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 Dragon Age - Origins - Platform: Playstation 3

Dragon Age - Origins - Platform: Playstation 3

Legendary weapons:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding legendary 

  Ageless: In Orzammar before you pick a new king, click the king's throne, set 
  three of your party members on pressure plates around the area, and use the 
  fourth to click the throne again. Kill the dragon to get the Ageless legendary 
  Keening Blade: Successfully complete the "Unbound" quest. To start it, collect 
  the journals from the following locations:
    1. Adventurer's corpse in Ruined Temple on the "Urn Of Sacred Ashes" quest 
    in the southwest corridor. 
    2. Brecilian Ruins' Lower Ruins in the south fire trap room. 
    3. Talk to an adventurer in Orzammar's Tapster's tavern. 
    4. Go to Denerim, then go to the dirty back alley, and fight the demon. 
  Marjorlaneses Recurve: Successfully complete Leliana's character quest.
  Staff Of The Magister Lords: Purchased it in the Wonders Of Thedas in Denerim.
  Starfang Longsword: Get the random encounter with the crater, then take the 
  Starmetal to Wardens Keep to have a one or two handed sword made.
  Summersword: Defeat Loghain's general when trying to save the queen.
  The Rose's Thorn: Purchased it in a shop in Orzammar.
  Topsiders Honor: In Deep Roads, find the three pieces, then reassemble them in 
  Ortan Thaig.
  Yusaris Greatsword: Successfully complete the "Statue" quest on the third 
  floor of the Magi Tower by selecting the statues in the following order: Left, 
  Right, Middle, then the statue near the fourth floor stairs.
  Wintersbreath: It can be obtained through the Warden's Keep DLC or by 
  purchasing it at the Wonders Of Thedas.

Legendary armor:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding legendary 

  Blood Dragon: Use the DLC to get the first piece, and the rest will be in 
  Bodhan's shop in your camp.
  Juggernaut: Examine the three tombstones in the Brecilian Forrest to get the 
  first three pieces. Successfully complete the "Jug" quest in the Ruins to get 
  the final piece.
  Legion Set: Pieces are spread throughout the Deeproads.
  Reapers Vestment (best robe): Purchased it at the Wonders Of Thedas.
  Robes Of Possession: Successfully complete Morrigan's character quest by 
  killing Flemmeth. They can then be found in the chest in Flemeth's hut.
  Wade's: Wade of Wade's Emporium in Denerim will make you three sets of armor, 
  two of which will use 3x Drake Scales, and the other will need the Dragon 
  Scale. The first two sets are leather armor, and the third is your choice of 
  medium, heavy, or massive. You can get lots of Drake Scales and the Dragon 
  Scale during the "Urn Of Sacred Ashes" quest. Note: Make sure you always pay 
  the extra gold when asked to get the best results.

Specialization classes:
Note: Specialization points are obtained at levels 7 and 14.

  Arcane Warrior: Learned from The Presence in Brecilian Ruins ("Nature of the 
  Beast" quest line). 
  Blood Mage: Learned from Desire Demon in Fade ("Arl of Redcliffe" quest line). 

  Shapeshifter: Learned from Morrigan (companion) or Varathorn (Dalish Camp). 
  Spirit Healer: Learned from Wynne (companion) or Wonders of Thedas (Denerim, 
  after Landsmeet starts). 

  Assassin: Learned from Zevran (companion) or Alarith's Store (Denerim, after 
  Landsmeet starts). 
  Bard: Learned from Leliana (companion) or Alimar (Orzammar). 
  Duelist: Learned from Isabela (The Pearl in Denerim). 
  Ranger: Learned from Bodann's Wares (Party Camp). 

  Berserker: Learned from Oghren (companion) or Gorim (Denerim Market). 
  Champion: Learned from Arl Eamon (at the end of the "Urn of Sacred Ashes" 
  quest line). 
  Reaver: Learned from Kolgrim (Wyrmling Lair). 
  Templar: Learned from Alistair (companion) or Bodahn's Wares (Party Camp). 

Item set bonuses:
Equip the indicated item set to get the corresponding bonus:

  Item Set 1 - Griffon: Immunity to Flanking 
  Item Set 2 - Effort: -10% Fatigue 
  Item Set 3 - Juggernaut Plate: +3 Strength +3 Constitution 
  Item Set 4 - Imperium Rings: +2 Armor 
  Item Set 5 - Legion Of The Dead: +3 Damage +3 Constitution 
  Item Set 6 - Dalish Leather: +5 Defense 
  Item Set 7 - Duster Leather: +2 Armor 
  Item Set 8 - Wade's Drakeskin: -10% Fatigue 
  Item Set 9 - Wade's Dragonskin: -25% Fatigue 
  Item Set 10 - Wade's Dragonscale: -20% Fatigue 
  Item Set 11 - Wade's Dragonbone Plate: -10% Fatigue 
  Item Set 12 - Leather Armor: -5% Fatigue 
  Item Set 13 - Studded Leather Armor: +1 Defense 
  Item Set 14 - Chainmail: -2.5% Fatigue 
  Item Set 15 - Scale Armor: +4.5 Defense vs. Missiles 
  Item Set 16 - Splint Mail: +1 Armor 
  Item Set 17 - Dwarven Medium Armor: +1 Armor 
  Item Set 18 - Ancient Elven Armor: +5 Defense 
  Item Set 19 - Ceremonial Armor: +6 Defense vs. Missiles 
  Item Set 20 - Diligence: +5 Willpower 
  Item Set 21 - Dwarven Heavy Armor: +1 Armor 
  Item Set 22 - Heavy Chainmail: -3% Fatigue 
  Item Set 23 - Chevalier Armor: +3 Willpower +3 Constitution 
  Item Set 24 - Commander's Plate: +5 Willpower 
  Item Set 25 - Dwarven Massive Armor: +2 Armor 
  Item Set 26 - Heavy Plate: +7.5 Defense vs. Missiles 
  Item Set 27 - Wade's Superior Drakeskin: -10% Fatigue +5 Defense 
  Item Set 28 - Wade's Superior Dragonskin: -25% Fatigue +5 Defense 
  Item Set 29 - Wade's Superior Dragonscale: -20% Fatigue +5 Defense 
  Item Set 30 - Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate: -10% Fatigue +5 Defense 

Easy gold:
Put your most expensive item in the junk section in your inventory. Find a 
merchant, enter the "Junk" section in your inventory, highlight the expensive 
item, then press Triangle followed by X very quickly. If done correctly, your 
item will be sold at twice its value. It may require a few attempts. Buy it 
back, and repeat the process as many times as desired. It is best if you use two 
fingers, with one on Triangle and another on X so you can press them almost 
simultaneously. It is recommended you either do this with a merchant that you 
have not sold any junk to before, or buy back all the junk you previously sold. 
This speeds up the process enough so that you can double the gold as fast as 
possible. Additionally, if the merchant has an item more expensive than the one 
you are selling, buy it, and use that instead to increase the amount of gold you 
get. If you have the Blood Dragon Plate, this can be easily done with the first 

Easy experience:
You can use the "Easy gold" glitch to basically get unlimited experience. Once 
you save the life of the Arl of Redcliffe, a soldier of his will appear in your 
party's camp. There will be a box for donating to the army. Enter the screen, 
and select the first option to donate 30 gold. You can do this as many times as 
desired to get a good amount of experience from each donation. If you just keep 
pressing X then Square repeatedly, you will keep quickly donating large sums of 
gold, skipping through the dialog screens, and getting a lot of experience 
quickly. If you start getting low on gold, perform the "Easy gold" glitch again 
with the merchant in your camp. Note: Be careful, as enemies will also level as 
you do. If you get too high of a level and do not have the correct equipment, 
you can be quickly defeated.

In Ostargar, do the "Tainted Blood" mission that is unlocked immediately before 
you become a Grey Warden. Collect the three Vials of Darkspawn Blood, but not 
the Grey Warden Treaties. Return to camp, talk to Duncan, and report "We have 
the blood, but not the scrolls." You will exit out of the conversation, but 
still get the experience for the mission. You can repeat this as many times as 
desired. It does not take long to reach the level 25 cap if you skip the 
conversations to speed up the process.

Note: This trick requires you have the Trap Making ability. In Lothering, go to 
the right after exiting Dane's Refuge (near the center of Lothering). There will 
be a quest giver by the name of Allison. She will ask you to make traps, and 
requires three traps to complete the quest. Once you complete the quest, you 
will get a moderate amount of experience and 50 silver. You can repeat this 
quest as many times as desired; however, the quest will become unavailable as 
you progress through the game. To keep repeating the quest, go back to Dane's 
Refuge, and buy Trap Triggers. He has an unlimited supply of them. As long as 
you have Trap Making, create Spring Traps. Spring Traps only cost approximately 
3 silver to create, and she requires three traps each time. Thus, it only costs 
you roughly 9 silver for the quest.

To get extra experience points early in the game, go to the city of Denerim as 
soon as you leave Lothering. Then, enter the "Wonders of Thedas" building, and 
purchase the Archivist's Belt. While it is equipped, you will get an experience 
point boost for everything in your Codex. Books will increase from 50 to 75 
experience points.

Duplicate items:
This glitch allows you to duplicate gear, ingredients, potions, and other stuff. 
First, you need at least two of the item you want to duplicate. The glitch is 
basically the same as the "Easy gold" glitch. Thus, it is best to only have the 
items you want to duplicate in both your and the merchant's "Junk" inventory. 
This help speeds up and organize things. Put at least two of the item you want 
to copy in the "Junk" section of your bag. Go to any merchant, and press Y to 
sell all the junk in your bag. Then, select the item from the merchant's side, 
and buy back all but one of the item. Next, select it when it is in your 
inventory again. Press Triangle followed by X very quickly. This requires 
precise timing like the "Easy gold" glitch and may require a few attempts, but 
it becomes easy to do after a few tries. You can keep repeating the process 
until you have 99 of the item. Some items will show in the merchant's inventory 
as being one row of 99, and another row of a different number (for example, 33). 
Sometimes the extra items can be taken and kept; however, other times they will 
vanish from your inventory. Be careful about taking the correct row. If you have 
the "Warden's Keep" downloadable content, you can store unlimited items in the 
bottomless chest so you will always have more if you ever run out and do not 
want to keep using this glitch. This glitch should also work with books that add 
Skill or Talent points. When you get any of those books, wait until you have two 
of them so you can make unlimited copies and max out your characters.

Free Specialization books:
Save the game, then buy a Specialization book from a vendor. The message 
"Specialization Unlocked" will appear. Then, load your saved game, and you will 
have the gold back that you spent for the book, but the specialization will 
still be unlocked.

When you first arrive at your party camp, you will see Bodahn Fennick, the Dwarf 
trader. Speak to him, and view his wares. You will find two Specialization 
books, Ranger and Templar. Save the game, then buy one to unlock that 
Specialization. Reload your game, and buy the other one. You will now have both 
specialties unlocked and still retain your gold after reloading your game again. 
This works with all Specialization books.

Extra storage:
In Lothering, go towards a bridge on the edge of town. There will be a bridge 
where a Dwarven father and son are getting attacked. If you save and are nice to 
them, they will be in your party's camp when you arrive shortly afterwards. They 
are merchants, and the son is an enchanting savant. The father has good items to 
start. Buy the items, using the "Easy gold" glitch if needed. He never seems to 
lose what you sell him. You can basically use him as free storage. This works 
well for players without the "Warden's Keep" downloadable content's bottomless 
chest, or if you do not want to keep traveling to Soldier's Peak to retrieve 
your excess inventory.

Extra backpack in Ostagar:
When you arrive in Ostagar, buy the Backpack from the Quartermaster. Note: You 
should have enough money all long as you collected sell-able items and gear 
during the beginning storyline. Successfully complete the quest where you and 
the other recruits enter the Wilds; make sure you explore the entire map. 
Successfully complete the "Joining" ritual, and become a Grey Warden. Before 
attending the meeting with Duncan and the King, go back to the Quartermaster, 
and there should be another Backpack available to purchase at the same price as 


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