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 Dragon Ball Z - The Legend of the Super Sayjin [solve] - Platform: Super Nintendo

Dragon Ball Z - The Legend of the Super Sayjin [solve] - Platform: Super Nintendo

Submitted by jeansy (

Written by Jeansy Molanza
Version 2.0
Started on December 5th, 13:04
Finished on December 5th, 19:11 (yeah, I took breaks in between)
Yeah this is the latest stuff from me. I have 2 other major projects
down the pipeline like my upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament combo guide and a Final 
Fantasy 9 walkthrough. This is my 2nd faq so prepare yourself for the most straight 
forward walkthrough you have ever read. Please note that you have to build up your 
characters for major battles so train until you can train no more. Don't blame me, 
its not my fault that you were into this stuff this deeply. Heres my pros and cons of 
this SNES game :
~ Follows the TV show closely
~ Nice attack sequences
~ Battles are sometimes too hard
~ Sometimes annoying
1)At the beginning of the game, enter the kame house, talk to bulma to get the 
  dragon radar.
2)Go to Mr popo's house and fight the saibamen
3)Use the dragon radar to find the cave.
4)Go through the cave and fight the fake raditz.
5)Go outside and fight the real raditz.
6)Use the gohan card and have piccolo use mankaksopoppo.
7)Fight piccolo. If you die heal at the green pool at the bottom.
8)Help Goku complete 5 levels of King Kai's training. Then fight King
9)Pick up krillen to to the south.
10)Pick up yamcha to the east of krillen.
11)Pick up tien and chiatzu to the south.
12)Purchase a lunch card.
13)Talk to Yajirobee, talk to oolong twice (in the north building).
14)Fight Nappa's saibamen, fight nappa, fight vegeta.
15)When you have landed on Namek, head north to visit Freeza and avoid Dodoria in the 
   mini game.
16)Pick up dragon ball in the north east. 2 nameks will join you.
17)Pick up cargo in the building south of the spacepods. search to pots to find him. 
18)Enter the cave; find the dragonball; fight kewie.
19)Head back to your ship. Fight Dodoria.
20)Help Goku defeat 5 levels of gravity training.
21)Have Piccolo complete King Kai's training then beat Nappa and Raditz.
22)Fly to the center of the map and get the Dragon ball.
23)Fly to the cave in southwest. search all the holes to find the switches.
24)Fly to the cave in the north search the pool in the western part to find a fairy.
25)Travel to the new opened path in the north. Get Nail and fight the Nail clone.
26)Fight the Dodoria clone in the south.
27)Continue down the corridor and exit to the east.
28)Get powered by Guru. Get his dragon ball.
29)Go back into the cave and back to the entrance.Vegeta will join your party, now 
   fight Zarbon and his 2 forms.
30)Have Goku complete his training.
31)Fight Recoome and Guldo.
32)Fight Jeice and Burter.
33)Using the dragon rader, get to freeza's ship. Fight Ginyu and either Jeice or Burter 
   (whoever survived the last fight).
34)Head to the cave in the east. Find the dragon balls and fight the fake freeza and 
   black saibamen.  
35)Have Nail survive as long as he can against Freeza. Try to hit Freeza for a rare 
36)Wish back your friends and decide whether you want a Porunga or Moon/Tail card.
37)Go fight Freeza form 1 in front of Guru's building.
38)Once you are with Piccolo go to Guru's building and fly south of his house to 
   find Nail. Talk with him to fuse.
39)Fight Freeza until he is at half life.
40)Train to level 48 and fly to the 3 ginyus and freeza. Remember to buy many items 
   before that battle. Fight freeza form 3.
41)Fly around fighting freeza until you are taken to his island to finish the fight.
42)Fight until Goku joins the group.
43)Kill someone off from your group for Goku to go super sayjin.
44)Beat Freeza.
45)Wait for the credits to finish and then fight super sayjin vegeta.
There you have it. The 45 steps to finishing dragon ball z: The legend of 
the Super sayjin. Just remember to always train your characters until you 
can train them no more. After that, you will be happy to enter a boss fight. 
Read my boss guide for some in depth advice on beating these bosses. I recently 
submitted it to cheatbook and you will find it on most websites too. It's 
probably because they ripped it off from me. Well anyway, my work is being 
publicised and I might get a big fat generous THANK YOU from someone who 
cares and gives a damn about us faq writers out there. As for now, adios 
and I have to get started on my latest faq - FINAL FANTASY 9 is coming your 
way.. so prepare yourselves to be amazed..
Copyrighted to Jeansy molanza 2002 - Please if you wanna see more faq authors 
coming out of all over the place just don't copy my stuff. Send me an email 
notifying me of you putting it on your website.


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