items such as tank mines, C4, 
anti-tank guns, etc. to a single person. If you have this person advance 
and he gets taken down by a tank, your other teammates might not have 
the firepower needed to even get close to the downed person, let alone 
heal him. It is always a good idea to have each teammate equipped with 
at the least one high powered explosive in case you need to take something 

Weak spots on tanks:
All tanks have very heavy front and side armor. However, the tank's rear 
is lightly armored. Smaller tanks can be hit with a rocket almost anywhere
 and will usually explode. However, larger tanks must be attacked with an 
explosive from behind. If you shoot it from the front or side, chances 
are you will not even make a dent. 

Easy kill on satellite tanks:
To take out the tanks with the satellite dish on top, shoot the satellite 
dish with a sniper rifle and the tank will explode. 

Destroying Heavy armor tanks:
Find the man with C4s and give his detonator to someone else. Keep everyone 
back except for the man who has the C4. Quickly run to the tank and plant 
the C4. When you are finished, get another troop to call him back. When he 
runs back, the tank should be focused on him. Change to the man with the 
detonator and use it. If this works, everyone should make it out alive. 
However, if he does not make it, you can clear the area then heal him. 

Last resort attacks on tanks:
If you need to take out a tank but have no more long range rockets, it is 
possible to get close to it without getting hit. First, you will need to 
have a sniper rifle to zoom in on the top of the tank to take out the gunner, 
if there is one. After he is down, throw a smoke bomb in the direction of 
the tank. Try to get the smoke bomb in as close to it as possible. While 
the smoke is in the air, you can run up to the tank without being hit. 
The smoke will make it impossible for the tank to see you. Get directly next 
to the tank and plant a C4 next to it. After it is planted, throw another 
smoke bomb slightly further away from the tank. Make a mad dash for the smoke. 
If you are fast enough, you will get behind the wall of smoke and can then make 
your way to safety. Then, detonate the C4. 

Last resort on SCUDS:
SCUDs can be blown up with the sniper rifle if they are in the launch position. 
Shoot the rocket a few times with it. 

Charge the Enemy:
The game sends an infinite amount of troops after the alarm has been set. 
The best way to defend yourself is to charge ahead as fast, but also as safely, 
as possible. In some levels you can cut down the number of men by almost fifty. 
If you are low on ammunition, health, etc., this is a good way to cut down on 
the amount of men you have to deal with. It also works sometimes if you send a 
man far ahead and hold him there, then do your objectives for your mission. 

Change Soldier color:
You can change the color of your soldier from white to black or black to white 
by blowing him up with a grenade and finishing the level. Note: He will lose 
experience -- do this early.


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