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 ESPN International Track And Field - Platform: Playstation 2

ESPN International Track And Field - Platform: Playstation 2

Athlete interviews
Win five bronze, five silver, five gold, or ten gold medals in trial or
championship mode to unlock
an new interview sequence under the ''Awards'' option at the main menu.

Bonus Rhythmic Gymnastics song
Win a gold medal for all three rhythmic gymnastics songs in trial or
championship mode. Return to
the event to access a new expert song.

Funny sounds
Win the gold medal in all events in trial or championship mode to unlock
"Funny Sounds" under the
"Awards" option at the main menu.

Hammer throw
The hammer throw is one of the more inconsistent events in the game. Use
your favorite technique to
do fast, clockwise circles. Note: Your power here does not necessarily have
to be glowing red; orange-
red will do. Stop the power meter at the farthest left side of the throwing
area as possible. The red ball
can be hanging about one third over the line to still constitute a legal
throw. Set your angle at either 43 or
45 degrees for the best possible throw. The game will only let you stop on
43, 45 or 48 degrees usually,
and 48 is too high. This technique should land 101+ meter throws and set
some great records.

The best way to get long distances is to build up power fast enough so that
you can release the hammer
when it is directly in the middle of the two lines. If you do this and get
the angle at either 43 or 45 degrees,
you should consistently get gold medals.

Javelin throw
The sun gets in the lens at one point during this event. If you are having
trouble with the fouls in this event,
try to set your angle before you get the sun in your lens.

100 meter dash and 100 meter freestyle swimming
While button pushing, all you need is consistency. In both events, you need
to develop a system that will
help you jump "out of the blocks" before the rest of the field. Try counting
down 3...2...1...after the word
"Set" disappears on the 100 meter dash. In the 100 meter freestyle, use that
same system once your
swimmer's hands have come to a complete rest on the stand. In each event you
should then button press
as fast as possible to build a lead, then maintain a very even and
moderately fast button pressing system.
This allow you to break records consistently. Note: It is possible to get
less than 9.45 seconds in the 100
meter dash. The game obviously locks you in at certain times and distances
throughout the events.

Pole vault
To unlock this event, get a gold medal in the first eight events and at
least a silver medal in High Jump and
Triple Jump. In the pole vault event, it is impossible to vault 7.00 meters.
However you can vault 6.99
meters quite easily. Vault 5.50 on your first attempt, then when
successfully cleared, attempt 6.00 meters,
which is still an easy vault and puts you in first place. Finally, after you
have successfully completed that,
attempt 6.99 meters. You should be able to clear it rather easily if you are
good. However, at 7.00 meters
once you advance, the game will always stop your recovery bar at the same
two spots around the stop arrow -
a fraction of an inch before or slightly farther after the stop arrow.

Trap Shooting
Get a gold in all the events (Including High Jump, Triple Jump, and Vault)
to unlock this event.

High Jump
Get a medal in all eight events in trial mode to unlock the High Jump. This
event is almost identical to the
Pole Vault. In this event, anything lower than a 43 degree angle will make
your athlete jump with too much
forward force, making him hit his head on the bar. Always start your jump
before the middle of the jump
zone and go for a 45 or 48 degree angle jump. It is fairly easy to get your
power to glowing red in this event,
so build it up.

Triple Jump
Get a medal in all eight events in trial mode to unlock the Triple Jump.
This is one of the hardest events in
the game. You must be able to tap the buttons with a lot of speed (as in the
100m Dash), have excellent
reflexes (as in the Horizontal Bar Gymnastics), and a good eye for a line
( as in the High Jump and Long
Jump). Get your power up to the orange-yellow color so you have good jump
length. Make sure you tap
the button very close to the white line for that extra little amount of
length in your jump, and try to get a
"Good" rating in the timing meter. If you are lucky, a "Great" might
surprise you. However, you should not
try to get that rating, because you will most likely foul.

This is an event that requires some patience. You should not try the Clean
or Jerk portion until your power is
at least halfway inside the "OK" zone. Then, it is just timing. Do not
overdo it on the hold for 3 part. If you try
to get too fast in your button pressing, you are bound to press the same
button twice and make your meter slip.
If this happens when your already into the "OK" zone, you might slip out of
it when you are still being counted
off. The maximum weight may be impossible because the "OK" meter is very
small in size, making it impossible
to get the bar to lock inside it. Note: It is possible to get 280.0 kg, but
it is very difficult.

Secret Names & Color Costumes
At the end of each championship mode you get a secret name 
for the country you complete it with. You use them Trial 
mode to change the color of the athlete. Put the city name 
in as a case sensitive name in trial mode to get it also.

Great Britain - Athens - Grey
Canada - Montreal - Gold
France - Atlanta - Orange
China - Seoul - Purple
Germany - Munich - Light Blue
Italy - Roma - Brown
USA - L.A - Blue
Rusia - Moscow - Cream (white)
Japan - Tokyo - Red
Kenya - Mexico - Green
Australia - Sydney - Silver
Spain - Helsinki - Bronze

Get Pole Vault and More Events
Put in L.A. for a name in championship mode for pole vault 
and Montreal to get more events

Get High Jump and Triple jump
Complete the first 8 events in the top 3 to unlock High Jump 
and Triple Jump

Get Trap Shooting
Get gold on all 8 regular and all 3 extra events to unlock trap 


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