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 Daredevil - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Daredevil - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: andresb-24 (

Level Passwords
Level                     Code 
Rooftop Rumble            Y匕SC中K中4 
This Traffic Is Murder    F了NK三KFKH 
No Way To Treat A Lady    CCKMC卜丁匕 
A Question of Honor       0CKN中4中KR 
Fighting With Shadows     WCP7D七DGKM 
Over Troubled Waters      H中7LBK5中D 
Master of the Hand        4中3NB23GKL 
Descent into Madness      MCP3NBY5B几 
Into the Savage Sewers    MCF2J八5ZKD 
Battle Below Ground       RCK6JB4VW几 
The King Commands         RCK2QBRVXKB 
Wrong Side of the Tracks  RL7S卜XHKM 
Out of the Darkness       MNF39刀VJKN 
No Return Ticket          4LTPZBP5R八 
Switchback                RST21BK3SKK 
Like Looking in a Mirror  RQYQZCPV8刀 
Bad for Business          4QYQ7CK39KC 
Long Hard Climb           4S2PZC459B 
Building Tension          47T77D435L 
My Aim is True            MZY2ZRR5NBK 
All That Money Can Buy    8ZY7ZRMXML 
Final Showdown            MZ231S6XSGN 

Note:  indicates the DD symbol.

All secrets
Enter 41TK1S6ZNGV or M927ZN298JD as a password.

-= CodeBreaker =-
Unlock All Secrets   
43006580 0101
00000014 0002

Infinite Sense   
3300640E 0384

Infinite Lives   
33005296 0009

Infinite Health   
32009364 002C


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