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 Dynasty Warriors 5 - Empires - Platform: XBox 360

Dynasty Warriors 5 - Empires - Platform: XBox 360

Dong Zhou In Luo Yang scenario:
Successfully complete The Yellow Turban Rebellion scenario to unlock the Dong 
Zhou In Luo Yang scenario.

A Divided Land scenario:
Successfully complete the Dong Zhou in Luo Yang scenario to unlock the A Divided 
Land scenario.

Battle Of Guan Du scenario:
Successfully complete the A Divided Land scenario to unlock the Battle Of Guan 
Du scenario.

Flames Over Chi Bi scenario:
Successfully complete the Battle Of Guan Du scenario to unlock the Flames Over 
Chi Bi scenario.

Bonus options:
Successfully complete Empire mode to unlock the "Executions/Old Age Death", 
"Isolate", and "Unlimited Time" options.

All created officer attire:
Create a basic officer, then successfully complete the Yellow Turban campaign on 
any difficulty setting to unlock all created officer attire.

Level 4 weapons:
Raise a weapon type to the maximum levels, then defeat 500 enemies to unlock the 
level 4 weapon type for that character. Note: Each type of weapon is only 
unlocked based on your own weapon. Hence, a sword unlocks level 4 swords, etc. 
Alternately, play Empire mode on any difficulty setting. Defeat the main Boss of 
a stage in less than four minutes to get a level 4 weapon at the end of the 
Play the level where you rescue the Emperor from Li Jue, Lubu, etc. Go to where 
Li Jue is located and kill him. Near him should be a gate where men constantly 
pour out. Have your men fight the Gate Captain while you stand directly in front 
of the gate (where you cannot walk towards it any more). Do not kill the Gate 
Guard as this will stop the reinforcements. Just remain there and attack, 
killing all the men you come in intact with. Once you get 1,000 K.O.s, complete 
the level.

Use six items for officer:
Defeat 1,000 enemies in any stage on any difficulty setting to unlock the 
ability to use six items for that officer. For easier results, use two Extend 
Time strategy cards.

Red Hare Harness:
To get the Red Hare Harness, you need money and the Development and Production 
assignment cards. The cities that are able to develop the Red Hare Harness are 
Nanman (in the Gathering Of Heroes campaign) and Luo Yang (in all other 
campaigns). You must use the Development assignment card (under the "Equipment" 
category) on that city three times. After that, you must then use the Production 
assignment card on Luo Yang. This will produce one Red Hare Harness. If you want 
another one, just use the Production assignment card on it again.

Shadow Horse:
Get the northwest most land (should be owned by Ma Teng), then develop it until 
you cannot do so anymore. After you are done developing, go to "Assign" and do 
"Western Trade". Repeat this until you get the Shadow Horse.

Juggernaut and Wood Ox cards:
Put Zhuge Liang and Yue Ying together in the same province to unlock the 
Juggernaut and Wood Ox cards.

Getting better assignment cards:
To get better assignment cards, you must play Empire mode on the Hard or Chaos 
difficulty setting. Not a lot of good assignment cards will be unlocked on the 
Novice or Easy difficulty setting.

Getting desired results:
Always save your game before choosing policies or going into battle. If you do 
not get desired results, load your saved game and try again. By doing this, you 
can get better results with policies and never lose a battle.

1,000 KO Medal:
Defeat 1,000 enemies in any stage and difficult setting to unlock the 1,000 KO 


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