Crash Bandicoot - The Wrath of Cortex - Platform: Gamecube - Console Games.

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 Crash Bandicoot - The Wrath of Cortex - Platform: Gamecube

Crash Bandicoot - The Wrath of Cortex - Platform: Gamecube

Alternate ending sequence:
Collect all 46 gems. 

Avalanche: Getting all the boxes:
While riding the snowboard and the avalanche is chasing you, 
do not try to get the boxes. The alvalanche destroys them for 
you. Just keep boarding. 

Arctic Antics: Extra lives:
After you have defeated the Boss in level 4 and earned the 
bazooka, return to level 1, Arctic Antics. Shoot the three 
woolly mammoths to get extra lives. 

Once you defeat the second Boss and have the "Double Jump", 
jump on the heads of the woolly mammoths (you do not have to 
wait for the bazooka). You will get an extra life for each 
woolly mammoth you jump on. Note: For the one at the end, you 
can get up the glaciers if you keep trying. 

Go to the bonus platform and go through the bonus level. 
When you get back, jump to the right. You should hit a woolly 
mammoth and get one extra life if you jumped on it. You have 
to jump back quickly because the woolly mammoth vanishes. 

Bamboozled: Shortcut:
Start a time trial on the Bamboozled level. When you get to the 
parts where the track twists like a slide, turn right sharply and 
land on the tracks below .If done correctly, you can take six to 
ten seconds off your time. 

Bonzat Bonsat: Super belly flop power: 
After acquiring the Red Gem, go to the Bonzat Bonsat level. 
Jump onto the Red Gem, then make your way to the end to find 
a gem and the super belly flop power. 

Crash And Burn: Red Gem
Do not try to jump the big gap. The warp zone at the end is an 
illusion, and you cannot get there. Instead, use the bazooka and 
shoot it. Do not worry if you die, because you will retain the gem. 

When going for the Red Gem, you actually can jump the big gap. 
It is a long distance, but it can be done by double jumping and 
doing a good Death Tornado Spin. 

Crunch Time: Safe locations
When Crunch releases the elementals, sometimes there are safe 
locations you can use. When he releases Wa Wa, stay at the bottom 
of the screen. The water balls cannot get you there. When Crunch 
releases Lo-Lo, stay on the metal part where the lasers are at the 
top to avoid getting hit. 

Crunch Time: Fire Elemental Pyro 
When Crunch releases the fire elemental Pyrom hop onto the pipe 
behind you to avoid getting burned. You can do this by jumping to 
another platform, but its much easier to use the tactic that avoids 
the steam coming out of the grounds

H2 Oh No: Bonus area
There is a chain of Nitro Boxes surrounded by TNT Boxes in the bonus 
area of this level. Do not worry about detonating the TNT on the left. 
Instead "sneak shoe" across the Nitro Boxes, and on the right side, 
get ready to jump up and collect the top Box. Get out of the way 
after detonating the TNT Box. If done correctly, you will cause a 
chain reaction that destroys all the boxes in the chain. 

Wizards And Lizards: Green Gem
Find the green outlined platform. Jump down the hole and you will 
not die.

Sea Shell Shenanigans: Box warning
In the level, you will see a lot of boxes hidden by plants. 
Before you smash them, make sure that they are not TNT crates. 

Defeating Crunch Time
Every time freezeballs, beams, or fire comes out, jump over the 
fence into the inside platform. They cannot touch you there, but 
fireballs will land everywhere -- just watch for their shadows. 
There is a series of elements you have to avoid. Then shoot Crunch 
with the bazooka and spin Cortex. The series is: fireballs, shoot 
Crunch, spin Cortex, freezeballs, fireballs, shoot Crunch, spin 
Cortex, fire, fireballs, freezeballs, fire, shoot Crunch, spin 
Cortex, beams, fireballs, fire, beams, freezballs, fireballs, beams, 
shoot Crunch, spin Cortex. If you win, you will unlock five secret 
levels for which you must collect a certain amount of relics in 
order to open the doors. 

Defeating Lo-Lo
Watch where the mask floats and shoot there. 

Defeating Py-Ro
Go near Crunch to hurt him.

Defeating: Ro-Ko
Roll around the side of the area without going in the center. 
Every rock will come near you, and Crunch will mostly miss you. 

When fighting Ro-Ko, aim for the N on Crush's back. Do this three 

Defeating Wa Wa
When you are facing Wa Wa, crunch will shoot things at you. He will 
fire blue beams that you should jump over. When he fires green things, 
duck. Hop from one panel to another. When you reach Crunch quickly 
spin. Watch out -- the panels will sink. 

Try to get a head start on each run. Once Crunch jumps back at the 
beginning, run. When you spin him the next two times, do not stop 

Gem locations
To get the following Gems, jump onto the Skull And Crossbones and 
find your way to the end. 

Red Gem: Crash And Burn.
Green Gem: Wizards And Lizards
Blue Gem: Arctic Antics
Yellow Gem: Gold Rush
Purple Gem: The Gauntlet 

Earning gems
In any level, to earn a gem get all of the boxes. 
This also boosts your lives and apples.

Easy Gems, Relics, and Crystals
Do not collect everything at once in a level so you can get 100% game 
completion faster. Instead, use the following little trick to get all 
powers from the guardians. This is the order you should do it. First, 
do not get all Boxes and avoid Bonus Platforms to get 25 Crystals to 
defeat the Masks. Then, if you have defeated Cortex, return for the 
Gems and collect them before Uka Uka and Cortex. Next, this is the 
hardest challenge. Use all your effort and special powers and be as a 
quick as possible. Make sure you use the Freeze Timer Boxes to avoid 
getting a longer time in time trial mode. Remember all of them in each 
section of the warp room. You will get a secret warp room and extra 
levels to find the hidden treasures.

Avoid losing lives
When you die, quickly pause game play before the screen turns black then 
select "Warp Room". You will return to the warp room without losing any 

How to beat Crush the second time:
Submitted by: 1ofakind

On the first round Crush will throw lines of water. Jump to dodge these. 
The second round he will through a line of water, than a line of energy from 
above. Jump than duck etc to dodge these. The third round he will through a 
line of water, then a line of energy, than he will do a wave of bubbles. Jump, 
duck, jump etc to dodge these. (Jump to dodge the bubble wave when it comes to you). 
The fourth and last round, he will do the line of water, then the bubble wave, than 
the line of energy. Jump, jump, and then duck etc to dodge this wave. 
I hope this helps.


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