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 Endless Ocean - Blue World - Platform: Wii

Endless Ocean - Blue World - Platform: Wii

Gold Catfish in Amazon:
To unlock the Gold Catfish, you must first find the Servants Ring that
is located between the waterfall and elsewhere in Twilight Temple. When
you find the Servants Ring, GG will appraise it before you have a chance
to call Nancy. He will tell you it is worth nothing. Then, return to the
Amazon where you found the Giant Catfish. A cutscene will begin, and you
will have a chance to give the fish your ring at the end. Select "Yes",
do some exploring or something else, then return to the boat. During
your next dive you will return to the catfish and another cutscene will
reveal that the catfish is now a Gold Catfish.

Blue Cliffs:
At a certain point you will be asked to go to the Blue Cliffs, which are
located in the deep area of grid marks A and B 8. You must swim around
for a bit towards the bottom (almost to where you cannot go any
farther). This might require a few attempts. It is recommended you try
grid mark B8 and swim towards grid mark A8 first at various depths.

Finding Lower Ice Cave 3:
Find the fissure at C8, and follow it down so you do not have to measure
meters versus feet or get confused.

Finding Pelago Crocodile:
Look through the telescope on the morning before the full moon to see
the Pelago Crocodile. *Note:* Keep entering the cabin repeatedly to
advance time until sunrise.

Finding nearby fish:
If you complete at least 25% of the map, sometimes there will be an icon
above the grid view icon of a magnifying glass with a picture of a fish.
Select the icon, and the arrows (if allowed) to see nearby fish or fish
you have yet to discover. These will have "???" in the name. After you
discover the fish and animal, they will also appear in the encyclopedia
once you select its image. This is very useful when you need to take
photos of a fish.

Nocturnal fish:
Some fish only appear at night. For example, there is a fish in Cicero
Straits that blends in with a shipwreck, and it looks like a piece of
wood breaking apart from the boat. Use the fish icon on the map to find it.

Salvage Request:
Salvage requests do not require use of you equipment. Jean-Erics
request will appear in a red glow and Gestan Grey's will appear in an
orange glitter glow.

Deep Sea Dive:
For the Deep Sea Dive, after you complete the mission of retrieving the
bag from the sub, your portable air tanks will disappear. However, you
will not need them after this is done.

Okeanos Guardian in Cavern Of The Gods:
When you encounter the Goblin Sharks, scan the largest shark in the
Cavern Of The Gods.

Singing Dragon in Cavern Of The Gods:
Get past the Giant Goblin Shark in the Cavern Of The Gods, and the
Singing Dragon, a white whale, will appear.

Albino Bottlenose Dolphin in Ciercos Strait:
Train your dolphin until it reaches level 2. Meet Finly the dolphin
trainer, and invite him to see your dolphin show. He will tell you to go
to Ciercos Strait to find a white dolphin. Go there, and rescue it from
the shark.

Sea Serpent in Ciercos Strait:
Sell at least three maps, and Oceana will tell you about a shadow on the
map of Ciecrocos Strait. Keep asking Oceana about it, and she will tell
you where the Sea Serpent can be found.

Apollo the Ocean Sunfish in Deep Hole:
Go to Deep Hole at night to find Apollo, a large golden ocean sunfish,
above the Mouth of Truth.

Secret cave in Deep Hole:
The secret cave in the Deep Hole area is located in the middle of the
Deep Hole itself. You must have your dolphin by you and press A when
instructed to open it.

Triton Ring in Deep Hole:
The Triton Ring can be found near the Ribbon Moray Eel in the Deep Hole.
The Moray Eel looks like a Blue Tang. *Note:* The Multisensor is
required to find it.

Legendary Leatherback Sea Turtle in Gatama Atoll:
Have Snorkel on the island, and look for him by the bonfire. Pet him to
get information about a strange moving island in Gatama Atoll.
Investigate that area to find the legendary Leatherback Sea Turtle.

Three fish to heal locations in Gatama Atoll:
During your return to Gatama Atoll, you must locate and heal (with your
pulsar) three fish: a Manta Ray, a Humphead Wrasse, and a Manta Whale.
They are located at grid marks C3, G2, and E8. If you do not know what
you are looking for, the best thing to do is swim to these locations and
discover them first. Make sure your tank is upgraded or you will not
have enough air to finish the tasks. You will get three tries before you
must leave the area and return later to try again.

Finding Snorkle in Gatama Atoll:
Snorkle is a lost puppy which you stumble upon. He can be found at
Gatama Atoll on the island at grid mark H1. *Note:* You must surface in
more than one location in some islands to cover them all.

Eggs in Gatama Atoll:
Fish eggs will begin appearing in certain locations on the reefs after
spending awhile in Gatama Atoll.

German pottery location in Triton Ruins:
The German pottery you need is in the Triton Ruins near the well. You do
not need to dive at midnight for it if the Cross Rift dive spot is

Ghost in Valka Castle:
Go to Valka Castle at night with Oceana.

Salvage items:
The following items can be salvaged:

1. Amber
2. Marble
3. Seashell
4. Stone
5. Granite
6. Malachite
7. Nephrite
8. Silver Ore
9. Red Coral
10. Gold Ore
11. Ambergris
12. Meteorite
13. Sages Stone
14. Glass Marble
15. Glass Buoy
16. Baseball
17. Pearl
18. Capsule Toy
19. Glass Bead
20. Cannonball
21. Signed Baseball
22. Golden Charm
23. Dinosaur Egg
24. Crystal Ball
25. Black Pearl
26. Crystal Skull
27. Empty Bottle
28. Pickled Olives
29. Juice Bottle
30. Glass Vase
31. Mercury Bottle
32. Perfume Bottle
33. Soy Sauce
34. Antique Bottle
35. Ship in a Bottle
36. Sparkling Juice
37. Magic Potion
38. Amrita
39. Decanter
40. Old Magazine
41. Ladies Magazine
42. Fiction Magazine
43. Personal Diary
44. Old Vellum Book
45. Poetry Anthology
46. Japanese Book
47. History Book
48. Grimoire
49. Antique Art Book
50. Epic Poem
51. Rare Book
52. Toy Ring
53. Bone Ring
54. Ivory Ring
55. The 7th Tome
56. Signet Ring
57. Secret Ring
58. Silver Ring
59. Tourmaline Ring
60. Gold Ring
61. Ruby Ring
62. Sapphire Ring
63. Emerald Ring
64. Diamond Ring
65. Trident Ring
66. Octopus Pot
67. Porcelain Vase
68. Ancient Pottery
69. Earthenware Pot
70. Delft Pottery
71. Joseon Baekja
72. Staffordshire Pot
73. Imari Pottery
74. Jingde Pottery
75. German Pottery
76. Tortoiseshell Pot
77. Irish Pottery
78. Canopic Vessel
79. Figurine <#>
80. Plastic Figure
81. Die Cast Model
82. Marionette
83. Matryoshka Doll
84. German Doll
85. Clockwork Toy
86. Bunraku Puppet
87. Spirit Statue
88. Teddy Bear
89. Bisque Doll
90. Primitive Idol
91. Dark Statue
92. Copied Painting
93. Sketch
94. Pop Art
95. Baroque Painting
96. Flower Painting <#>
97. Gothic Painting
98. Neoclassic Art
98. Spirit Statue
99. Ukiyo-E
100. Chinese Painting
101. Portrait Painting
102. Impressionist Art
103. Cubist Painting
104. Rural Scene
105. Small Box
106. Jack-in-the-Box
107. First-Aid Box
108. Japanese Box
109. Music Box
110. Piggy Bank
111. Shogi Set
112. Clock
113. Silverware Set
114. Chemistry Set
115. Jewelry Case
116. Gem Box
117. Locked Box
118. Fake Gold Ingot
119. Lead Ingot
120. Iron Ingot
121. Aluminum Ingot
122. Germanium
123. Copper Ingot
124. Silicon Ingot
125. Silver Ingot
126. Titanium Ingot
127. Explorer's Ingot
128. Gold Ingot
129. Platinum Ingot
130. Orichalcum Ingot
131. Empty Oil Drum
132. Concrete Drum
133. Submarine Light
134. Live Torpedo
135. Conga Drum
136. Japanese Drum
137. Barrel
138. Totem Pole
139. Smuggler's Barrel
140. Specimen Tube
141. Petrified Wood
142. Pirate's Barrel
143. Hand Mill
144. Large Box
145. Gothic Coffin
146. Chest of Drawers
147. Ornamental Box
148. Assault Rifles
149. Flamethrower
150. Mercury Bottles
151. Persian Rug <#>
152. Terra-Cotta Figure
153. Pieces of Eight
154. Sarcophagus
155. Gold Doubloons
156. Pandora's Box
157. Packing Straw
158. Industrial Waste
159. Fridge
160. Plasma TV
161. Rations
162. Men's Clothes
163. Women's Clothes
164. Titanium Safe
165. Sculpture
166. Supercomputer
167. Silver Ingots
168. Gold Ingots
169. Boxed Armor
170. Mannequin
171. Bronze Statue
172. Wax Figure
173. Doll
174. Shadow Statue
175. Japanese Statue
176. Nanban Armor
177. Guardian Statue
178. Plate Armor
179. Greek Sculpture
180. Pharaoh Statue
181. Marble Statue
182. Stone Statue
183. Empty Chest
184. Ancient Chest
185. Medieval Chest
186. Treasure Chest
187. Industrial Chest
188. WWII Chest
189. Moon Treasure
190. Holy Treasure
191. British Treasure
192. Spartan Treasure
193. Crusader Loot
194. Incan Treasure
195. Imperial Treasure
196. Bedouin Treasure
197. Nile Treasure
198. Ocean Treasure
199. Rover's Treasure
200. Cleo's Treasure


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