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 Eternal Darkness - Platform: Gamecube

Eternal Darkness - Platform: Gamecube

Submitted by:Stolk

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Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Credits" option.

Level select
Successfully complete the game twice on the same save file to unlock the
"Jump To Game" option.

Successfully complete the game three times on the same save file to unlock
the "Eternal Mode" option in the "Jump To Game" menu.

Alternate ending
Successfully complete the game three times on the same save file, choosing
a new story path each time.

Skeleton screen
At the main menu screen "New Game", "Load Game", and "Options", select
"Options" and the picture of Alex will turn into a skeleton.

Hint: Recovery
When you learn the recover spell, use Chattur'gha (Red) to recover your
health, Xel'lotath (Green) to recover your sanity, or Ulyaoth (Blue) To
recover your magic.

Hint: Defeat the Black Guardian
Stay as far back as you can, and you may want to assign Magikal Attack
Level 1 and Level 3 as quick spells. Start by dodging its long ranged 
attacks, then you will notice a pause. Run about halfway up to it, then 
start the Level 1 Magik Attack. The hit will only connect if the Black 
Guardian is glowing. Do this three times and it will draw you closer by 
moving the barrier. It is however still far enough to stay out of range 
of its short attacks. It will summon three Zombies and then recharge. 
As soon as your sanity drops for the first time, begin the Level 3 Magik 
Attack. It should connect just in time. Do this three times and it will 
draw you still closer.
This one is difficult because you have to keep running. Dodge his attacks
six times, and he will become winded and have to recharge. Use this time
to let loose a Level 1 Magik Attack. Do this three times and he should be
down for the count. Retrieve the essence, and you are done.

Hint: Defeating the Guardians
To defeat the Guardians, first make sure that all of the enemies in the
room are gone (not including the ones it will summon). Then, enchant a
projectile weapon with the Strong Alignment, and blast away. 
It will not attack you directly; it can only use magic. Watch out -- each 
time it takes a hit, it will teleport to another location. After a couple 
shots (depending on how strong the enchantment spell was) it should go down.
When fighting the Guardians that open their wings and stab you, run behind
them. You can hit them without waiting for them to open their wings if you
hit their backs. Note: Use Reveal Invisible with Mantorok to become
invisible, then run behind them. They will still follow you, but will not
open their wings to stab you.

Hint: Defeating Pious
To defeat Pious at the end of the game, have Alex equipped with the
Enchanted Gladius. If you failed to get it as Michel, enchant your Gladius
with the enchantment spell that works best against what Pious is. For
example, if he is trying to summon Ulyaoth (blue) then enchant using
Xel'lotath (green); if he uses Xel'lotath, then enchant using Chattur'gha
(red); and if he is summoning Chattur'gha, then use the Ulyaoth
enchantment spell. At the start, you will see him summon the Ancient and it 
will cast a shield spell around him. Your summon spell will begin and you 
will see the two creatures begin fighting. It will cut to Alex, and the real 
fight will begin. Using your Gladius, slash at Pious and you will see a type of
lighting bolt fly in a certain direction from him. Follow to where it went
to see his artifact. Slash it, and it will disappear. Do this about three
or four times. While you are doing this, make sure not to wear Alex out to
where she runs slowly or Pious will catch her and hit her with magical
attack spells and his staff. At any time if your health drops below 50%,
get as far away as possible and use a three or five point health recover
spell.After three or four hits on his artifact, you will start an intermission
sequence as Ellia. You are her ghost and are in the place where the tome
is kept. Get it and you will appear as her fighting Pious. Do the same thing
as done with Alex one time and you will change back to Alex. Again, do the
same thing with Alex once and you will assume the ghost form of one of the
other characters. Some of the characters that you will assume are quite slow --
the best thing to do is wait till Pious starts to do a magical attack
spell, then slash him from behind and quickly run to where the artifact is
located. After you play through the people, the artifact will shatter. Pious'
shield spell will now be gone. Slash away at him and after awhile he will go
down. The game will switch back to the two Ancients again, and you will see
yours prevail. Note: Soon after this you will be asked to choose a rune on one
of the machines, like earlier. Choose Bankrock (Protect).

Hint: Defeating Skeletons
When you are surrounded by a lot of Skeletons, just attack them one by
one. Do not worry about the ones attacking you -- dodge them and run away. If
you attack wildly, your character will get tired. Only attack the closest
enemy, but aim for the head so they cannot see you. Then, run past it, repeat 
and go for the kills.

Hint: Defeating Zombies
If you have a torch and you are face a large group of Zombies, swing the
torch at them. They will die in one hit. You will have to do a final blow
quickly because they will disappear if you are too slow. Note: This will
only work on the normal (Mantorok) and green (Xel-ototh) Zombies.

Hint: Invisibility
Use the Reveal Invisible spell with the Mantorok Rune to make your
character invisible.
To get permanent invisibility, you must first unlock Eternal mode. Then,
go to the main menu and choose "Jump to Game". Choose any character. When
asked if you want "Eternal Mode", select "Yes", and begin game play. When you
finally find the Tome Of Eternal Darkness, use the Reveal Invisible Spell
with the Mantorok Rune to enable permanent invisibility.

Hint: Dr. Edward Roivas' Chapter: Defeating the vampire creature
Stop its attack on the servant in the upstairs bedroom (the one on the
right). Attack it until it retreats and you see an intermission sequence
of it "refueling". Talk to the servant and he will give you the Gun Cabinet
Key. Take it to the other bedroom and unlock the gun cabinet, liberating
the Elephant Gun. Track down the vampire creature two more times and it will
drop the top half of the Basement Key. Mix the two halves and enchant the
broken key to fix it. Then, enchant the Elephant Gun with the Strong
Alignment and go to the basement. The first thing you should do is shoot
the relic in the corner with the Elephant Gun (double barreled). Go back
upstairs to reload so it cannot get you. Once the relic breaks you can
attack the creature.

Hint: Dr. Edward Roivas' Chapter: See vampire creature always
You can see the vampire creature all the time if you cast Reveal
Invisible. You can now fight him without worrying about when or where he 
is going to hit you.

Hint: Dr. Lindsay's chapter: Mantorok Rune
When playing as Dr. Lindsay, find the two Runes for Summon and Creature.
One is found in a zombie on the staircase down on the last floor and another
is on the last floor in some cobwebs. Use your archeological brush to uncover
it. Combine these two runes together to make the Summon Trapper spell. Go
back up to the floor with the gold statue and find your way to the
machinery that was uncovered when you dispelled all the magick fields. When you
examine it, you will learn that there is a hole small enough for a small
dog to walk through. Summon a Trapper to walk through the hole. Inside will be
a bridge with two Horrors on each side. Walk past them and onto a switch
with a purple Rune on it. Press A to kill the Trapper and take control of
Lindsey again. The switch will have opened a door behind you, where the Mantorok
Rune is located.

Hint: Dr. Lindsay's chapter: Defeating Winged Guardians
The Winged Guardians that first appear in Dr. Lindsay's chapter only spawn
new creatures when they hit you. Attack them when they open their wings,
then run back before they strike. You can also run behind them and hit
their backs without them opening their wings. This works very well when you make
yourself invisible, since they will not open their wings when you are in that state.

Hint: Dr. Lindsay's chapter: More ammunition
Get to the point a fter the vampire creature attacks the first servant and
you receive the Gun Cabinet Key for the Elephant Gun. Every servant that
you protect from the vampire creature after this point will give you shotgun
ammunition after you save them. However, this will only work once with
every servant. You will have more shotgun ammunition to use down in the city
against the guardians, making things easier.

Hint: Dr. Lindsay's chapter: Loose your sanity
Wait until you finally get the spell to summon Trappers. When you do so,
you can control them for unlimited amount of time, but your sanity meter will
continually drop, causing your player to go insane after you kill the
Trapper by pressing A.

Hint: Ellia's chapter: Shortcut
At the beginning of Ellia's chapter, instead of going straight and
examining the statue, immediately go into the right door. Going through that 
section of the temple first eliminates half of the trouble. Afterwards, continue
as normal.

Hint: Mike's chapter: The Enchanted Gladius
Find the room with the three pictures and make sure that you have all
three effigies. Put the effigies on the ledges in this order:
Warrior: Blue Effigy
Sorcerer: Green Effigy
Scholar: Red Effigy

This will open a hidden staircase in the circle room before the hallway that 
leads to the room you are in. Go down the stairs and you will enter a room
with an Enchanted Gladius. Pick up the Gladius and complete the level as
usual. When it comes time for Alex to receive the essence of whatever
guardian that Mike received in his level, the Enchanted Gladius will 
also be in the box. This Gladius' enchantment will not run out. 
Use it on Pious and the battle will go much smoother than fighting him and 
having to re-enchant the weapon multiple times.

Hint: Michael Edwards' chapter: Zombie mutilation
Play the Fireman chapter in Eternal Mode. Pick up the rifle, select it as
your weapon, and select "Mode" until there is a picture of an ammo-clip
next to it. 
The order is one bullet, three bullets, clip, grenade rounds. Since
you never lose any bullets, you can now shred enemies without prejudice by
simply holding Attack. When locked-on to zombies, you can blow off all of
their parts by wiggling the Analog-stick during your relentless spray of
bullets. You can even keep hitting them after they fall to the ground by
staying targeted on them.

Hint: Peter Jacob's chapter: Kill the rats
In the A War to End All Wars chapter (World War I, in the church), select
either the revolver or the rifle as your weapon. Go into any room that has
rats running around. Face towards the rats and press the R (aim). If one of
the rats will glows white, you can shoot and kill it with your gun while
targeting it. This trick works best when you have complete the game three
times and can select "Eternal Mode" so that you have unlimited bullets.

Hint: Opening the safe
The easiest way to open the safe is to use the D-pad. The combination is
59 Right, 81 Left and 46 Right.

Hint: Conserving health
When you encounter multiple enemies, do not go for the kill if there are
enemies near you. They will attack freely -- avoid them.

Hint: Lose your sanity
To intentionally lose your sanity, kill the servants or other people who
have not been taken over by Bonethieves.


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