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 Damnation - Platform: Playstation 3

Damnation - Platform: Playstation 3

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes at the "Unlockables" menu to activate the 
corresponding cheat function:

All weapons:
Enter "LockNLoadAll" as a code to unlock all weapons.

Bonus weapon:
Enter "BlowOffSomeSteam" as a code to unlock a gun with a blade attached to 
the bottom of the barrel that kills in one hit.

Emblem locations:
There are a total of twenty emblems, which can be found at the following 

  1. On the ground floor of the buildings in the back of where you fight the 
  first set of enemies.

  2. In the mines, on the second floor of the house after you climb up the chain 
  holding a large crate or the series of wooden molding.
  3. Once outside, in the single story building near the billboard that is shot 
  down before the second driving sequence.
  4. At the back of the domed structures before taking the zip line to the roof 
  near the conveyor belt.

Mesa Dorado
  5. After dismounting the bike at the end of the first driving sequence, inside 
  the building to the left before climbing onto the plateau with the artillery.
  6. After the second driving sequence, on the ground floor of the tall building 
  to the left when overlooking the next area from the top of the canal wall.
  7. Once in the interior, on the ground floor of the building after the ladder 
  beside the waterwheel and before the rope bridge.
  8. To the right of where you start the turret fight with Selena.
  9. Once outside again, on the second floor of the building on the right, 
  inside the cavern after the gondola.

Convoy Chase
  10. Halfway through the driving sequence, after dropping the totem segment 
  onto the bridge, located behind the totem pole to the left after driving up 
  the newly made ramp.
  11. Once outside, near the back side of the area with the square pools and 
  four lantern holding statues (after the spiral staircase and before the 
  12. During the fight with Dayden, on the second floor of the building in the 
  middle of this area.

Terra Verte
  13. To the left of the statue before entering the city gates.
  14. On the way to the top of the governor's mansion, inside the floor where 
  the metal stairs begin. Go to the left of the building near the windows.
  15. In the glass building opposite the Waterworks building.
  16. Once inside the Waterworks building, on the ground level opposite the 
  entrance to this building.

PSI Complex
  17. At the end of the driving sequence, to the right of the elevator.
  18. After walking up the conveyor belt, on the second floor of the building to 
  the left after the ladder.
  19. Once inside the base of Prescott's tower, behind the elevator.
  20. After exiting the elevator into the fight with Prescott's, inside the 
  smaller building to the right.

Hidden multiplayer map weapons 
  Boiler Room: An Arrow rifle can be found in the bottom middle on the boiler. 
  Broken Home: A Revenant gun is located on the middle bridge. 
  Cathedral: A Revenant gun and grenades are at the bottom middle of the map. 
  Cave In: Check around the platforms in the middle of the map to find an Arrow 
  PSI Topside: There are sniper rifles hidden around the map. 
  Shaft: Battle to the bottom of the map to obtain an Arrow rifle. 
  Shaman: Look around the center totem; there is something hidden in the tall 
  Town Hall: The bridge below the roof gap has a Revenant gun. 

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

  Arrowtree - Casual (Bronze): Complete Arrowtree on Casual. 
  Arrowtree - Hardcore (Silver): Complete Arrowtree on Hardcore. 
  Arrowtree - Insane (Gold): Complete Arrowtree on Insane. 
  Boomtown - Casual (Bronze): Complete Boomtown on Casual. 
  Boomtown - Hardcore (Silver): Complete Boomtown on Hardcore. 
  Boomtown - Insane (Gold): Complete Boomtown on Insane. 
  Double Time (Bronze): Complete any chapter after Arrowtree in Co-op on any 
  Dumb Luck (Bronze): Kill 5 enemies at once with explosive damage. 
  Emblematic (Gold): Collected 20 Emblems. 
  Finders Keepers (Silver): Collect 10 Emblems. 
  Found It! (Bronze): Collect 1 Emblem. 
  Free Style Walker (Bronze): Chain together any 3 physical abilities in 5 
  seconds or less. 
  Master Of All (Platinum): Unlock all Damnation Trophies to unlock this 
  Platinum Trophy. 
  Mesa Dorado - Casual (Bronze): Complete Mesa Dorado on Casual. 
  Mesa Dorado - Hardcore (Silver): Complete Mesa Dorado on Hardcore. 
  Mesa Dorado - Insane (Gold): Complete Mesa Dorado on Insane. 
  Peacemaker (Gold): Complete the Game on Hardcore. 
  Pedestrian Crossing (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with a vehicle. 
  People Skills (Silver): Complete the game in Co-op on any difficulty. 
  Pyro (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with explosive damage. 
  Revenant (Gold): Complete the Game on Insane. 
  Skeet Shooter (Bronze): Shoot 25 Trip Mines out of the air. 
  Sniper (Bronze): Get 20 Headshots. 
  Terra Verte - Casual (Bronze): Complete Terra Verte on Casual. 
  Terra Verte - Hardcore (Silver): Complete Terra Verte on Hardcore. 
  Terra Verte - Insane (Gold): Complete Terra Verte on Insane. 
  Trooper (Silver): Complete the Game on Casual. 
  Wall Jumper (Bronze): Successfully wall-jump 100 times. 
  Where'd They Come From? (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies without alerting them. 

Enter the following codes in the Unlockables menu in the game Menu:
Revenant-Insane Difficulty Unlocked
BlowoOffSomeSteam-Super Weapon Unlocked
LincolnsTopHat-Big Head Mode Unlocked
PeoplePerson-Custom Characters Unlocked
LockNLoad-Custom Weapon Selection

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