Donkey Kong Country 3 - Platform: Gameboy Advance - Console Games.

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 Donkey Kong Country 3 - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Donkey Kong Country 3 - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: andresb-24 (

Reach Pacifica:
To reach the new exclusive to this game Oceanic based world, 
when you get the jetski use your turbo up the waterfall right 
where you started the game. Go up the waterfall after that and
 swim to the very hidden world marked by a K Rool Flag. 

Reach Krematoa:
To reach Krematoa (the Lost World), go to the four rocks east 
(left) of Mekanos. Stay on the rocks as you circle around it 
clockwise about four times and the volcano will replace the 

View Credits:
Enter the Cheat kredits. 

Music Player:
Enter the Cheat music. 

No Midpoint Barrels:
Enter the Cheat harder. 

Get all 98 Bonus Coins:
Enter the Cheat aqua. 

Removes DK and Star-Barrels:
Enter the Cheat Tuffer. 

Play Mini-games:
Enter the Cheat Extras. 

Start game with 50 more lives:
Enter the Cheat Monkey. 

50 more lives:
Enter Monkey as a password.

All bonus coins:
Enter aqua as a password.

Funky's, Cranky's and Swanky's mini-games:
Enter Extras as a password.

Music Player option:
Enter music as a password.

Disable midpoint barrels:
Enter harder as a password.

No DK and Star-Barrels in new game:
Enter Tuffer as a password.

View credits:
Enter kredits as a password.

Alternate ending sequence:
Defeat the last Boss in Krematoa and complete the game with all Bonus 
Coins, DK Coins, and Banana Birds.

-= CodeBreaker =-
Max Sliver Coins   
330004E4 0063

Infinite Lives   
33000458 0063

Max Bananas   
830004AE 03E7

Enable Code   
000004F6 000A
1000201A 0007


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