Donkey Kong 3 Dixies Double Trouble - Platform: Super Nintendo - Console Games.

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 Donkey Kong 3 Dixies Double Trouble - Platform: Super Nintendo

Donkey Kong 3 Dixies Double Trouble - Platform: Super Nintendo

Submitted by: Gulshan
The game has a code entering system that allows you to 
enter several codes before you start the game. The "Hardr" 
code won't work for an already saved game, but the others will. 

On the Game Selection screen, press L, R, R, L, R, R, L, R, L, R 
and you will be prompted to enter a code. Enter any of the 
following codes as if you were entering your name. 

After you enter the "name" correctly, you'll hear Dixie cry. 

You can enter in as many of these codes as you want before 
you start the game. After entering a code, 
press the L, R, R, L, R, R, L, R, L, R sequence again to 
return to the "Enter Code" promt. You'll also have to enter 
the codes again if you turn the power off, reset, or lose 
all your lives. 
(Scroll Down) 

Takes away all of the Continue Barrels, most of the DK Barrels, 
starts each stage with Dixie and Kiddie Kong, and makes the 
game more difficult. You can get 105% if you play and finish 
the entire game after entering this code. This is also how you 
get the best ending of the game. 

Allows you to access the music test mode. 

Start the game with 50 lives. 

This code activates "Christmas" Mode, which changes the graphics 
in some of the modes slightly. For example, the stars you collect 
in the Bonus Levels will look like Christmas ornaments. 

Changes the color of Kiddy and Dixie Kong's clothes. 

This will allow you to enter the waterfall that is located 
Northwest of the starting point. You must swim into it with 
Kiddie or Dixie Kong (you don't use one of the vehicles), 
since the rocks that are normally there are gone. Inside the 
waterfall you'll find a crystal game where you can win 85 
Bonus Coins. Before this code will work, you must have access 
to the Lost World. Possible 2 Player problem. 

Makes the game more difficult in subtle ways. 

Game will automatically save your progress after each level 
completed. You don't need to visit Wrinkly's Save Cave any 

Erases the best time records.

Submitted by: poncho

En el menu principal presiona LRRLRRLRLR y entra uno de los siguientes codigos:
Codigo Resultado
Lives 50 vidas
Merry Bonus Navideños
Water 80 monedas de bonus
luego comienza un juego normal y dirigete nadando a una cascada que esta a la 
izquierda de donde esta funky kong, te aparecera una
pantalla como la de lo pajaros banana y te daran un codigo, si lo marca 
correctamente te daran las 80 monedas bonus

Tufst Mayor porcentaje de juego completo, y ademas, desaparece el star barrel

Hardr Mayor Dificultad


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