Dragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors - Platform: Gameboy Advance - Console Games.

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 Dragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Dragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Attack position:
When you use strong attacks, your position matters. For example, if 
Piccolo at any level is on the ground with a Spirit gauge at 100% and 
you use his special, he will fire a group of disks at your opponent, 
and it will follow your opponent. Note: You can avoid these disks.

Bonus Battle:
Successfully complete story mode without losing any matches. Depending 
on your character, you may fight a bonus battle after the credits end.

Easier win:
To get an easier victory over someone, first immediately when the match 
starts, do your super attack. Then, charge up to 100%. Let your opponent 
charge to 50% or 100%. Let your opponent do his super attack and 
immediately when the blast comes out, quick dodge it by pressing the 
D-pad twice. Immediately when you dodge it, do your super attack. 
Your opponent may still be blasting when you blast. Therefore he will 
not move. Note: You are better off doing this if your opponent is in a 

Submitted by: Stephanus Andi P

1 [M] Must Be On 9777216CCAED
2 Unlock Everything 2EB1D3AADD1B
3 Have $50,000 39527102A746 
4 Infinite Health 2B050DA95A5B 
5 Max Power Stored FCAADA56D7B7 
6 Rival Has No Power C6A629F2A334 
7 Rival Is Practice Dummy 7A0A36BCA784 
8 Defeat Rival [Press Select] AAC27DD8351D

-= CodeBreakers=
Submitted by: andresb-24 (

Ki at 100%
8300274A 6400

Press Select for Instant win:
74000130 03FB
33002826 0000

Everything unlocked!
43004D58 FFFF
00000004 0002

[M] Must Be On--------------

Unlock Everything

Have $50,000------------

Infinite Health----------------

Max Power Stored----------------

Rival Has No Power------------------

Rival Is Practice Dummy----------------------

Defeat Rival [Press Select]---------------------------


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