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 Dragon's Lair 3D - Platform: Gamecube

Dragon's Lair 3D - Platform: Gamecube

Pinball level
On the Pinball level where you are avoiding the balls going 
back and forth, jump if the side-to-side pinball is approaching 
you. This way, Dirk will not slow down and you can avoid getting 
hit by the big black ball following you. 

The Dragon's Lair
When the dragon tries to light you on fire with his mouth, run 
close and opposite to where the it opens its mouth. Once the 
dragon has completed with its fiery salvo, run out of his claws 
reach and face him. The dragon will then directly shoot out the 
flame that you have to catch with your magical sword (press Guard). 
Press Attack to release the fire from the sword to cause the 
dragon pain. Once the dragon is vulnerable, slash it with your 
sword once or twice. Run out of its way when it recuperates. 
The process will start again about five times. During the second 
bout, he will fire two salvos. You can then catch the fire with 
your sword. During the third bout he will fire three salvos. 
You can then catch the fire with your sword and so on. 

The Impossible Room
This level is not really that difficult. Remember -- everything 
is a mirror reflection of the rooms that seem upside down while 
you are looking up. Get familiar with the behavior of the room 
and knock it out. However, the difficult part is figuring the 
locations of the other rooms to get out of this room. The first 
two are easy because you stumble across them. When you get the 
Dragon's Eye (so you can see hidden doors), look for an eyeball 
on the wall. When you see it, use your Dragon's Eye to find the 
opening. There are only two hidden rooms in the Impossible Room. 
Look carefully -- one room has bonus items you need. The second 
room takes you to the Lizard King. When you get the Dragon's Skin 
(armor against fire), fall down the hole that has fire billowing 
up on the bottom floor. This will end the Impossible Room and will 
take you deeper into the castle (Lava Level). 

Defeating Mordroc
In the first part, the key to defeating Mordroc is to use the 
"green arrow" that is located in your inventory (press Start). 
Select the green arrow and lock on to Mordroc. Fire the bow with 
the green arrow five more times. You have to replenish your green 
arrow one at a time by killing the mini-black dragons that Mordroc 
fires at you. Keep collecting the green arrows and make sure to 
lock on to Mordroc. 

In the second part, once Mordroc goes down upon his knees, 
he changes into a Black Singe. All of your elements are taken 
by Mordroc and you are going to have to fight the old-fashioned 
way. He flies around shooting lightning bolts from his mouth. 
Run away every time you see the electricity forming around his 
mouth. Get into your guard stance when you do not see the 
electric bolts forming around his mouth. In another words, 
Mordroc the Dragon shoots out a ball of electricity (instead of 
the stream of electricity), and you have to catch it by being in 
your guard stance. Once your sword catches the bolt, release the 
bolt and use it against Mordroc. Once Mordroc the Dragon falls 
to the ground, run up to him and strike his stomach with the sword. 
The process then repeats. Remember to keep a close eye on his 
mouth -- electricity forming around the mouth is bad and no 
electricity around the mouth is good. Do this five times and enjoy 
the ending sequence.


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