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 DiRT 2 - Platform: Playstation 3

DiRT 2 - Platform: Playstation 3
Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

All-Star (Silver): Win an All-Star division event. 
Aren't You Popular! (Bronze): Become true friends with 4 superstars. 
As Good As It Gets (Silver): Reach Level 30 in the DiRT Tour. 
Best Friends Forever! (Silver): Become true friends with every superstar. 
Big Bucks! (Silver): Earn those big bucks. 
Block Party (Bronze): Beat Ken Block in a Throwdown. 
Dedication (Gold): Win every event in the DiRT Tour. 
Dialled In (Bronze): Win a race using a custom vehicle setup. 
Dominated! (Bronze): Win a domination event, getting the maximum available 
Famous (Bronze): Reach Online Fame Level 15. 
Five Of Your Best (Bronze): Win 5 Pro Tour races online. 
Friends For Life (Bronze): Become true friends with a superstar. 
Gate Crashed! (Bronze): Hit every gate in a Gatecrasher event. 
Getting A Reputation (Bronze): Reach Level 15 in the DiRT Tour. 
Gnarly! (Bronze): Finish with Flair! Cross the finish line with no more than 
two wheels touching the ground. 
Gut It Out! (Bronze): Win a DiRT Tour event without winning a race. 
Head Over Wheels (Bronze): Roll your vehicle and still win the race. 
I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost! (Bronze): Choose a ghost, download and beat it! 
I like a Challenge (Bronze): Win 12 Throwdowns. 
In His Footsteps (Bronze): Win 25 Rally races in the DiRT Tour. 
Jet Setter (Bronze): Compete in a race in every location. 
Keep It Clean! (Bronze): Win a DiRT Tour race without crashing. 
Mirra Image (Bronze): Beat Dave Mirra in a Throwdown. 
Mix It Up! (Bronze): Play in every discipline online (Pro Tour or Jam 
Nailed an Event (Bronze): Win an event. 
Notorious (Silver): Reach Online Fame Level 30. 
On The Bubble (Bronze): Be second to last at each elimination point but go on 
to win a Last Man Standing race. 
Perfect finish! (Platinum): You've unlocked every other trophy - 
Piece Of Cake (Bronze): Win a Throwdown. 
Pro (Bronze): Win a Pro division event. 
Rookie Coming Through! (Bronze): Race in your first DiRT Tour race. 
Rush Hour (Bronze): Win a Pro Tour race online against 7 competitors. 
Showboating (Bronze): Bask in your success at X Games America. 
Terminated! (Bronze): Take terminal damage while travelling at over 140mph 
That All You Got? (Bronze): Win a Timed Throwdown. 
The Full Set (Silver): Drive every vehicle in the game. 
Tourney (Bronze): Take part in four tournaments. 
Two Cups One Girl (Bronze): Win two team events with the same female 
Whose Backyard? (Bronze): Beat Travis Pastrana in a Throwdown. 
With Great Honor (Bronze): Achieve a 'Cautious' impact rating in Multiplayer 
races (Pro Tour or Jam Session). 
World Tour Winner (Silver): Win all the World Tour events. 
X Games America Champ (Bronze): Win X Games America. 
X Games Asia Champ (Bronze): Win X Games Asia. 
X Games Champ! (Gold): Win all the X Games events. 
X Games Europe Champ (Bronze): Win X Games Europe. 
You're The Best, Around! (Silver): Win a race at every track in the game (in 
any game mode). 


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