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 Enclave - Platform: XBox

Enclave - Platform: XBox

Cheat Mode
Pause the game, then press X, Y, X, X, Y, Y, X, Y, X, X, Y, Y. 
This will unlock the God Mode and Complete mission options. 

Unlock the Dark Campaign
At the episode selections screen, press X, Y, Y, X, X, Y, X, Y.

Dark Campaign:
Press X, Y(2), X(2), Y, X, Y at the episode selection screen after 
starting a new game. Alternately, successfully complete the Light Campaign.

Earth Golem:
Successfully complete the Light Campaign to unlock the Earth Golem as a 
playable character.

9320 Battle Droid:
Get all the gold in the Light Campaign to unlock the 9320 Battle Droid 
as a playable character.

Get all the gold in the Dark Campaign to unlock Fetica as a playable character.

Stone Gnome:
Successfully complete the Dark Campaign to unlock the Stone Gnome as a 
playable character.

Level 1 (Light Campaign): Unreachable gold:
There are two pots of gold to the right of the door which is opened by the 
lever, high up in a cove created by a crumbling wall. Quickly press the lever, 
then stand on the top of the door as it rises. When the door is fully open, 
jump onto the ledges and up to the gold.

Level 4 (Light Campaign): Healing:
Stand in the shallow water surrounding the shining cross to heal your wounds.

Level 5 (Light Campaign): Safer route:
Save the Halfling from the Orc. She will show you a safer route through the 
first part of the level.

Level 6 (Light Campaign): Avoid rocks:
At the point where four large rocks tumble down the narrow mountain path, 
stay on the right-hand side of the path to avoid getting hit.

Level 7 (Light Campaign): Lighthouse treasure:
Listen to the caged Goblin near the start of the level to learn about the 
treasure in the lighthouse. As you leave the boat, the lighthouse is the 
first large building you see. Carefully follow the ledge around the base of 
the lighthouse until you get to a door. Enter it to get to a room with 
treasure and the map of Naglagard.

Level 9 (Light Campaign): Free the Wizard:
To free Zale, pull the lever under the stairway. Do not pull the four 
decoy levers or he will die.

Level 13 (Light Campaign): Easy completion:
Select the Knight in heavy armor and equip him with the Fireblade and 
the Enchanted Shield.

Level 13 (Light Campaign): Get to the top:
Stand on the hidden floor tile to the right of staircase to disable the 
magic spell to reach the top.

Level 13 (Dark Campaign): Kill the wizards:
Select the Assassin with the longbow armed with maximum number of arrows. 
To easily kill the six wizards at the end of the mission, fire at each of 
them at close range. You can kill them with one well aimed power shot.

Swedish gnoll:
On one of the levels there is a gnoll (or something similar) captured in a 
cage at the start of the level. When you walk past it, the gnoll will talk 
to you in Swedish.


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