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 Cruis'n USA - Platform: Nintendo64

Cruis'n USA - Platform: Nintendo64

from: Rocky Morea

To change a '63 Muscle Car,LaBomba, and Devastator into 
a All-Terrian,School Bus, and a police car,you must press 
and hold the top,left, and bottom C buttons while pressing 
the A,Z, or START to confirm your choice.

Extra Cars
Go to the car select screen. 
Press and hold the up "C" button. 
Press and hold the left "C" button. 
Press and hold the down "C" button. 
While you are holding down the above buttons, put the cursor on one 
of the left three cars. You can now choose the police car, the school 
bus or the jeep. 

Dirty windshield
Drive in Iowa or Indiana in cockpit view to get bugs and bird droppings 
on your windshield. 

Extra points in challenge mode
Keep pressing A or Gas to get a free booster. 

Automatic Lights and Sirens
To make the lights or sirens go on automatically, choose the school bus 
or police car and start a race. When it says the name of the place you 
are press brake, brake and then hold gas, after 3 seconds the lights or 
sirens should automatically go on 

Bonus Tracks
To access three tracks that you normally can not race without "Crusin' the 
USA", go to the track selection screen and hold the proper buttons: 

Golden Gate Park -- L + C-Left + C-Down
Indiana -- L + C-Right + C-Up 
San Francisco -- L + C-Right + C-Down 

Secret Head
To view the secret head, make a "Hot Time" on any stage. Enter your initials 
and scroll down to the bottom of the screen, then hold Left on the analog 
stick for about 35 seconds. A head should come moving down the conveyer 
belt saying "I love this job." 

Nitro Boost
Enable the "Secret Head" code, then start a new race. While driving, press 
Brake, Brake, Brake, Gas, Brake, Gas after each checkpoint for a nitro boost. 
This won't increase your top speed, but it will increase your acceleration 

Golden Gate Park track
Hold L + C-Left + C-Down at the track selection screen. The U.S. 101 track 
will become Golden Gate Park. 

Indiana track
Hold L + C-Right + C-Up at the track selection screen. The Beverly Hills 
track will become Indiana. 

San Francisco track
Hold L + C-Right + C-Down at the track selection screen. The Grand Canyon 
track will become San Francisco. 

Missing wheel
Finish a two player challenge game and continuously sweep the Analog Stick 
in a clockwise Full-Circle. The right front wheel of the losing player's 
vehicle fall off after the car rotates about four times. 

Alternate vehicle colors
Win the "Cruise The USA" mode with the difficulty set to 1, 3 or 5. The car 
used to win the race will be selectable in a new color. The alternate cars 
are faster then the original version. Press C-Up to select the alternate 
colors. Note: This also works with the three hidden vehicles. 

Two player upgrade
Normally in two player mode, only one of the players can get an upgrade for 
their car. To upgrade both players, race to the Washington D.C., quit, and 
save the game. Reset the Nintendo 64, and have player one beat the Washington 
D.C. course. Reset the Nintendo 64 again, and have player two beat the same 
course. Both players will now have their cars upgraded. 

Chicago broken down car
There is a car broken down on the right side of the road on the Chicago track 
after the first two turns. If you hit the car, it will fall in front of the 
first place vehicle. 

Grand Canyon shortcut
Stay along the right side of the road after the first check point. Follow the 
dirt ramp that appears, and cross the natural bridge at a fast speed. 

Grand Canyon boulder
Run into the large rocks on the side of the road at high speed. The boulders 
will gain speed as they roll down the road before smashing into the first 
place vehicle. 

Washington D.C. warp
Watch for the orange tinted brick wall on the left side of the road. Approach 
the wall, get on the grass, and jump through the crack to reach the next check 

Iowa Woman
Look for the single tree on the left side of the road after the first checkpoint. 
Face the tree and slowly run over it. A woman standing next to a sign with the 
word "DAWN" will now be visible.


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