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 The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion - Platform: XBox 360

The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion - Platform: XBox 360

Unlimited Money Cheat:
Ok when you are in the Imperial City at any point in the game, go to the Talos 
District and find Dorians house. He is a Redguard. Sorry guys i dont know his 
last name. Anyway once there, perform a sneak attack on him and kill him. MAKE 
SURE HE DOES NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE or youll have to load. When he is dead take his 
key and start tapping "A" when the gold is highlighted in his inventory. Keep 
Hitting "A" until your greedy heart is content. Be warned DO NOT HIT TAKE ALL OR 

Vampire's gold:
When you finish the cure for vampirism (side quest)(in skingrad so you know )the 
count will give you the cure for vampirism and 2500 gold pieces (after you take 
the cure). If you talk to him and you go to the word reward it will continue to 
give you 2500 gold pieces. Every time you chose that reply P.S NEVER (after the 
qwest )try to read one of his book's or he will attack you and you won't be able 
to talk to him again. 

Infinite Gold:
This code has a time span on how long it will work because it involves looting a 
body that will eventually disappear. If you go to the Talos Plaza in the 
Imperial City, there is "Dorian's House." Sneak into the house sometime when he 
is home and kill him before he can leave the house. Now, loot his body--one item 
at a time. When you get to the gold, only part of the amount will disappear; the 
rest can be looted over and over again. Do this for however much gold you want, 
but be careful as this only works once per character. 

weak fist strong blade:
Don't use weapons on the weaker enemies. when your fists will be more than 
enough to take care of them. To go between fists and weapons fastly. Press the B 
button to go to the menu's and use Left and Right trigger buttons to go to 
depending on what your using. the icon will either be a fist, sword or a bow. 
Once in this screen use the d-pad to navagite it. And once your on a weapon 
press and hold the Y button and you'll notice a icon with eight differet slots 
will appear. Each slot represents one of the eight different directions the 
d-pad can be used in. While still holding the Y button down press a direction on 
the d-pad and the weapon will active to that Hotkey. and when playing the game 
press the same hotkey you put the weapon on and it will make it active. to 
unactive the weapon just press the same hotkey. Press the X button to sheath and 
wield your weapons and fists depending on what your using. 

member benfits:
If you become a member of one of three types of guilds. Mage's, fighter's and 
theives guides. There are guilds in every city except imperial city. Imperial 
city has the bloodworks. Which is where you go to become a fighter in the arena. 
The arena is in the east side of imperial city in the arena district. After 
joining any of these you can take anything laying around inside a guild or the 
bloodworks without being charged with a crime. Since you are a member of that 
place. DO NOT take anything before becoming a member if you try to you will be 
charged with a crime. 

Bruma Statue Variations:
Right after you complete the quest, The Battle of Bruma, you are to meet Martin 
at Sky Ruler Temple. As soon as you talk to Martin, a statue is erected in your 
honor in Bruma. You can change what the statue looks like, because as soon as 
you talk to Martin, the game takes a snapshot, and automatically chooses the 
best helmet, cuirass, greaves, gauntlets, and boots, and weapon from your 
inventory. If your best weapon is a bow, it will also choose your best arrows. 
Knowing this, you can vary what the statue looks like and choose the best 
looking one to you. To do this just empty your inventory of any clothing or 
weapon that you do not want to appear in the statue, and save before you talk to 
Martin. This save is important, so keep it until you find your perfect 
combonation for your statue. 

Hidden words on a rock:
Go to the rock just out side of the gates to skingrad. take out an ebony 
longsword and hit it fourteen times.(if you don't have one you can get one from 
the blacksmith). if done correctly you should see small words that seem to say i 
died with alot of gold in fat.(sorry i'm still trying to decipher the last 
words).anyway come back two the place after two days)no you can't wait or 
sleep)you should see an arrow appear on the rock that points to the right 
towards the lake next to skaingrad. 

Tons of Steel Arrows:
YOU MUST BE IN THE THEIVES GUILD!!!!!(high rank is best)In Chorrol (during the 
day) you will find honditar. Kill him. Then serve your time in jail or pay. Then 
locate his house outside of chorrol. go inside, steal all the steel arrows and 
equipt them. Shoot them all and pick them up. Then go into your menue and 
rapidly equipt/unequipt them they will increase rapidly. Sell them to your can only sellthem once( i.e. if u have 3k arrows and you sell 1,456 
all 3k will dissapear) 

Shadowmere: Movable Storage:
Okay, for those of you who are about in the middle of the Dark Brotherhood 
questline: when you get the note from Lucien Lachance to see him at Fort 
Farragut, do so. When you get there he'll give you a mission; you need to commit 
a Puricfication of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. After you do (in any manner of your 
choosing) go back to Lucien. He will reward you with his horse, Shadowmere (if 
you look closely you can see she has red eyes and a skull on the front of her 
bridle, in the middle of her forehead).
Okay, now to the glitch. Shadowmere is a "hero" character. Meaning? She cannot 
be killed. If her health is put to zero, she simply becomes unconscious. So: 
attack Shadowmere and knock her unconscious. Then open up her inventory. Place 
anything you don't need into her inventory and when she gets back up you can 
still use her to travel. Simply knock her out again and take anything you want 
NOTE: Even if Shadowmere respawns back at Fort Farragut, you can still go get 
her and she will still have your items. 

Clone items:
Equip a bow and arrows and aim the bow with an arrow in it dont let go go into 
your inventory and press A 2 times on the arrows you have equiped then drop the 
item you to clone only drop 1 item at a time then exit the inventory and the 
item you droped will multipli in front of you. WARNING DO NOT USE MORE THAN 500 

duplicate item:
To duplicate an item(you cannot duplicate quest items or ninroot)simply pull 
back your bow and press B,then press A on your eqiuped arrows.then drop the item 
you wish to duplicate.the amount of arrows you have equiped is the number of the 
item ur duplicating. 

Unlimited money: glitch:
Go to talos plaza and kill dorian in his house when you are at a high level. go 
down to his money, and keep pressing A u get unlimeted money. 

Unlimited steel maces:
If you have a high skill level in sneak then you can do this. In the Imperial 
city there is one guy named damian magus. If you pick pocket him he will have 
steel maces that you can steal but they will never run out. Also you can and 
should only try to steal two at a time because any more than taht he will catch 
you. I have 100 sneak and I can't steal more than two at a time. I suggest you 
do this in the waterfront because thats where i did it and im not sure if it 
works any where else. 

Stray arrows:
Enter the basement of the Fighters Guild in Chorrol. Stand in front of the dummy 
and pull back an arrow. It will appear to be transparent. When you let go it 
will shoot in a random direction. This effect does not disappear unless you 
reload your game or save and load. 

Unlimited lockpicks:
This will work in the patched version of the game. This trick requires any 
weapon of your choice (for example, an Iron War Axe). Select and equip your 
weapon. Duck swing, but before the attack animation is over, enter your 
inventory and select any type of arrows (no more than 200). Then, drop the item 
of choice. Note that some items cannot be duplicated. 

Walk through wall:
In Imperial City waterfront, you can walk through a wall and run down it from 
one side to another. You can see out, but no one can see in. 

Enter other provinces:
Enter any city and have at least twenty paintbrushes. Then use the 'floating 
paintbrush' trick to reach and jump on the city walls. Then, jump outside of the 
city. Because the land outside the city has not loaded yet, you can walk into 
the any of the bordering provinces without the 'turn back' message appearing. 
After walking so far into another province, your character will fall through the 
map and die. Save the game before attempting this. Because the ground is 
invisible (the trees, bushes, rocks can still be seen) it is difficult to tell 
when you will fall through. 

See underwater:
Go into first person view. Go under the water, but make sure you can see above 
the surface from the middle of the screen and up. From the middle down you 
should be able to see, as of looking above the surface. 

Berserk skulls:
At the beginning of the game you must make your way through a series of caves. 
Toward the end of those caves (just before you get outside), there will be some 
ropes hanging from the ceiling with four skulls attached to them. Shoot the far 
top and far right skull with your bow. This should make that line of skulls go 

Easy Skill Increases:
To Increase:
LIGHT ARMOR/HEAVY ARMOR: Go to the pause menu and lower the difficulty, then put 
on a full suit of whatever armor you wanna increase and let low level creatures 
attack you (rats, goblins, bandits, etc.). NOTE: if your armor in broken the 
skills will not increase, or if your fighting a human who is using their fist 
your skills will not increase.

ANY MAGIC SKILL EXCEPT DESTRUCTION: Simply use a low Magicka costing version of 
that spell (EX: Alteration use Protect, Illusion use Starlight, Resoration use 
Heal Minor Wounds)

DESTRUCTION: To easily increase your Destruction skill you must first have 
access to the Arcane University. Then go to the place in the University where 
you can make spells, then create a FIRE spell that does 3 damage on SELF, then 
cast the spell, it will hurt you but very little and your destruction skill with 
increase over time. NOTE: Have a supply of Healing Potions! 

Easy 500 gold:
You must be a vampire to be able to get this: if you turn into a vampire through 
the game, go to a healer in a church in any town and ask about the "cure for 
vampireism" she will tell you to go to a witch that lives somewhere in the west 
by a lake
eventually after you find the witch she gets you to get things to make a potion 
for yourself
after youve given her everything she asked for, she gives you 2 bottles of 
potion to get rid of vampireism but you should of been sent to see the mayor of 
a town so dont drink a bottle just yet!
ojnce youve given the bottle to the mayor he takes you outside down a secret 
passage way were eventually his wife will die, now drink one of the potions.
ask the mayor for a reward and he'll give you 500 gold if you ask him about the 
reward again he'll keep on giving you 500 gold for as long as you want! BUT SAVE 

One hit kill:
Ok well first you go out and get yourself a really good bow. Then do the 
duplicate items cheat.~make sure you have lotts of arrows~Then you pull back on 
your bow.then before letting go of the arrow you press b.Then go to a really 
heavy item.Then you click -Drop- on it.Then click b agen to get out of your item 
page. Then when the amazing amounts of duplicated items hits the Enemy they will 
drop like a mad disco dancer. 

Lock-pick Glitch:
OK if you haven't got the skeleton key yet or lost it and you need to save your 
lock-picks this is a simple and useful glitch if you hit X and A at the same 
time while picking a lock it will make the "tink" noise as if your trying to 
keep the pin up but your really auto attempting the lock and have failed but 
wait whats this you haven't broken your pick!!! if you get your timing down you 
can make one pick last a while 

Post-Patch Infinite Money:
First, you need a master level in Alchemy, and around 30k gold. Second, go to 
Skingrad and buy a house from the buter there for 25k. Then, visit the trade 
goods shop and buy the kitchen, dining room, and servant's quarters. Look around 
in the shop for a woman named Eyja, hire her as a servant for 150 gold. She will 
make you an unlimited amount of Shepherd's Pie, which can be made into a potion 
and sold to a shop for about 25-35 gold a potion. 

Change sigil stone:
This trick is easy. First you have to be in oblivion, then when u make it to the 
sigil stone save(before u take the stone). Once u save take the stone, if u dont 
like the stone just load your game and the stone will have different magic on 
it. Repeat until u find one u like. 

Unlimted Steel Arrows:
Go to Cheydinhal West Gate and enter Bazur gro-Gharz's house. When he is either 
sleeping or awake kill him and loot his body and take the steel arrows ( might 
differ depending on your level) and he has an unlimited supply. One way i found 
that out was take about 50 then put the 50 back, then you can take 60 at a time, 
then put them all back and you can get 100's at a time. Be Careful though 
because your encumberence will increase quickly when u get loads of arrows. 

Unlimited Gold:
First you have to complete the Cure for Vampirism mission, and talk to The 
Count, Janus Hassidor. When you talk to him, ask him about the "Reward" 
conversation option, but don't leave the conversation, and keep asking him about 
it. Every time you ask him about it you receive 1000 gold (or more depending on 
your level). Do this as many times as desired for unlimited gold. Note that a 
recent June patch has fixed this glitch. 

Un-loaded map:
You'll get a mission where you have to go get a thing called the frozen tears 
dont ask me how to complete this yet because i'm not sure yet but still all you 
do is climb up at an angle and slowly make your way up the mountain surrounding 
you and jump off but kind of slide down the side of the hill and youll be able 
to swim in the water around it and look around yeah not alot to do down there 
but it is fun to do oh and if your wondering if you'll fall off and have to load 
your game back and start all over again there is only one way i've found to get 
back up and its hard jump and swing your sword at the right time and a glitch 
will happen and you'll float in mid-air til u jump again then just swing your 
sword and repeat til you make it to the top again.


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