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 Cricket 2004 - Platform: Playstation 1

Cricket 2004 - Platform: Playstation 1

Super Batsmen (get mostly 4s and 6s):
Go the the "Inside EA Sports" menu and press R2, Circle, L2, R1,Select

Easy One-Day runs:
During One-Day Matches a very easy way to get runs is to just simply block every ball 
and run singles. No fielders are close enough to run you out and there are no slips to 
catch an edge either. At this rate you can end up with a score of 300 in a 50 over match, 
a very competitive score.

Bowling sides in ODI's out cheaply:
When you play a One Day Intl and your bowling set you field as a whole offside field, 
Have your field like say 3slips 2gullys W/k point, Third man mid off cover and someone 
out at deep point for protection and bowl short and wide of off stump but donít bowl 
to wide so you umpires call you for wide but wide enough so the batsmen can basically 
only play cut shot too your bowling.

Change your pace and bowl away and in swingers to if you know how to but this Code is 
a easy way to bowl your side out for a small or modest total Usually sides like 
Bangldesh/kenya for 0-30 and sides like India n south Africa 0-50 if you bowl right 
areas and have field set right you should succeed straight away and Using sides like 
Aus RSA ENG who have Top fast bowlers it should work.

Note: When your trying out doing this should put maybe 2 on side so you have some 
protection incase your line isnít right and Donít bowl Half Volleys Yorkers and 
anything full at stumps or close to stumps because you will get clubbed with no 
proection, Also Make sure you have some At least third man or backward point because 
some edges or last cut shots can go over slips n in close fields head and go for 4 
and This Trick only works with FAST Bowlers.

Note: This Trick requires some practice and Patience because you wont get 6wickets a 
over it may take 10 or more overs to get them out and also donít generate innings if 
u have say 3 for not many because this really only works with a new ball and batsmen 
who arenít set.

Winning Tournaments In A Short Time:
Use the 'Easy scoring' hint, then enter a tournament of your choice. After doing so, 
when you win a toss, take bowling first. Then, without bowling a bowl, select 'Autoplay'. 
Usually most of the time the target will be small, like 50 or 60. Sometimes it can be a 
big one but will not exceed 130. You can reach the total within 5 overs by hitting 6s. 
Doing so will have you win matches and thereby finish tournaments in a very short time. 
If you do not win a toss, put into batting first. Then, score about 80 runs in 4 overs 
then use 'Autoplay'. If you do not lose any wicket before autoplay, you will be successful 
in giving a reasonable target. After that, give autoplay when you go to ball. Your opponents 
will not be able to reach your target and you will get easy wins.

Get Six Most Times:
Go to 'Inside EA Sports' at the main menu then press R2, Circle, L2, R1, Select.

Easy Scoring:
Select 'Team Management' and from there, 'Copy Base'. Next, select a team and a player 
from there. After doing so. the player can be seen in 'Create A Player' mode. Then 
increase all his batting and bowling abilities to 100, and then go to 'Add To Data Base' 
mode and replace the player you selected with the original player. Repeat the same process 
with all other players on the same team to create a team which will be virtually invincible. 
By doing so, you will be able to hit 6s and 4s easily, and thus score a lot of runs and take 
a lot of wickets.


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