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 Ecco - The Tides of Time - Platform: Sega

Ecco - The Tides of Time - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: kumayl hassan


1 ADLA-WAD4 Eating fish does not heal at all
2 BDLA-WAD4 Eating fish heals 1/2x as much as usual
3 EDLA-WAD4 Eating fish heals 2x as much as usual
4 HDLA-WAD4 Eating fish heals Ecco completely
5 AKZA-TA7A Infinite air
6 REAA-W6V0 Infinite health and air
7 A4KT-2A38 Always have 360-degree sonar blast
8 ALBA-4A8R No rings lost for missing gates in 3D
9 AKCT-4A7N No rings lost for shooting gates in 3D


10 AB0A-TAGY Start on Sea of Green
11 AF0A-TAGY Start on Deep Ridge
12 AK0A-TAGY Start on The Eye
13 AP0A-TAGY Start on Sea of Birds
14 AV0A-TAGY Start on Secret Cave
15 AZ0A-TAGY Start on The Hungry Ones
16 A30A-TAGY Start on Convergence
17 A70A-TAGY Start on Globe Holder
18 BF0A-TAGY Start on Two Tides
19 BK0A-TAGY Start on The Lost Orcas
20 BP0A-TAGY Start on Vents of Medusa
21 BV0A-TAGY Start on Four Islands
22 BZ0A-TAGY Start on Maze of Stone
23 B30A-TAGY Start on Home Bay
24 B70A-TAGY Start on Sea of Darkness
25 CB0A-TAGY Start on Crystal Springs
26 CF0A-TAGY Start on Fault Zone
27 CK0A-TAGY Start on Gateway
28 CP0A-TAGY Start on Trellia's Bay
29 CV0A-TAGY Start on Skyway
30 CZ0A-TAGY Start on Asterite's Cave
31 C30A-TAGY Start on Eagle's Bay
32 C70A-TAGY Start on Fin to Feather
33 DB0A-TAGY Start on Skylands
34 DF0A-TAGY Start on Tube of Medusa
35 DK0A-TAGY Start on Vortex Arrived
36 DP0A-TAGY Start on Aqua Tubeway
37 DV0A-TAGY Start on Sky Tides
38 DZ0A-TAGY Start on Moray Abyss
39 D30A-TAGY Start on Asterite's Home
40 D70A-TAGY Start on Epilogue
41 EB0A-TAGY Start on Atlantis
42 EF0A-TAGY Start on Fish City
43 EK0A-TAGY Start on City of Forever
44 EP0A-TAGY Start on Black Clouds
45 EV0A-TAGY Start on Vortex Future
46 EZ0A-TAGY Start on Gravitor Box
47 E30A-TAGY Start on Lunar Bay
48 E70A-TAGY Start on Dark Sea
49 FB0A-TAGY Start on New Machine
50 FF0A-TAGY Start on Inside
51 FK0A-TAGY Start on Inter
52 FP0A-TAGY Start on Innuendo
53 FV0A-TAGY Start on Trans
54 FZ0A-TAGY Start on Vortex Queen
55 F30A-TAGY Start on Big Water
56 F70A-TAGY Start on The Pod
57 GB0A-TAGY Start on TMachine


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