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 Dead To Rights - Platform: XBox

Dead To Rights - Platform: XBox

Chapter select:
At the main menu with the "New Game" option, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, 
Right(2), Y, X(2). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a scream. 
Then, press Down at the "Press Start" screen until the level selection option 
appears. -From: and

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock the 

Disarms :
Every type of weapon has five disarms (B, Up + B, Left + B, Right + B, and Down 
+ B). An exception is the shotgun, which B and Up + B. Note: Disable the "Random 
Disarms" option or you will not learn any new ones.
Additionally, the disarms are held by one enemy on each level possessing guns. 
Go through the levels, disarming everyone possible. Keep tabs of who you were 
able to disarm in a particular room before you die. When you continue, you will 
know which ones are remaining to disarm until you check everyone. Then, move on, 
save, and repeat. There is a shotgun disarm on mission 2 after the Boss. There 
are fuve disarms for all weapons, including the shotgun. The enemies will only 
unlock disarms for the weapons they are using, and of course there are no 
disarms on the levels without guns. Always use cover, duck behind something, or 
wait around a corner and be patient. Eventually, they will approach closer. 
Press one of the B combos their fate is sealed. Draw them closer one by one and 
disarm them or take them hostage systematically, while never exposing yourself. 
The objective is to not get shot, or go down in a blaze of glory.

Defeating Hennessey:
You have to fight Hennessey three times before you can win. The first time he 
will have an electric riot shield, making it impossible to attack him head-on. 
In order to defeat him, you have to first get rid of the shield. To do this, 
lure Hennessey into the fountain in the middle of the battle area. He will 
electrocute the water and shock himself. Make sure that you are not too near the 
fountain or you will get shocked as well. Another way is to repeatedly circle 
the fountain, keeping good distance between Hennessey and yourself. While 
circling, there should be a gun lying on the ground, relatively close to the 
water. You can pick this gun up and shoot Hennessey with it, slowly taking out 
his shield. Do not worry about ammunition, as the gun regenerates. This may take 
awhile, but it is possible to kill Hennessey without taking damage. After the 
shield is broken, Hennessey runs off to hide, all the while mocking you. You 
will have to take out a couple of his GAC goons, but they provide no more of a 
fight than they did in previously. Note: You are now weaponless. Do not get too 
excited when you find the gun sitting in front of the doors -- it gets knocked 
out of your hands and out of reach before the fight starts. In order to defeat 
Hennessey you now have to fight him hand to hand, except he has an advantage, 
fire fists. Do not let him get too close to you, but at the same time, try to 
throw him as much as possible. Eventually when he gets to about half health, he 
will comment about how it is getting chilly and open a huge furnace door. This 
is where it gets a little easier. Throw Hennessey into the new area and watch 
his health deplete as he burns. Repeat this to take him out for the second time. 
The third time, he walks out completely engulfed in flames, at full health. Even 
though he is encompassed by flames, continue throwing him into the furnace so 
that he can take more damage and you will finally avenge your father's death.

Defeating Pinnacle:
While fighting Pinnacle, repeatedly press Jump to easily dodge his attacks. Jack 
will automatically turn to face Pinnacle before he jumps -- you do not have to 
worry about getting too far away from him. While Jack is jumping, he is 
impervious to all of Pinnacle's attacks. Do this repeatedly to tire Pinnacle 
out, then jump on his back and finish him off. You can also attack Pinnacle in 
front by punching and using low kicks, but this is not recommended as it does 
not take much damage from Pinnacle.

Defeating the helicopter for the last time:
Immediately when the level begins, run up to the pillar in front of you for 
cover. Enter wall mode and equip Shadow as your weapon. Spin out to the left and 
kill the first man. Exit wall mode and wait until the second man comes at you, 
then kill him. There will be more men. Stand back and kill them from near the 
pillar. If one gets close enough, it helps to use him as a shield. After men 
stop appearing from the helicopter, equip your M4 and target the man across the 
room on the raised section of the level. Do not target anyone on the highest 
balcony. Run at him while firing. Be careful -- he has a rocket launcher. Run 
side to side. Also be careful not to run past the fountain. If you do, the 
helicopter will be able to shoot you. After killing that man, make sure no one 
else is appearing from the helicopter. Get the rocket launcher that is in front 
of the fountain. After that, equip your rocket launcher and run back to the 
point on the ramp where it starts to decline. This ramp is near the beginning 
and between the two pillars you started near. Manually aim at the helicopter 
from here. If you cannot hit it, move forward until you can. Do not miss with 
the rocket launcher, as it will take even longer to defeat the helicopter. Use 
every gun you have and all your ammunition on this. It does not do much, but it 
does work. After all your ammunition is used, go left and act as if you are 
going up the balcony stairs. Go up them to the first platform and get the 
pistol. The last man you have to kill will also be there. After you have killed 
him, run back to the ramp and shoot the helicopter with all your ammunition 
again. The pistol will appear again in the exact location. Get the pistol again. 
There will not be any more men. Go back to the ramp again. Shoot the helicopter 
with all your ammunition. Keep repeating this until the helicopter is defeated.

Defeating people without guns:
To defeat people that do not have guns easier, keep blocking and dodging. If you 
do not dodge, you will still get hurt. When you are in the prison, you will 
learn how to reverse a grab. This allows you to avoid getting hurt when they 
grab you. When you reverse the grab, you will throw their arms in the air. This 
will leave them open to attack (punch, kick, grab, etc.). However, they can 
still block.

Destroying the clown van in the cemetery:
Use the canisters that explode and drop one on either side of the gate, in the 
corner between the wall and the gate. Do not throw it. Walk away and shoot the 
canister. Repeat the process until the van is destroyed. This may take a while, 
but it works.

Flaming Fisted Man warning:
After defeating Flaming Fisted Man, the game restarts itself. This does not 
allow you to save your game, meaning that you either start a new game or 
continue fighting Flaming Fist Man repeatedly.

All pistol disarms in Chapter 1:
When you start the level, a man will appear and try to shoot you. Lock on to him 
and use your dog (Shadow) to kill him. Shadow will bring his gun to you. When 
you kill him, another man by a crane will start to shoot. Lock on to him and 
shoot him with the gun you received. When you kill him, some pipes will fall 
down, making it appear as if you cannot get through. However, you can. 
Immediately when you enter, a man will come up behind you and say "Drop it!". 
You will throw down your weapon and turn around. When you turn around, you will 
not be able to move anymore --this will make it easier. You will be prompted to 
press Circle to disarm him. You can either do that, or do it with the 
Analog-stick. To get all of them, keep doing the level over or try it the old 
fashioned way.

Spine break in Chapter 3:
When you are locked up "Iron Point" and are walking around in the hall only two 
or three people will be around. One of them will run up to you and say 
something. When you run away, they start to walk away. As they walk away you can 
go in back of them and do the grab. However, they move too much and you will end 
up breaking their back.

Ledge in mine in Chapter 3:
If you are having trouble getting across the ledge in the mine after the prison 
break, go to the wall with the ledge and enter "wall mode". You will scoot 
across and will not perish in a darkened abyss.

Voice access in Chapter 13:
Kill one of the men that has green on. You will see a man in yellow walk out in 
the open and run back. After a moment, the man in the yellow will run over to 
you. When he does this, and grab him. If another man runs with him, kill him and 
leave the man in yellow alive. Take him to give the voice authorization and you 
will be able to open gate. When you go over to the gate, a lot of men will be 
there. An easy way to kill all of them is to run up to them and grab one as a 
shield. The man you grab will get killed quickly. Keep doing this until only one 
person remains.

Fahook uses bottle in Chapter 14:
After defeating Fahook once he goes into the back of the plane, when you get him 
very low on life he will drink from his bottle. At this time you should shoot 
the bottle out of his hands before he gains too much life. Doing this three or 
four times will destroy his bottle. Finish off his remaining life points and 
watch the intermission sequence. Use the manual aiming to shoot things. When you 
are on manual, you can aim at the bottle. You will need to do this three or four 
times. When the bottle is shot off Fahook, you need to make Fahook go near the 
open back part of the airplane. Once there, shoot him and Fahook will fall off 
and die.


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