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 Dynasty Warriors - Strikeforce - Platform: Playstation 3

Dynasty Warriors - Strikeforce - Platform: Playstation 3

Bonus characters:
Successfully complete the indicated task in Story mode to unlock the
corresponding character:

Diao Chan: Successfully complete the "Battle Of Hu Lao Gate"
mission on the Five Star difficulty.
Dong Zhuo: Successfully complete the "Battle Of Luo Yang" and
"Battle of Mei Castle " missions on the Five Star difficulty.
Lu Bu: Successfully complete Chapter 6.
Meng Huo: Successfully complete the Nan Zhong requests in Chapter 3.
Yuan Shao: Successfully complete the "Zenith Tower" Request
mission in Chapter 6 on the Five Star difficulty.
Zhang Jiao: Successfully complete the "Yellow Turban Rebellion"
mission on the Five Star difficulty.

Officer relationship combinations:
Use the following card combinations:

1. Cao's Influence: Cao Cao + Cao Pi + Cao Ren
2. Sun's Bonds: Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan
3. Brother's Oath: Guan Yu + Liu Bei + Zhang Fei
4. Strategist's Reckoning: Sima Yi + Zhou Yu + Zhuge Liang
5. Turbans Sanctum: Zhang Jiao + Zhang Bao + Zhang Liang
6. Burning Love: Cao Pi, Zhen Ji
7. Young Love: Zhou You + Xiao Qiao
8. Virtuous Love: Yue Ying + Zhuge Liang
9. Devoted Love: Lu Bu, Diao Chan
10. Pure Love: Liu Bei + Sun Shang Xiang
11. Xiahou's Spirit: Xiahou Dun + Xiahou Yuan
12. Faithful Devotion: Sun Quan, Zhou Tai
13. Warrior's Generation: Guan Yu + Guan Ping
14. Princesses Dance: Dong Zhuo, Diao Chan
15. Nemesis Bond: Cao Cao + Yuan Shao
16. Iron Men: Dian Wei + Xu Zhu
17. Imperial Majesty: Four "Lord" cards
18. Poison Strategy+: Four "Wood" cards
19. Engulf Strategy+: Four "Fire" cards
20. Heavy Strategy+: Four "Earth" cards
21. Stun Strategy+: Four "Metal" cards
22. Freeze Strategy+: Four "Water" cards
23. Seal Strategy+: Four "Dark" cards
24. Disband Strategy+: Four "Light" cards
25. Ingenious Minds: Four "Strategists" cards
26. Legendary Courage: Four "Officer" cards
27. Wei Phoenix: Four "Wei" cards
28. Wu Tiger: Four "Wu" cards
29. Shu Dragon: Four "Shu" cards
30. Chief's Oath: Four "Other" cards
31. Imperial Presence: Two "Lord" cards
32. Poison Strategy: Two "Wood" cards
33. Engulf Strategy: Two "Fire" cards
34. Heavy Strategy: Two "Earth" cards
35. Stun Strategy: Two "Metal" cards
36. Freeze Strategy: Two "Water" cards
37. Seal Strategy: Two "Dark" cards
38. Disband Strategy: Two "Light" cards
39. Agile Minds: Two "Strategists" cards
40. Fearless Courage: Two "Officer" cards
41. Wei's Ambition: Two "Wei" cards
42. Sun's Solidarity: Two "Wu" cards
43. Shu's Aspiration: Two "Shu" cards
44. Chief's Union: Two "Other Forces" cards


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