Dragon Ball Z - Buu's Fury - Platform: Gameboy Advance - Console Games.

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 Dragon Ball Z - Buu's Fury - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Dragon Ball Z - Buu's Fury - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: andresb-24 (

Get Gogeta:
Collect all Z Exhibits and all Hercule Exhibits. 

Baba's ball:
Finish the game and then talk to Baba, on Yenma's office. 

Gohan's training sword:
On Goku's house, go to the toybox and search it for this item. 

Ox King's hat:
Talk to King Ox in Goku's house. 

Ginyu's Capsule:
Talk to a scientist in the left side of the main building of Capsule Corp. 

Android #20's Hat:
After killing Kid Buu, return to the train. On the place where people usually 
were, you will find 2 enemies. Defeat them for this box. 

Broly's Crown:
Defeat Broly at the volcano. 

Yajirobe's Sword:
Walk around Yajirobe counter-clockwise three times and he will drop an item near 
Babidi's Spaceship. It is the artifact Yajirobe's Sword. 

Yamcha's Bat:
Get to East District 439 and smash Gohan's level 140 door, then recieve it in a 

King Kai's Hammer:
Go to the Cave of the Ancients on Grand Kai's Planet after completing the Other 
World Tournament and talk to Bubbles. 

Duplicate Equipment:
First, Equip Goku/Goten or Vegeta/Trunks (remove all unneeded equips before) and 
do the Fusion Dance. As Gogeta/Gotenks, remove the equipment from the equipped 
character. The Fusion will keep the equips but you'll be able to re-use the 
equips on another character. This will keep working untill you run out of Fusion 

255 Senzu Beans:
During the World Tournament Saga, when Gohan asks Goku to get a Senzu Bean, fly 
to Korin's Tower and get a bean from Yajirobe. Instead of giving it to Gohan, 
eat it. When you return, Goku will still give a Senzu bean to Gohan even though 
he does not have any. When you look in your invintory, you will see that you 
have 255 senzu beans.

-= CodeBreaker =-
All Exhibits   
4300108C 0101
00000019 0002

All Characters   
43001560 0003
00000008 0068

Have All Dragon Balls Found   
830010CA FFFF

* Note: Only use when you are doing the dragon balls quests, then shut off 
and save. Pick Goku, so you can fight Buu, and allow the story to progress

Infinite Super Saiyan 3 Bar   
83001580 2700

Infinite Time In Multiplayer   
33002C00 00FF

Infinite Fusion Time   
83001840 466D

Infinite EP All   
4300157A 270F
00000008 0068
4300157C 270F
00000008 0068

Note: Codes have been fixed by cracker.

Infinite HP All   
43001576 270F
00000008 0068
43001578 270F
00000008 0068

Note: Codes have been fixed by cracker.

Max EP All   
4300157C 270F
00000008 0068

Max HP All   
43001578 270F
00000008 0068

All Equipment   
3300114C 00A1
43001150 0001
000100A1 0004

All Inventory Items   
4300106A 0101
00000010 0002
8300108A 0201
4300108C 0101
00000018 0002

Max Zeni   
8300155C E0FF
8300155E 05F5


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