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 Donkey Kong 64 - Platform: Nintendo64

Donkey Kong 64 - Platform: Nintendo64

Banana Fairy Bonuses
When you catch a certian number of banana fairies, you 
will get bonuses in the mystery mode option on the main 

2 fairys= DK theater; watch the cinematic sequences all 
          over again.
6 fairys= Bonus levels
10 fairies= Battle the Bosses
15 fairys= Activate a bonus character in kong battle
20 fairys= Cheat menu, unlimited crystal coconuts, homing 
           ammo, and banana coins.

Remember to go see the fairy queen when you rescue them all 
for another surprise. 

Refill health
To refill your health jump in a Tag Barrel to change your 
character when you come out your health will be full. 

Get Camera
use Tiny and shrink to go into the stone building shaped 
like a fairy to get the camera to be able to photograph the 

Get unlimited life
Die with your first life, while the game is loading, probably 
like 5 sec, press A, keep pressing it until the game starts 
and then you will see that you have unlimited life. 

Extra Levels
Get 40 blueprints and take them to Snide to get 8 new bonus 
levels - Batty Barrel Bash, Beaver Bother, Big Bug Bash, Krazy 
Kong Klamor, Kremling Kosh, Peril Path Panic, Searchlight Seek, 
and Teetering Turtle Trouble 

Free Watermelons!
If you're running low on watermelons, and there are no enemies 
around you, all you need to do is: 1. Go into a barrel where you 
choose your character. 2. Choose the same character, and when you 
come out, your life will be refilled! 

Play Original Donkey Kong
In the Frantic Factory area use the Gorilla grab to operate the 
lever and play the original Donkey Kong. Finish 4 stages then 1 
more to get the Nintendo coin. Now photograph 6 fairies to get 
the Donkey Kong option on the Mystery Menu 

Get Jetpack
Get 15 banana medals and visit Cranky and play the jetpack game.
Obtain a scoreof at least 5,000 to get the coin. Now photograph 
at least 6 fairies to get the jetpack in the Mystery Menu 

DK Theater
Find and photograph two fairies to unlock the DK Theater option at 
the "Mystery Menu". This option allows all the animation sequences 
to be viewed. 

DK Bonus stages
Find and photograph six fairies, then locate Rambi the rhino, and 
Enguarde the swordfish to unlock their bonus stages. 

Boss battle
Find and photograph ten fairies to unlock the Boss Battle option at 
the "Mystery Menu". This allows any Boss that already has been 
defeated to be fought again. 

Krusha In multi-player
Find and photograph fifteen fairies to unlock the Krusha In Multi-Player 
option at the "Mystery Menu". 

Cheat Mode
Find and photograph all twenty fairies to unlock the Cheat Mode option 
at the "Mystery Menu". This allows unlimited items during game play. 

Bonus levels
Find and collect forty Blueprints and bring them to Snide to unlock 
eight bonus levels (Batty Barrel Bash, Beaver Bother, Big Bug Bash, 
Krazy Kong Klamor, Kremling Kosh, Peril Path Panic, Searchlight Seek, 
and Teetering Turtle Trouble). 

Multi-player mode
Go to the first level in adventure mode, where you find Diddy. Locate 
the big pad with King K. Rool's face in front of Funky's Place. Stand 
on the pad and press Z. You will be transported to a "battle arena", 
where you must defeat a group of small enemies. Once the timer runs out, 
you will receive a crown and have ability to play two multi-player games 
-- a third-person death match-like game, and a multi-player version of 
the Battle Arena. 

K. Rool doors
There are some doors that have pictures of items in the last level to 
get to K. Rool. To past them, you need those items. The first door has 
a picture of four Battle Crowns and the next door has a picture of the 
Rareware and Nintendo coins. You cannot ignore the Donkey Kong and 
Jetpac games. They must be completed to get the coins to open that door. 

Kasplut colors
Look at the hair color of a Kasplut when one is encountered. The color 
will reveal what color Blueprint he is holding. Green hair indicates a 
green Blueprint). If the Kasplut has white hair, then he does not have 

Hidden bonus barrel locations
DK Island
Select Diddy and go to the entrance of Fungi Forest. Go in Diddy's Barrel 
and get his jetpack. Fly to Donkey Kong's head and go to the end of his 
hair curl. You have to get very close to see the barrel. The bonus level 
is where you help the fairies get past the crooks. 

Fungi Forest
Select Lankey and climb to the top of the huge 1000 feet tall mushroom. 
Use Lankey's Hand Stand (hold Z and press Attack). Walk to the top of 
the head and stomp on the button. You now only have ten seconds to find 
one of the two doors that opened. A hidden bonus barrel is inside one of 
the doors. 

201st Banana
Collect all 200 known Bananas so that Donkey Kong gets his hoard back. 
After collecting all 20 Banana Fairies, a message requesting you to visit 
the Head Fairy will appear. You must have Tiny to visit her. She will 
show you the way to the 201st Banana. 

Alternate costumes in multi-player mode
Press Analog-stick Up or Down after selecting a character. This is in 
the instruction manual, but may be useful to gamers that have rented the 

Swim faster
When swimming above water, hold B to swim faster 

Front flip as Diddy Kong
Press A, then quickly press A again to make Diddy Kong do a Front Flip. 

Long jump as Donkey Kong
Press B to do the jump-kick move, then press A while still in the air. 
When he is high as possible press B again for the air attack 

Rainbow Coins
Locate the dirt mounds marked with "DK" scattered throughout the game. 
Stand on top of a mound, then hold B to attack and send a shockwave to 
destroy the mound. A large Rainbow Coin will appear that results in five 
Banana Bunch Coins for each Kong. 

Reload ammunition without crates
Go to Funky to fill your fruit guns without using the ammunition crates. 

Restore musical instrument energy
Another way to restore your musical instrument's energy is to go to Candy 
instead of going through her headphones. 

Quicker movement
Some ways of moving are faster than others. You can roll around by running 
while holding Z and pressing B. You can also long jump, by running while 
holding Z and pressing A. 

Shockwave attack
After the camera is collected, hold B for a few seconds as any character. 
Release the button for the shockwave. 

Diddy's double somersault
While using Diddy you can stand in one spot and do a double somersault. 
Just stop and stand where you are and then rapidly tap the A button until 
he executes this move. It can surely come in handy at times helping you 
reach seemingly unreachable areas.. 

Donkey Kong's Special Moves
Receive the following numbers of coins to receive these moves: 

3 coins - Simian Slam
3 coins - Baboon Blast (Press Z to use the Donkey Kong Launch Pad)
7 coins - Gorilla Grab (press B to activate levers)
5 coins - Strong Kong (press Z+left C to deactivate)
7 coins - Super Duper Simian Slam (Super strong version of the Simian Slam. 
Allows greater shockwave distance and power) 

Coin Door Fairies
Go to the Rare/Nintendo Coin Door near the end of the game. Look through 
the window to find two Fairies. They do not move as much if you keep the 
door shut. 

Aerial Cartwheel attack
Press B quickly followed by A when playing as Diddy Kong 

Stage exit glitch
Go near Funky's Hut in Jungle Japes as Diddy. Walk to your right. Stand 
on the flower. Face the side of the cliff. Press Z + B to do the Chimpy 
Charge. You should wind up in a green area. If you have not fallen off 
screen yet, walk around. You should fall into the tag barrel in the stage 

Get inside of a platform glitch
Play as Chunky Kong in the Frantic Factory level. Go into the testing level 
of the place. Find where there are three yellow Banana Coins (Donkey Kong's) 
on a stairway. Face the stairway, then go to the left and you should see a 
block that has a rising part out of it. Jump onto the rising part then jump 
into the little crevice in the wall. Jump out of the crevice towards the edge 
of the barred platform (the upper level of where the yellow Banana Coins were). 
When you are right at the edge, do Chunky's aerial somersault towards the edge. 
If done correctly, you should be inside of the platform and still able to 
move around. To get out, simply jump or move over to the top of the stairway. 

Discolored banana glitch
When you are in a Troff n' Scoff room with Diddy, go to the bottom of the 
screen where it shows how many bananas each Kong has given. Stand on one 
of the pads and wait until the number appears. Then, before the number 
disappears, run as fast as you can to another pad. Everything should appear 
as usual except the color of the banana, which will turn to the color of 
the Kong's pad that you were just on. 

Listen to music
Listen to Diddy's Tiny's, and Lankey's Music whenever you want to and in 
a different tune too: Just jump into a tag barrel and look at Tiny, Diddy, 
or Lankey. But don't choose the kong. Listen to the music and you will hear 
their instrument in a different tune. 

Floor Glitch
Go to Crystal Caves with Donkey Kong, go to the #2 warp (if you haven't 
gone through the waterfall, go through it and climb up the rock "steps" 
to get to where I mean) and look around. You should see a lone, elevated 
cabin that has a musical pad in front of it. Play on it, go inside, and 
you will see two switches on the ground in front of you. Pound the one on 
the left, and you will see the cabin tilt. Next, pound the yellow pads. 
This will start a timer. Then, pound either the blue or red pad. Finally, 
pound the switch, and while the cabin's tilting, push the Controller Stick 
over to the right as far as possible. If you do it right, you will see the 
cabin continue turning as Donkey runs onto the cabin floor and fall through 
to a lit up space below! 

Not enough bananas
If you don't have enough bananas to show to that woodchunk guy (the chunk 
of wood in front of lvl. doors). Select Lanky as your character and use 
his stretch punch attack in front of the door (may take a few tries) and 
you'll get in the level with not enough bananas!


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