Def Jam Fight For New York - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 Def Jam Fight For New York - Platform: XBox 360

Def Jam Fight For New York - Platform: XBox 360

Cheats/Hints/Title All:
SurajK (Surajravi123)

Def Jam: Fight for NY Unlockable: Songs

Bust by Outkast: BIGBOI 
Chopshop by Baxter: CHOPPER 
Comp by Comp: CHOCOCITY 
Dragon House by Chiang: AKIRA 
Get it Now by Bless: PLATINUMB 
Afterhours by Nyne: LOYALTY 
Koto by Chiang: GHOSTSHELL 
Lil' Bro by Ricbyobyche: GONBETRUBL 
Man Up by Sticky Fingaz: KIRKJONES 
Move by Public Enemy: RESPECT 
Original Gangster by Ice T: POWER 
Sieze the day by Bless: SIEZE 
Take a look at my life by Fat Joe: CARTAGENA 
Anything Goes by CNN: MILITAIN 
Walk with Me by Joe Budden: PUMP 
Poppa Large by Ultramagnetic MCs: ULTRAMAG 

Def Jam: Fight for NY Cheat List
Go to the cheat menu in "extras" and enter the following codes: 
100 reward points: GETSTUFF 
100 reward points: DUCKETS 
100 reward points: CROOKLYN 
100 reward points: THESOURCE 
100 reward points: NEWJACK 

Def Jam: Fight for NY Unlockable: Characters
Complete these tasks in story mode: 
Beat Magic: Demolition Match 
Beat Crack: Cage Match 
Beat Sticky Fingaz: Inferno Match 
Beat Chiang, Masa and Santos in Dragon House: Ring Out Match 
Beat Trejo: Subway Match 
Beat Crow: Window Match 

Def Jam: Fight for NY Hint: Fighting Styles
Kick boxing is probably a good pick for beginners, followed by Streetfighting 
then either Wrestling or Submission as a third choice. Martial Arts sounds neat, 
but is fairly hard to KO people without a blazing grapple or an environmental-based 
throw (like head into a TV set).


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