Drill Dozer - Platform: Gameboy Advance - Console Games.

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 Drill Dozer - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Drill Dozer - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Secret password unlock codes:
Once you have earned the Hard Drill by buying it from the shop after it becomes 
available, you will have access to a secret room in the tutorial world (MaiMai 
Room). This room contains a 4-digit combination lock.

Before you can properly use this room to enter in secret passwords, you must 
first enter an unlock code. There are 3 levels of Unlock Codes, each unlocking 
more passwords than the previous.

To enter an Unlock Code, you must first reset the combination lock by selecting 
one of the digits and hitting start while the drill is inserted - this will 
reset the code back to 0000. Once this is done, you must set each of the digits 
of the Unlock Code to their correct number in the correct order. If you change 
one of the numbers out of order, or if you connect to and alter the same number 
twice before completing the unlock code, then the code will not work and you 
will have to reset the combination again by pressing Start. 

Once the fourth number is correctly set, the combination lock will auto-reset to 
show that you have entered the code correctly. You may then either enter another 
Unlock Code, or enter an Effect Code of equal or lower level.

Unlock Codes stay in effect until you leave the room. If you re-enter the room 
at a later time, you must input the Unlock Code again to use more Effect Codes. 

Effect - Password
Activates Level 1, 2 and 3 Codes - Set 2nd number to 8, set 4th number to 2, set 
1st number to 3, set 3rd number to 5: final displayed number is 3852
Activates Level 1 Codes - Set 3rd number to 1, set 1st number to 2, set 4th 
number to 3, set 2nd number to 4: final displayed number is 2413
Activates Level 1 and 2 Codes - Set 3rd number to 8, set 1st number to 6, set 
4th number to 5, set 2nd number to 3: final displayed number is 6385 

Secret password effect codes:
Once an Unlock Code has been entered in the secret room in the tutorial level, 
you may enter one or more Effect Codes of equal or lower level. These codes may 
be entered freely and without any specific method - there is no need to reset 
the combination lock at any time unless you need to enter another Unlock Code.

Entering in a correct Effect Code will cause a chest to appear from the purple 
brick pipe in the room. Simply walk into the chest to claim the prize. Certain 
chests (the wallpapers, for example) may be collected multiple times to alter 
the current effect. In particular and as an example, the Default Wallpaper chest 
will not appear until you have changed the current message border to something 

Note that these codes will not work until the correct Unlock Code has been 
entered since entering the secret room. 

Password - Effect
Level 3 Code: 7073 - Proof of Mastery 
Level 2 Code: 7867 - Treasure of Destruction 
Level 1 Code: 2403 - Default Wallpaper 
Level 1 Code: 4089 - Japanese Wallpaper 
Level 1 Code: 1814 - Live Wallpaper 
Level 2 Code: 2059 - Captive Wallpaper 
Level 2 Code: 8785 - UFO Wallpaper 
Level 3 Code: 5074 - Fairy Tale Wallpaper 
Level 2 Code: 4181 - Evil Thief Clothes 
Level 3 Code: 5716 - Honor Student Look 
Level 1 Code: 5746 - Frog Pajamas 
Level 3 Code: 5854 - Blue Overalls 
Level 3 Code: 2828 - Fashionable Miniskirt 
Level 1 Code: 2094 - Pretty Casual Wear 
Level 3 Code: 1419 - Futuristic Style 
Level 3 Code: 2438 - Cute Nurse Clothes 
Level 2 Code: 2458 - Police Uniform 
Level 1 Code: 9025 - Rasender Patch 
Level 1 Code: 9434 - Sound Stick


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