Dragon Ball Z - Collectible Card Game - Platform: Gameboy Advance - Console Games.

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 Dragon Ball Z - Collectible Card Game - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Dragon Ball Z - Collectible Card Game - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: andresb-24 (

Level 1:
To get past level 1, you must defeat Guldo, Krillin, and Nail.
To defeat Krillin, use as many Raise Your Anger cards as possible
(while using the Starter Deck). You have a very good chance of 
winning if you mix some strong Defense cards with the Raise Your
Anger cards. To defeat Nail, use a combination of strong Defense 
and get your MP to level 2; or if they have a Defense power on 
level 1, use it. To defeat him, stop as many attacks as possible
while pounding away. To defeat Guldo you must practice awhile 
before attempting to win. Your first attempt will probably be a
loss. To defeat him, use the strongest Defense cards you have, 
such as Frieza smiles, which will not allow your opponent to 
attack during the combat turn it is used. Wait until you have a
lot of a couple of life card losing combat cards and just hack 
away, repeating the process until he is defeated.

It is difficult to complete level 1 by "survival", however it is
much easier to win by "most powerful personality". To do so, build
a new deck with cards 
that raise your Anger . When it goes past 4, it jumps 
you a power level (not energy level). After this happens 
twice, you win. If done correctly you dont have to worry 
about damage. Note: This was done with Nail and Guldo.

Bonus characters:
Defeat Cell at level 5 with the indicated person as your Main 
Personality. You will unlock the corresponding bonus character's
Main Personality level 1 to 3 cards inside the booster pack after 
the battle.

Guldo       - Win with Nail as your Main Personality.
King Cold   - Win with Frieza as your Main Personality.
Krillin     - Win with Guldo as your Main Personality.
Nail        - Win with Goku as your Main Personality.
Piccolo (*) - Win with Garlic Jr. as your Main Personality.
Trunks      - Win with Gohan as your Main Personality.
Vegeta (*)  - Win with King Cold as your Main Personality.

* (both Heroes and Villain sides)

-= CodeBreaker =-
Have All Cards (1328)   
0801708F 6F48
44A03061 3D18

Have All Characters Unlocked   
77A97429 99D7
00807045 790A

Have All Characters Defeated   
74ADF471 B9D2
1884F09D 698A

No Anger Gain (Oppoent)   
E5E84209 B92F
A0C9702B 7B5A

Easy Anger Gain   
A2F86509 5902
BBD957AD 49F7


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